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We last saw Diana and Carter running away from Benedict Manor...

Chapter 5:

Diana stared back at Benedict Manor with deep sadness and longing. She wished that her situation was different. If only they weren't on the run, if only she was back to being an orphan, if only Mr. Benedict could accept her for being a misfit...

Carter ran a hand through his hair vainly and smirked at her.

She knew that her brother wasn't acting like his usual self. And she knew that there was an obvious explanation for it, but she refused for it to be true with all of her might.

He's probably just traumatized by Mr. Pressius's death. She thought to herself.'s such a final word. Like a stalking predator creeping up on it unsuspecting prey.

"Diana! Carter! Wait!" called four youths' voices.

Diana tensed and turned around very slowly to face her captors.

Please don't be who it is! Please don't be who I think it is! She repeated desperately over and over again in her head. But it was of no use, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and a carried Constance sprinted toward them with determined expressions. Kate's legs pumped the hardest of the entire group as she flew past the boys at top speed.

The bus pulled to a stop and Carter stepped inside. Diana pushed him to go faster. He turned around to complain but then spotted the Mysterious Benedict Society that was pursuing them.

"Oh no, not them!" he cried diving into the bus as quick as he could.

Diana followed in after him. "Please drive sir!" she pleaded to the driver. "Those kids are trying to hurt my brother and I!"

Kate lowered herself and sprang up onto the bus's side like an Olympic athlete and clutched one of the windows as an handhold. "No we're not! They're just trying to run away from home!" she yelled through the glass.

The bus driver looked deeply confused.

Carter yelled. "Don't believe her! Do you see how big she is? I'm afraid for my darn life man!"

Kate banged on the window loudly. "Diana! Carter! Where are you going?" she screamed.

Diana felt her heart start to pound louder. The sensation was very familiar to her. The feeling of hot fear rising up in your stomach and submerging you completely until you couldn't see anything but darkness. A sharp pain stabbed her in the head and she felt herself fall asleep.

She slumped to the ground and heard the bus screech to a halt.

Carter gasped and fell to Diana's side as Kate walked in.

He tried to push her away, but Kate shoved past him and lifted Diana into her strong arms. Carter stood up to try and feebly fight her, but Reynie grabbed him from behind and walked him out of the bus.

The bus driver, lost for words of sympathy, dumbly offered Carter some of his leftover coffee.

Carter stared at the man, took a small sip, and graciously returned it, crying all the while as he exited.

Mr. Benedict paced the floor of his office, which wasn't much to say given the fact that the floor was covered with books and papers of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Diana and Carter sat in their seats with their hands folded together, looking rather dejected.

Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance all leaned up against a wall nearby and listened as Mr. Benedict spoke to the two attempted runaways.

"All I want to know is why." said Mr. Benedict with a frown. "Why are you children so afraid of staying here Diana?"

She stared down at the floor guiltily and wept. Kate had woken her up on the bus, and Reynie, (through much persuasion and reassurances) had finally convinced the bus driver that they weren't bullies and just wanted Diana and Carter to come back home with them. "I-I can't." Diana whimpered. "You're like a father to me Mr. Benedict. And I love you with all of my heart! But...if I stayed here, or told you the'd never be able to accept me or Carter into this household ever again."

Reynie crossed his arms and spoke up, "Does it have anything to do with your narcolepsy Diana?"

She whirled around in her seat and calmed herself down. "Not at all. Why?" she asked cooly.

"Because Constance tried to read your thoughts during dinner last week and couldn't seem to get through." he said, his tone coming out a little more crossly than he would have liked.

Her face started to turn red. "Y-You did what?" she spluttered. She shot a glare at Mr. Benedict who fixed his glasses nervously and didn't dare keep eye contact. "You lied to me! I said not to mess with my thoughts!"

"Actually, you said not to mess with your narcolepsy." Sticky corrected. "So no promises were technically broken."

Diana stomped her foot down on the ground in pure rage. "It's just like Mr. Curtain said! You're nothing but trouble and a false friend Mr. Benedict! I HATE YOU!" she gasped at her last sentence and covered her mouth in horror with shaking hands.

Carter stared at her in shock. " didn't just...oh no..."

Even Mr. Benedict seemed to be utterly speechless. His expression was pasted with pure horror and shock that he couldn't seem to make his lips move.

Sticky polished his glasses, Kate fell from her upside down crossed legs exercise, and Reynie's jaw dropped.

Constance was the only one that seemed to be able to say what everybody else was thinking. "You're working for Mr. Curtain!" she accused harshly.

Diana and Carter exchanged defeated glances at each other and lowered both of their heads in shame.

Their secret was exposed.

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