Hey everyone! Zeratide here, and in theme of my recent Skyrim phase, here is the first of a series of one-shots involving my Khajiit character, and a number of female characters you can't actually marry in Skyrim without codes on the PC. Enjoy!

Sim'baja, the Khajit thief, strode into the Bunkhouse, twirling a finger through his braided mustache as he looked for his prey. A few gazed nervously at his Dark Brotherhood armor, but he paid them no heed; this was no assassination.

He saw Haelga standing behind the counter, sweat dotting her brow as she served drinks to her patrons. His tail twitched slightly as his gaze lingered over her figure for a moment. With knowledge honed by years of assassinations, even before coming to Skyrim, he picked out a number of details. First, the walls of Haelga's room were thicker than were necessary, likely to prevent anyone from hearing her practice her Dibellan arts. Second, the woman seemed a bit horny, occasionally rubbing her thighs together unnoticeably when the various male patrons of the bar made jokes to each other of their exploits. And third, he noticed that a number of the patrons were starting to display signs of weariness. Svana walked up to him, polite as ever, and he winked at her, showing he had what she had sent him after.

"It's almost midnight, so everyone will be going to bed," he whispered, his voice a deep, sly purr. "Head on up, so she doesn't suspect your involvement. I'll tell you about it tomorrow morning." The young woman nodded, before going upstairs, the rest of the patrons following. Casually walking up to the counter, he waited as Haelga put away the remaining mugs.

"If you're looking to stay the night, you've come to the wrong place," she said, brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes. "This is for workers who can't afford a place to stay." As he remained silent, she huffed, before turning to go to her quarters. With a swift movement, he laid the three Marks of Dibella on the counter. She turned to look, and her eyes went wide before she scooped them up.

"What? How… where did you get these?" she demanded, quickly hiding them in the pockets of her apron. "No, don't tell me. I don't want to know. Look, we need to keep this quiet… between you and me, okay? No one else needs to know about it." He smiled slightly, and she continued, failing to notice in her anxiety. "If word got out that I'm practicing my Dibellan Arts in Riften, they'll run me out of town."

"Relax," he said, casually observing his claws. "I'll tell you what… I won't tell anyone about your… religion… if you'll give me a Mark of my own," he purred, leaning across the counter to make full eye contact. Surprise crossed her features for a second, before she looked him over, blushing slightly and biting her lip as she gazed at his muscled form.

"Well, I've never done a Khajit before," she murmured to herself, crossing her arms as she thought. "Kind of kinky." She smiled them, leaning toward him and tracing her finger across the neckline of her blue blouse. "You've got yourself a deal, cat," she said, taking him by the hand and leading him to her quarters. She closed the door behind her, and locked it, before turning and walking toward him, swaying her hips. "You've never been with a girl like me before." Her nimble fingers reached for the buckles of his clothing, and she managed to remove his hood and armor before he grabbed her, shredding her blouse and apron with his claws. He quickly captured one of her large breasts with his mouth, running his rough tongue over the sensitive nipple while using his whiskers to brush the surrounding flesh. Not wishing his hands to remain idle, he fondled her other breast with his right hand, groping her firm ass in his left. She gasped in amazement, bucking her hips forwards, and he quickly removed her pants, leaving her naked. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he slammed her against the wall, holding her up and grinding against her as he switched attention to her other breast, and her hands ran through the soft fur on his torso.

As he worked on her breasts with his tongue and hand, he flicked his tail around, using the soft tuft of fur at the end to brush against her soaking folds. She shuddered at the sensation, and he felt her dampen significantly, the results of her orgasm. He tossed her onto the bed, before removing his gloves, trousers, and boots, and climbed onto the bed himself. She quickly sat up, reaching around his waist until her fingers found their prize, and she began pumping him with one hand, brushing her hair out of her eyes, before she used her mouth, wrapping her lips around his shaft. He grabbed her hair, forcing her to deepthroat him, and she willingly complied, her head bobbing up and down faster and faster. After a few minutes, he growled slightly, and released his seed, the substance spraying the back of her throat. He panted slightly as she greedily swallowed it all, before he pushed her onto her back.

She spread her legs, allowing him a view of her glistening folds, and he moved forwards, teasing her with the head. She whimpered slightly, and he thrust in, purring as she clamped around him, squeezing him for all he was worth. "For such a loose woman," he said, building up a rhythm, "you are remarkably tight."

"Just shut up and fuck me!" she growled, arching her back as he thrust into her. He willingly complied, increasing the speed and power of his thrusts, causing the bed to bang repeatedly against the wall. He grabbed one of her bouncing breasts, giving it a firm squeeze, before moving even faster, watching them blur back and forth as the woman threw her head back. "O-o-o-o-o-h G-o-o-o-o-d-d-d-s!" she screamed, writhing beneath him. She clamped tighter then, unbearably so, and he found himself unable to move as she screamed out, her orgasm squirting against his thighs. No longer able to hold himself back, he sprayed his own release into her, unable to move until her back finally flopped back onto the mattress. He pulled out of her, and sat with his back against the headboard, brushing his knuckles against his chest.

"Ready for round two?" he asked, watching her chest rise and fall with each breath. She stood on shaky legs, before walking over to her shelf, and grabbing a number of stamina potions. She chugged down two, before offering him one. He took a small sip, setting it down on the nightstand, before he moved to the center of the bed, pulling her on top of him. Haelga straddled him, guiding his shaft into her, before she impaled herself on him, arching her back to get a better angle. He placed his hands on her hips, and matched her pace, thrusting up as she came down, penetrating deeper and deeper into her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a couple of leather strips, and he grabbed them, leaning forward and tying her hands to the foot of the bed, her body stretched out as she continuously ground against him. She continued to scream, and after a few moments, he pulled out of her, leaving a trail of her fluids spilling out. She looked at him curiously, before he untied her. Flipping her over so she was on all fours, he re-tied her, before pressing against her other hole. She whipped her head around to look at him in surprise, before he thrust into her ass, causing her entire body to go slack.

She came immediately then and there, and as he continued to pound into her hole, the woman began to babble incoherently, her mind too clouded with lust for her to think properly. He bent over her, pressing her deeper into the mattress, before slapping her buttocks, the sound reverberating through the room. She moaned slightly, and he did it again, thrusting deeper into her ass. A tightness in his loins warned him of his inclement climax, and he quickly untied the woman. At the last second, he pulled out and flipped her over, before spraying his load onto her chest, face, and stomach. As she wiped the semen off of herself with a spare towel, he took another sip of the stamina potion, before asking, "Ready for round three?"

Four hours and seven mutual orgasms later, he finally pulled out of her for the last time, shaking in spite of the legendary reserves he prided himself in. He managed to spray one last load, a jagged line upon her sweat-slicked breasts, before he flopped over, heat suffusing his body. If Haelga was aware of the fact he was still on her bed, she didn't acknowledge it; instead, in her lust-addled mind, she seemed content to rub his seed into her skin, playing with her nipples once it could be spread no more. Sitting up, Sim'baja took a deep breath before standing to gather his clothes. His head seemed to swim for a moment, and he steadied himself on the nightstand until the sensation passed. Quickly donning his Dark Brotherhood armor, he took a Mark of Dibella from her, and then silently left the building, leaving Riften and bathing in the waters of Lake Honrich before re-entering the town.

As the town began to wake, and businesses began showing their wares, he strode to the bunkhouse, entering the building for the second time in so short a period. Walking straight to Svana, he grinned. "You gave her the Marks?" she asked, and he nodded, brushing his knuckles casually across his chest. "How can I ever repay you?" she asked, and a Cheshire grin split his features.

"I'm sure we can think of something…"

Well, there you go guys! My first ever Fanfiction dedicated solely to sex. And since it is called Tails of a Khajiit (which is by far one of my worst puns ever) there will be more. Next time, we'll have Gabriella. Review, and stay tuned!