Here's another one for the Romantic Drabble Challenge at HPFC - this one is ridiculously short though. Harry/Ginny, with the prompts 'fool' and 'breathe'. I don't ship them, but here's my take on them.

Harry's a fool to even try to breathe when Ginny's in the room. He's a fool to inhale, to exhale, to try to pretend like everything is the same as it was before she came. And even if she's not talking to him, she's filling up his world, ripping apart everything he thought he knew.

And it's a bit ridiculous because she's Ron's bloody sister and, since when did she get pretty? Since when did Ginny become the one who outshines every other girl in the room?

Or maybe Harry's eyes have changed, but either way, he thinks he just might be the tiniest bit in love with Ginny Weasley.

Gah...not sure I like that at all. Maybe it's just the pairing. But feedback and concrit are HIGHLY appreciated :D Oh, and a Sirius/Marlene, a Teddy/Roxanne, and a Cho/Seamus are in the works, all for this same challenge. Also a Blaise/Daphne for a different challenge. And the next chapter of Forever If Ever is almost finished. And a Minerva fic too. So yeah.

Love always,