"Hey look what I found!" I shouted to my friends as I exited the old dusty shed with an old book in my hand. I handed to Jessica as I wiped dust onto my jeans. She and Meagan looked at it quizically and I rolled my eyes as I opened it.
"It's an old diary I found, the name on the inside cover says Sophie. It was my mom's." I said as they started squeeling. I went behind them and reached between their shoulders and turned the page past the inside cover and began to read.
"Sky and I finally came back to the island after so many years of traveling. With Nelly safely tucked into her basket and smiles on our faces we greeted all our old friends today." I looked at Jessica and Meagan and they began to squeel again, I was going to get a headache. I turned the page and began to read again.
"August 3rd. Nelly took her first steps today. We're so proud!" I stopped reading and stared at the book, knowing that this was written by my own mother. I noticed Meagan flipping through the pages slowly until she came to a blank page. She turned the page backwards once and stared at the page a moment.
"The entries stop at March 21st, 1997. That's when you were five right?" I nodded an answer to her question. "I wonder why they stopped..." she trailed off and I knew none of us were in the mood to squeel right now. I pondered all the possible reasons the diary entries could of stopped with almost have the book left and entries almost everyday before they stopped.
"They died. My parents died." the answer was obvious.

Okay so there is the first chapter, more of a prologue but it's just for starters. If I get enough positive reviews I will keep writing. Enjoy. -BMRC