The Doctor pushed the button on The Moment, and the world bent and crackled and twisted around him, and he could see himself in the crowd at Dealy Plaza, still wearing that ridiculous Edwardian suit, and he was floating somewhere hundreds of feet in the air, seeing the whole thing take place, frame by frame, back and forth, and wanting to scream down at his face in the crowd, but none of this had happened yet, or was he remembering or imagining or?

He steadied himself, on his feet. He remembered, he had walked here out of the TARDIS, out of all the places in the galaxy that it could throw him after the blinding flash that had wiped out Gallifrey and the Dalek fleet in an instance, it was back to earth, back to a fixed point in time that was so terrible, and yet, so necessary, because the tragedy of Kennedy's death would lead to his desire for a lunar landing to be a national goal, and that was the way he would defeat...

Defeat who? He asked himself. His head was still swimming. He had entered a fixed point in time that he could never visit before, all due to the backlash of energies of his own planet's destruction. But he had to do something...but if he was here now, he realized, then he also had time to get to London, to Totter's Lane, and tell himself about the Daleks, and the whole thing could be interrupted, but...

Shots rang out.

It was happening again.

He also had time to get to London, to Totter's Lane, and tell himself...

Shots rang out.

And he realized he might be in the wrong place, and the wrong time. A man with crazy eyes in an Edwardian suit at a scene of national tragedy, and he had to move, but he couldn't through a head that didn't know where it was in time or space.

He blinked and saw a woman staring at him, with very bright eyes. She grabbed his hand and said: "RUN"

They ran and ran, through the confused crowds, her pulling him along. Is this how it had felt to Rose, that first time? Who was Rose?

The woman found his TARDIS, and pushed the door open.

"Who are you?" he asked her. Usually the question that people asked him. As the doors closed, and the TARDIS begin to shake, she replied:

"I am Eris"

And when he woke up, the TARDIS having been thrown somewhere else entirely by the flow of time, he wondered what that meant. He knew Earth history and mythology. The Greek goddess of chaos? Was that a goddess or an alien? Why had she saved him? How had she recognized him?

And, more importantly, why was he wearing this ridiculous outfit still? He didn't know who he was yet, but he knew he wasn't the type of person who wore ornate clothing like this. Out of all his confusion and fear and nausea and the fact that he didn't know what time he was in, he knew that he wanted to put on a different outfit.