You hadn't been at Genkai's temple long when you decided that you were bored. Being bored was something that happened easily to you, even around such…eccentric company.

When you exclaimed your dilemma to Kurama he had merely replied that being bored was merely an ailment of boring people. To that you huffed and walked outside, Kurama had never been one to humor you, ever. It made you sort of hate him from time to time.

With your over the top huffing done you could actually here real huffing, manly huffing and grunts.

And who didn't like those? You really wished that you had a camera right about now, especially if you were going to come across some hot males wrestling in the dirt. Practically drooling and in a daze you followed the noises.

They were only getting louder and not because you were getting closer to the source. Oh no, it was because Yusuke had somehow tossed Hiei to the stark green grass beneath them.

The scenario that played out in your head that made them end up as they were was something glorious and highly unlikely in the realm of reality, but to you, it would forever be what had truly happened. It would also be what you told all your friends when you recounted the tale.

Peaking through the bushes to get a better view of what was going down you almost fainted at your overactive imagination. Sweat dripped off their bodies, scowls marring both their handsome faces and limbs tangled up in each other. Thankfully Hiei was much too preoccupied to read your thoughts. If he had you'd be a dead, dead woman.

But before the two demons could pummel each other you decided you should break the two of them up. You didn't mind blood in your fantasies of the two, but the real life clean up was always an ordeal.

You stepped from the brush, with a mind that was still quiet in the gutter and let forth something that was supposed to stay locked inside you 'dirty secrets' box.

"Is this a private party or can anyone join?"

Hiei's head is the one that snapped up the quickest, he was on top this time, instead of Yusuke. Yusuke's jaw was dropped comically and the position he was in beneath Hiei's poised form could never be described as submissive.

"Onna…" Hiei growled, which only sparked more healthy little events within your brain, take that Kurama, who's boring now! And that was when the previous line finally caught up to you. Yusuke was grinning at the dark blush that was roaming over your cheeks, mischief sparkling within his eyes.

"No, but I can give you an invitation."

The one thing that didn't stop you from walking over was the fact that Hiei didn't protest.