Ch.5: In the end, people are all alike.

The two slowly peeked out their heads above the bushes and looked around for any predators. Which was quite hard to do since they could only face south.

"All clear. So where's the damned thing?" Chief pointed to a giant tree where a few fruit lied,

"That should be them. But where is the dragon?"

"You sure you weren't dreaming?"

"I wasn't. You sure we aren't dreaming?"

"…Does this feel real?" With that, Dragon slapped him with a wing. Chief blinked,

"Okay… So maybe I was wro—"


A giant gust of wind blew them a few yards away as a loud screech echoed within the forest. The South Birds looked up in time to see a large crow soar through the air and perch near the fruit. Dragon stared at the monstrosity. The bird was many times larger than him, probably even many times over him as a human. Its eyes were crimson red like the blood dripping from its beak.

"…Is that the dragon?"

"…I think so…"



"Isn't that just an oversized bird?"

"Couldn't be helped! You saw how big it was. Perfectly easy to make a mistake."

"So how should we get the fruit?"

"Well… A, you become decoy and I get it. B, you beat it somehow. C, you steal it without it noticing."

"Oi, you do some work too."

"It's your mission. Why should I help?"

"…A. It's the only thing that'll probably work. But you better be fast."

"Don't worry; I'm known as the Violet Bullet." Dragon studied the old bird in front of him,

"…Whatever, just get it."

"Hey! It's true! They really do call me the Vi— Hey!"

Dragon flew off to the crow, intensely studying the situation. He was a newbie when it came to flying, he was much smaller in size, he could only face south, he was weaker… Okay, how was he going to do this again? Should he just call quits while he could?

In the corner of his eye, he saw the ocean lying in the East. Nah, he couldn't call quits. He was going to beat the crap out of it and go back to his own large enemy. He had a fight to fight in another place. With a greater being. He couldn't just stop here.

With more determination, he glided through the sky and tackled the crow in its side. BAM! Loud shockwaves resounded throughout the forest and the crow angrily whipped its head at the little bird. With a loud cry, it quickly brought down its enormous beak to peck the inferior, arrogant being to death. Dragon quickly dodged out of the way and clawed the giant in the stomach, ridding the thing of its feathers. With that, he flew away to lure the thing out of its spot and grant Chief some time to take the goddamn fruit and leave.

Once he was in the air, he sliced through the air to gain enough distance away from the monster. Said monster unfurled its wide wings and followed, easily catching up to Dragon. It cawed to the world again, causing many more small birds to soar in the air and fly away from the fight in instinctive fear. Dragon could feel his heart beating fast and the adrenaline flow in his bloods. He wondered how the hell he was going to do this.

And his head hurted like hell. Flying north when he could only face south was not a good idea. Why did South Birds only face the south anyways?


Then, he remembered a fact that was buried deep within his brain and laid forgotten. Something he had overlooked and didn't think about. Chief's words flashed in his mind,

"We worship the south and guard his forest from outsiders. In exchange, he grants us the gift of controlling bugs with our voice."

The gift of controlling bugs with our voice…

If Dragon wasn't too busy with flying away from the chasing bird and dodging its attacks in midair, then he would have face-palmed himself for being stupid. There was that method. That method that would have made everything easier from the start…

After all, how many bugs were there in the forest?

Quickly, he loudly shouted in the forest, calling for reinforcements to attack the crow.

And immediately, millions of bugs emerged out of the forest and covered the crow. Soon, the ground, plants, and trees were emptied of the things and the crow screamed out loud in fury. Its body was bound together by the disgusting things and soon, it was being eaten to death. And if Dragon wasn't a bird, then he would have to say that the scene was like a picture of hell. He almost felt sorry for the crow as it quickly died. The millions of many-legged creatures receded and in waves went back to whatever hiding place they had came out of.

Exhausted, Dragon mentally thanked them and flew back to Chief. There was a bunch of fruit seeds around him. Dragon blinked,

"Asshole." Chief sheepishly scratched his cheek with a wing,

"Sorry, dude, it was too tempting. I couldn't resist a bite."

"A bite? More like a hundred. You could have helped me out you know."

"Looked like you got it all under control. Let's just forget about this and go back."

"Yeah, let me go back home as a human… Back to reality."

"…" Chief whipped around and curiously glanced at Dragon, "Eh? Couldn't you already go back to reality?"


"After all, all this is just a dream. To go back, you just have to wake up."

"…And the turning-back-to-human-fiasco?"

"Just part of the dream."




And Dragon quickly sat up from his bed, sweating profusely. He looked around and saw that he was in his bedroom,

"…It really was just a dream… No way…" And this time, he really did face-palm himself.

A few hours later

"Dragon, aren't you going to explore with the others?" Dragon turned his head to see Iva (*) and then faced the East once again. The wind was blowing and he felt like facing his homeland again. He gazed at the beautiful ocean,

"No, I already saw the island." It was true, in a way. Amazingly, the island looked the same as his dream so he felt no real need to look around. Iva studied him a bit, curious as to when the guy had looked around the island as he had been on the ship the entire time. And he was also curious about why he always stared at the East; maybe that's why he told him about the South Birds…

They were so alike. Iva could just imagine him as one.

Both were determined to always face forward in the path that they chose. No matter how many obstacles.

Always moving forward.

The End

(*)= Sorry, but I didn't feel like putting Iva's accent in there. It's too difficult for a person like me...

A/N: Admittedly, the ending seems sort of rushed... A good idea or alternate way to continue the story refused to appear in my head so it became like that. Though the dream part was sort of intentional from the start. Just look at the previous chapter's title and you'll realize that it has a double meaning. Thanks for reading and those of you who did, reviewing!


And if you're bored, then you can read the below for the interpretation of the dream.

Dream Symbols In Dragon's Dream:

Flying: Freedom/the sense of liberty (In dreams, flying gives a sense of being higher than anything else and confidence of overcoming many obstacles in life.)

Crow/"Dragon": The World Government (They are both very big and dangerous and Dragon's main enemy. The common folks can't live happily without the crow (aka WG) being taken down.

Millions of Bugs: The Revolutionary Army (There are many of them and from many places. All seem weak by themself, but together they can defeat even the greatest of enemies. They just need to unite and