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Peter Petrelli and Sylar, Peter's apartment

Peter was asleep in his bed, tossing and turning, dreaming of being back at the carnival. He was walking around the deserted place and he felt a strange presence permeating the very air all around him. It seemed to be pulling him towards the main tent, the very one where he had had his fight with Samuel. He entered and looked around. The ground was all ripped up and everything was knocked over and scattered everywhere. A black mist was seeping from a particularly large crack that had formed at the point where his and Samuel's terrakinetic abilities had collided. He stepped back, eying the mist warily. The ground suddenly began to shudder violently and Peter was knocked off his feet. The ground split open further and the black mist erupted from the ground.

He was now staring down at the earth from space. He watched in horror as blackness spread across the world, smothering it in total darkness. Then, with a shriek like the planet itself was screaming in agony, the earth split in two. Peter was blown back and everything went black.

Peter awoke from the dream, screaming out in terror. His eyes were wide as the horror of what he had just witnessed sunk in. That hadn't been an ordinary dream. That had been a dream courtesy of his mother's ability that he had accidentally reacquired when he had visited her briefly before returning to his apartment. He hadn't mentioned to her about Sylar staying with him.

He sucked in a shaky breath as Sylar came bolting into the room to see what was wrong. "Peter, are you alright? You had a dream didn't you?" Sylar asked in concern.

Peter could only nod in reply. "We have to stop it." was all he could choke out.

Noah Bennett, New Primatech facility, somewhere in New York

Noah had gotten Claire settled back at college and he now made his way into the the new Company headquarters. The facility in Hartsdale had been burned to the ground, but they had simply built a new one and relocated. He was led by a guard to an interrogation room.

Noah looked through the window and sighed. He had a few loose ends to tie up, and then he could return to his apartment and Lauren, who had promised to have a home cooked dinner waiting for him when he got home. It was very late and he was tired. He hoped this would be quick, but he had the feeling that he wouldn't be so lucky.

Not when the person sitting on the other side of the window was a very uncooperative Samuel Sullivan.

He was going to have one last talk with the former carnival leader before he was transferred to the new Level 5. He had talked to the higher ups and they had all agreed that that was the best place to keep him. Even without any of his power, Samuel was still a Special and they all felt that a normal prison was sorely unprepared to deal with someone like that. Noah put on his signature self-assured smile and entered the room, shutting the door behind him. He sat down in the empty chair across from Samuel and looked the man over.

Although he was currently powerless, the guards had chained his arms to the chair as a precaution. They had also felt the need to put a piece of duct tape over his mouth, which made Noah chuckle slightly.

Samuel had been looking at his feet before Noah entered the room, contemplating his circumstances. In the past few hours he felt like he had aged at least ten years. He had never felt his age, and had always been vibrant and full of vigor. But now he was empty for he had nothing left. He looked up at Noah and met his gaze defiantly. He wouldn't allow this emptiness to break his spirit. That would be giving in to Noah, the Company, and everyone else who had sought to bring him down, and he hated not being the one in control.

"It seems you've gotten some of your spark back Sullivan. How did you manage that in such a short time, may I ask?" Noah began. He leaned forward and pulled the tape off of Samuel's mouth and then settled back in his chair, for he was sure to be in for a long-winded speech. Samuel just loved to hear himself talk.

Samuel just glared at him steadily for a moment, and then smirked. He leaned forward like he was going to say something, but instead simply spat in Noah's face, then leaned back again in satisfaction.

Noah clenched his fists but remained calm. He removed his glasses to clean them and then put them back on. "Now was that really necessary Samuel? I just wanted to have a nice civil conversation with you. I'm giving you the opportunity to speak your mind, which I know you love to do." he said with forced politeness through slightly gritted teeth.

Samuel frowned. "I have nothing to say to you Bennett. You took everything from me. My family, my power, all of it... gone... just like that." he growled in his silky brogue.

"You brought that on yourself." Noah pointed out coldly.

Samuel cocked his head to the side, choosing his next words carefully. "Maybe so, but that doesn't mean you're not to blame for some of it. That's all in the past now Noah. I don't really care about that much anymore. I've been reflecting on my losses and I came to the conclusion that I now have nothing left to lose, and everything to gain. I found a faint spark of hope, a ray of light in the emptiness in my soul. Chaos will soon rise and my desire for vengeance shall be satisfied." he said with a small smile.

Noah narrowed his eyes. Samuel was up to something, he could tell. "What are you talking about?" he asked testily.

Samuel chuckled in amusement. "Ah Noah, I thought you knew me better than that by now. I may have lost my place among the carnival, but I'm still a carnie through and through. You'll have to do more than that to gain the upper hand in this game." he replied. With that, he was done talking to Noah. He wouldn't say anything more, no matter how much Noah pried.

Noah hissed in frustration. "Oh, we'll do more to you Samuel, you can count on that. We'll do whatever it takes to loosen that silver tongue of yours and get you to tell us exactly what you mean. You'll be begging for my mercy when I'm through with you." he threatened quietly, his tone chilling and venomous.

Samuel was unfazed. "We'll see Noah. We'll see." he said simply.

Noah shot up out of his chair and stormed out of the room after replacing the tape on Samuel's mouth. He snapped at the guards to escort Samuel to a cell down in Level 5. They quickly did as they were told and Noah watched as Samuel was led away. Then he left the building to get back to Lauren, a warm meal, and then he would get some well-deserved rest.

To be continued...

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