The Doctor looked at Lucrecia. Lucrecia looked at The Doctor.

"I wonder who that woman was, if she was the one who sent me here?"

"What woman? I don't know any women who would know I was here. I have been forgotten by the world. I hope."

"Her name was...Eris. She was in Dealy Plaza. Right before the President was shot."

A puzzled look crossed Lucrecia's face. "The President was President Shinra, last time I checked, and he was still alive. But as for Aeris, I've seen that name written down in the notes of Professor Gast. Quite a bit, actually, scattered around."

"Greek goddess of chaos..."

"He would say, sometimes, that the entire world was connected and held together by a form of pure being that we couldn't see, because we were intent on taking it apart, that we wanted to find out what it was, but that the more we tried to find out, the more we forgot. He said that was the sin of scientists."

"I can think of worse sins than trying to find things out." He walked around Lucrecia, thinking of where the light permeating her came from. "This isn't Earth, is it? Not mine, at least. You use names and words I am familiar with...but in an odd way. "

"This is The Planet." Lucrecia said, simply.

"But Doctor Gast...I should have listened to him. Science and war are similar, he said, and only later did I realize how true that is. People start out at war, remembering what peace is like, and wanting to go back to that. Science is the same way, you start with the real world, and you want to understand it better. But in both cases, at some point you are so taken with your tools and your ambitions that you forgot what you were looking at in the first place."

And The Doctor thought of that, thought of the young man he had been-but looking so much older- when he had set out on a lark to see all of time and space, and then thought of how the spirit of adventure had turned into the spirit of war, and how the more he had tried to leave that war, the more he had painted himself into a corner, until he was left with nothing but The Moment, looking at Gallifrey and the Dalek Fleet and all the other combatants...The Skaro Degradations, the Nightmare Child, the Horde of Travesties. How he longed to go back and forget what he had built for himself.

"And that is what I did, with science, with wanting to know more and more, to be able to manipulate more and more. And then I became the subject of the and my child. And now they took my child, and turned him into a weapon...and I saw that there was nothing I could do. That is why I am here."

The Doctor straightened his jacket. He still didn't know what this had to do with Eris in Dealy Plaza, and why he had reached here, but he realized that he hadn't come here accidentally. The young rough looking man, dressed in black leather, looked at the beautiful, ethereal woman dressed all in white, and knew that he had seen someone who had traveled down the same road as him, but that had gone one step further. And he had destroyed his entire world, killed his family, and wiped out the universe's oldest culture. But there was something about this woman, alone in the darkness, who seemed beyond despair.

"I am sorry. I am The Doctor. I can usually solve any problem. But here...I don't know what I can do. All I can say is...Thank You." The woman's glow slowly faded, and the Doctor walked back to the TARDIS, heading back into a universe that he now had the smallest hope that he could help instead of hurt.