(A.N:/ Haha all I've been thinking about since the Sebofsky scene is how badly I want a scene where Seb visits Dave in the hosptial! Anyway, I really wanted to write this…I'm sure by now there are like 900 different versions of this…The title of the story/this chapter are lyrics from the song "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens. The genre and rating most likely will be changing. Especially the Genre haha. Enjoy.)

"Good bye David. And please, if you need anything, or just want to talk…you have my number." Kurt said as he left the hospital room. Dave looked down at his lap and sighed deeply, trying to stop himself from crying more. He suddenly jerked up when he heard a soft knock at the door.

"H-hi…" A tall boy in a suit said awkwardly.

Dave looked at the boy, confused. "…H-hi." He couldn't put his finger on it but he had seen this boy before.

"How are you doing?" The tall boy asked, sitting down on a chair by the bed. The one Kurt had just left not even two minutes ago.

"I'm…I'm better." Dave answered a little awkwardly.

The tall boy noticed the other's awkwardness. He looked down and laughed lightly for a moment. "You don't remember me do you?"

Dave blushed slightly. "N-no…Can't say that I do, sorry."

"It's fine. We…we met at Scandals."

Dave's eyes widened, suddenly remembering the boy. "…O-oh…"

"We were never properly introduced." The boy extended his hand to Dave. "Sebastian. Sebastian Smythe."

"D-dave…Karofsky…" Dave said as he took Sebastian's hand.

"I know." Sebastian said.


"I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Why? We aren't friends. We've only met once and you told me to stay in the closet."

"I know…and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, I know that now. I…I honestly am sorry."

"No, you shouldn't have." Dave said, looking away from Sebastian.

Sebastian looked down, a guilty expression plastered on his face. "I know."

Dave laughed bitterly. "I can't believe I'd do that to him…" He said, more to himself than Sebastian.

"Do what?" Sebastian asked, confused.

"Huh?" Dave said, suddenly realizing again that he wasn't alone. "Sorry…Just that…A year ago, I did some really shitty things to this guy at my old school who was gay. I…I harassed him and did the same thing to him that people did to me. It's just…it's almost ironic how I'm on the other side…I'm not on the outside looking in. I'm on the inside and…and it sucks. A lot….I did some really horrible things and maybe…maybe me being bullied is like my punishment for being such a dick for so long…I…I just can't believe I put him through all that." Dave said, not really sure as to why he was telling Sebastian, a complete stranger, his life story.

Sebastian frowned and sat his hand on Dave's knee reassuringly. "Everyone does things that they regret. It's part of being human. But, the way I see it, is if you can learn from your regrets and try and be better because of them then wouldn't that make them a good thing?"

Dave smiled weakly at the taller boys words. "I guess."

"So," Sebastian began, "did Kurt ever forgive you?"

"W-what?" Dave asked, shocked. "How did you-"

"I go to Dalton Academy." Sebastian said, pointing at the "D" on his blazer.


"So, did he? I know that you feel horrible about it so I know you apologized to him and judging by your face I'm assuming that he did forgive you."

"Wow, you're like a detective or something."

"Not really, I saw him leaving right before I came in. Why would he have come here if he hated you?"

Dave frowned and Sebastian laughed. "Not funny."

"You're wrong, it was very funny."

Dave laughed lightly and couldn't help but smile at the sound of his own laugh. It had felt like forever since the last time he laughed. Laughed and actually meant it. Sebastian didn't seem to be the same person he met back at Scandals. He was being…nice…and it felt nice. "Not at all." Dave said, more kidding than anything.

"Only to you because you didn't see the look of amazement in your face."

The two continued to talk. It was weird, for Dave at least. His first encounter with Sebastian was less than positive. In fact, it was horrible. It was worse than getting slushied by that douche Scott Cooper. Sebastian was the first guy he had ever tried to flirt with, which ended horribly….but now, the two were chatting it up like they were close friends, which, Dave didn't mind at all. Since he was outed every 'friend' at his school abandoned him, saying they didn't want a 'freak' as a friend. He even got cut from the football team because no one on the team wanted him in the locker room.

Dave opened his mouth for a moment but closed it. Sebastian noticed, and gave Dave a confused look. "What?"

"It…it's just, why…I have to know." Dave said, his shyness coming back.

"Know what?"

"W-why are you here?" Dave asked, confused.

Sebastian was slightly taken aback. "W-what do you mean?"

"Aside from today we've met once. For like ten seconds. And you clearly didn't like me much then. So why are you here?"

Sebastian nodded and reached into his bag. A moment or two later he pulled out a few papers. "I'm here to give you this." He said handing Dave the papers.

Dave took them. "…O-okay?" Dave said, confused.

"At Dalton Academy there is a zero tolerance policy against bullying. If you're caught harassing somebody, anybody, you are instantly expelled."

"What are you trying to say?" Dave asked.

"I'm saying come to Dalton Academy. No other school can provide the same anti-bullying policy that we have."

"I….the tuition." Dave said, looking at the hefty bill for just one semester.

"You're good at football right?" Sebastian said, smirking slightly. Clearly he was going somewhere with this.

"Yeah, why?"

"They offer full-tuition scholarships. Dalton's football team sucks, I'm sure the coach would be more than happy to accept a new member."

"W-why are you doing this?"

Sebastian didn't say anything for a moment or two. "Just…look the papers over with your dad. If you hurry you can be in your dorm in a week or two." Sebastian said as he got up from the chair and began walking towards the door.

"Hey! W-wait!"

Sebastian turned his head slightly, just enough to see Dave. "Yes?"


"Anytime." Sebastian turned around and began leaving. "Warbler auditions are in three weeks." And with that Sebastian left the hospital room.

"What's a Warbler?" Dave asked himself before looking back down at his papers.

(A.N:/ Ha, this definatly started out as just a drabble but then went on to be a oneshot and is now a multi-chapter fic. No regrets. Ha, like I said earlier, I'm sure that there are already a bunch of fanfictions like this but I really, really wanted to write this! So, I hope you enjoyed! XOXO)