In The Darkness

Author: Jadeblueafterglow17

This ER version would take place pre stabbing, and there is no Romano, Lucy, Abby or Kovac and Carter is still regularly visiting his Gamma.

Disclaimers: I don't own any of the ER characters they belong to Warner Brothers and I would keep John Carter so freaking busy he would have very little time to PLAY doctor if he were really mine. Enjoy & Review

Chapter 1 - Over the River and Through The Woods

"Mister, please open your eyes again, we're gonna die out here if you don't open your eyes." She gently tapped his faced and pried open his left eye. His right eye was swollen shut and blood covered that side of his face in thick patches. He was barely breathing, crushed, and bleeding and they'd been stuck in the rain for what seemed like an eternity.

The rain had finally let up as the young woman tried desperately to wake him again. He'd said his name was Carter. She didn't know if that was his first name or his last name, but she knew he was in serious trouble.

(Two hours earlier)

He looked at the tiny mirror in his locker and glanced at the gaunt image staring back at him. He had been awake for the better of almost two days, with only blinks of sleep in between. "What genius came up with the idea that newbies should kill themselves with back to back 30 + hour shift separated only by one day off." he thought to him self caustically.

As Carter looked at the dots of perspiration on his forehead, he swiped his face with a cloth, and ran his fingers through his damp brown locks of hair.

He loosened his red paisley tie, unbuttoned the top button of his pristine white shirt, and with one last glance he grabbed his keys, and shoved his stethoscope and tools in his locker. Carter glanced through the lounge window and tensed as he noticed the fierce wind blowing the tree out front and heard the rumbles of thunder shaking the window.

He stood staring. Something ominous was brewing. Goosebumps spread on his arms as a chill ran down his spine.

He didn't hear the door swoosh open behind him.

"Hey Carter, how long have you been..." Carter's keys flung out of his hands at the speed of a bullet and crashed into the coffee pot shattering the glass to bits. His lab coat flew into mid air. He spun around so quickly to greet the sound that startled him, he fell flat on his butt.

Dennis Gant stared at coffee running in rivulets of chocolate off the counter, and looked at the chain of events in open-mouth horror and fascination before returning his eyes to Carter's face. When their eyes met they both burst out laughing.

"Holy hell man!...Scare much?" he said wiping the tears of laughter from his face. Dennis extended his hand to help Carter up but he just waved him off and got up and dusted himself off.

Carter grabbed paper towels and began soaking up the mess he made on the floor and the counter.

"Everything alright in here?" Carol asked poking her head in the door.

"Yeah, sorry Carol...we have another coffee pot casualty though."

"Damn." That's the second one this month. I'll go steal another one from 4th floor. I hate those nurses."

Dennis helped Carter clean up the mess, and was rinsing off Carter's keys when he glanced over at a flash of red.

"Man, be careful, you cut the hell out of your hand." he said as he noticed Carter's palm bleeding. Carter, dumped the remainder of the glass in the trash and sprayed Lysol on the counter.

"I'm okay it's just a scratch."

" You are a walking disaster man! Good thing you're look like hell."

"Just tired, it was a long 38 hours with Benton riding my ass like Seabiscuit."

Dennis chuckled.

Carter continued. "I'm heading out before anything else happens."

"Well, try not to burn the apartment down." Dennis replied sarcastically.

"Ha, ha." Carter smiled wanly. You've got the apartment to yourself when you re done I'm going to see my Gamma."

"Yeah, I gathered from the 60 messages your Gamma left on the machine that she wanted to see you."

"She'll disown me if I don't get out there soon, so I'll spend the night...After being on for the last few days it'll be nice to be fussed over."
" It's storming out there. Be safe bro."

"You got it." Carter said as Dennis high fived him with his injured hand as Dennis left the lounge,

'Shit!" Cater exclaimed cradling his throbbing hand.

"Sorry man, see you later.

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