Locked windows didn't keep the noise to seam in. You could hear their boots marching the ground, marching toward us. One glance of the window, and you see those armed soldiers preparing for the enemies to came toward us. The enemies stood face to face, no one making a sound. That was it. That sound. A sound nobody knew who was the caused of it. A bullet it was, making the soldiers collide with others. Blue and Red blurring together, not knowing whose dead and whose alive. The fight stop, and the Red keeping marching on. The Blues are either wounded or dead. Seeing that lifeless body staring out of space, make my stomach sicken. But in a few minutes or so, gunshots are loudly to be heard. We won, but it was just luck. Don't know what is in store for us. Not knowing this was the beginning of the Revolutionary War and we will suffer eight years. Many families will be separated; our loved ones will be dead or gone.

Just a short story of the war i wrote about :) hope its good :D