I woke up, distressed that I was alone. The cold air bit at my skin. I rolled over and saw Darth Maul dressing himself. "So after all that all I get is a one night stand?" I mumbled into my pillow.

He frowned, not amused. "Get dressed."

My stomach churned. I had no guts for violence. That was his arena and I was happy to leave him to it. "And if I don't?"

He growled. The animalistic sound came from his throat, startling me. "Do you know how close your father is to taking your head? Get dressed."

I sighed and put the shirt he had thrown at me over my head.

"So where are we going?" I asked as I followed him out of the building. I yawned as I spoke still tired and a little bit sore.


We landed and I immediately recognized the green of Naboo. I had never seen the capital before, but I didn't make a comment to Maul.

"Lord Maul," Nute Gunray and his lackey greeted us, bowing his head. "We were not aware there would be two of you."

"This is Lady Cahal," Maul introduced me.

I wanted to laugh at my new title, but Gunray's bug eyes filled with fear and they bowed to me as well before guiding us inside the palace.

Lord Sidious had contacted his underlings at the same time, warning them that the Queen was returning with her Jedi guard. Viceroy Gunray sat in the Queen's throne that was slightly too small for him. Maul stood at his left and I stood at his. He stood tall with his hands clasped in front of him and his hood covering his horns. Still, he was only as tall as Gunray was sitting down. Gunray was a coward and cowards couldn't be trusted so I stood closer to Maul, desiring to be as near to him as I could get.

"We have already located the starship," Gunray told the hologram of Lord Sidious. "It won't be long, m'lord."

"This is an unexpected move for her," the Sith lord mused. "It's too aggressive. Lord Maul, be mindful. Let them make the first move."

"Yes, my master," Maul answered obediently.

Sidious ended the connection, leaving the throne room in an uncomfortable silence spun from distrust.

Not so long later, as the Neimoidians discussed strategy, a spy returned from the forest to inform upon the Queen's actions. Gunray ordered the droid army to anhiliate them and then sent for communication with Lord Sidious. The hologram of my father appeared, still hooded and cloaked and I moved half behind Maul, still frightened of him. The Zabrak did not move away and allowed me to use him as a buffer.

"She is more foolish than I thought," my father said, regarding the news.

"We are sending our troops to defeat this army that is assembling in the swamp. It appears to be made up of primitives," the Viceroy responded.

"This will work to our advantage," Lord Sidious said.

If Neimoidians could smile, I'm sure he would have. "I have your approval to proceed, my lord?"

"Wipe them out," Sidious ordered. "All of them."

Maul looked at me and I nodded. We had both felt it; the Jedi were here. I followed him through the palace, down to the hangar where the air force was being rescued. I immediately recognized the Jedi. It had been over a year and I had only known him for a second, but those men were Obi-Wan and his master.

"Stay out of sight," Maul ordered.

"Then why did you bring me here?" I asked, although secretly grateful that I would not be put a positon of murder. Fighting was fun; an athletic game of chess, but I did not think I could bring myself to take a life especially the life of someone who had done me no wrong.

"I would not leave you with a snake, but I cannot fight and worry about you," he explained. "My mission has always been to destroy the Jedi."

I did as I was told, at first, but then the two-on-one fight moved out of my view and I began to worry. When I caught up with them, Obi-Wan had been separated from his master and Maul by an electric-force-gate. He waited patiently so that it would open and he could fight alongside his master, but something in me decided I needed to protect Maul.

I unsheathed my lightsaber as I closed in on Obi-Wan. "I can't let you fight him," I said.

The apprentice turned to me without attacking. It took him a moment, but his eyes widened as he recognized me. "Cahal," he said it with disgust.

"Go home, Obi-Wan," I commanded. "I'm doing you a favor."

He looked down at my threat in the form of a blade. "No. I will not abandon my master."

"I'm trying to save your life," I sighed. "Maul will kill you."

As I spoke the words, I watched Maul sink his blade into the Jedi's chest over Obi-Wan's shoulder.

Obi-Wan felt it and screamed. "No!"

The gates opened and Obi-Wan moved towards Maul, but I was quick and blocked his path. I parried the attack that was not meant for me. It took less than a minute for me have him on his back.

"I am not going to kill you, Obi-Wan," I held the blade an inch above his throat.

Maul who had stood back and respectfully let me fight, now stepped forward. "Then I will," he growled.

"No," I snapped and with a small motion with my hand, threw him back against the wall. "Go," I ordered Obi-Wan.

He did as I begged and ran. I closed my lightsaber and turned to Maul. The Zabrak growled and pinned me up against the wall. "You betray me for a Jedi! Your father will kill us both."

"He doesn't have to know. We could run," I spoke quietly.

"I would not run anywhere with you; you knew him," he hissed.

"I met him once, before I ran away. Never got past introductions," I explained. "Please, Maul."

He snarled, but didn't speak nor did he let me go.

"Please," I begged again.

His lips crashed into mine. He kissed me with passion and fervor that I returned equally. His hands began roaming my body and I licked his lips as he pressed against me. He broke from the kiss still pinning me between himself and the will. "Fine," he growled, agreeing to my plea to run. "But you're mine."