Sim'baja grunted as he awoke, throwing an arm over his face as even the meager light of his room in the Dawnstar Sanctuary aggravated his hangover. He sat up in his large bed, the covers falling off of him to reveal his nudity. Arching his back like the cat he was, he stretched out, his arm brushing against the naked form of the nameless woman Nazir had recruited to join them. Rolling onto his knees and elbows, he crawled over her, running a hand over her breasts to rouse her. She moaned as she awoke, and seeing him over her, she spread her legs, allowing him entrance. Without a word he thrust into her, passing the hour till dawn in a sweat-soaked haze of her heaving breasts and his throbbing loins.

Once she had climaxed twice and he finally spilled his seed in her, he got out of the bed. Rolling his neck, he grabbed his armor off the floor, putting it on the mannequin before he went to the trunk. Pulling out some of the clothes he had managed to scrounge from the Bard's College, as well as a lute, he hid the Blade of Woe in the folds of his clothes, planning on posing as a Bard to get close enough to kill the target. He then went to the herb garden growing in the cracks of the stone, grabbing the necessary ingredients to craft a Frenzy Potion.

When he was finally ready to conduct his Assassination, he said goodbye to Nazir, mussed up Babette's hair to annoy her, then strode out the secret exit to appear outside of the town. Turning toward Dawnstar, he began the stroll to the Windpeak Inn.

The heavy haze of heat and smoked meat met him as he opened the door and strode in, welcoming the warmth over the Skyrim cold. He quickly strode over to Thoring, taking a seat on the stool in front of him. "Black-Briar," he said, tossing the septims on the counter. Thoring nodded as he grabbed the bottle.

"Bard, eh?" he asked, looking over Sim'baja's clothes. The Khajit nodded, and the man spoke again. "You know, my daughter Karita is the bard for this place. No formal training though. Suppose you could teach her a thing or two?" Sim'baja turn to his gaze on the young girl, and his critical eye swept over her form, lingering on her breasts for a half second.

"Eh, why not?" he replied, downing the bottle of mead. He rose from the stool, and strode over to her. "Karita," he greeted her, bowing. "My name is Sim'baja. I'm from the Bard's College, and your father asked me to give you a lesson or two." The woman seemed excited at his words, so he pulled out the lute, beginning to tune it.

"You know, I first learned to play in Elsweyr as a cub," he talked aimlessly, watching from the corner of his eye as his target strode into the place. "My father told me that I was smooth enough with my tongue that if I could convince him not to punish me for my various infractions, than I could be the greatest bard who ever lived." He handed her the lute then, and said, "Play me The Song of the Dragonborn."

As she turned to face those present, he discreetly poured the frenzy potion into the now-empty bottle of mead, replacing the cork. Standing up, he strode past her as she played, her voice somewhat screechy in his ear. Almost accidentally, he found himself bumping into his target, spilling the man's drink. "Watch it!" he shouted, shoving the Khajit.

Sim'baja's eyes flashed for a moment, before he calmed his anger. "My apologies," he said, bowing slightly to the man. "Here, you may have mine." Handing the bottle to the man, he turned back toward Karita as she finished. "Not bad," he told her. "You could use a voice lesson or two, but you're not bad. Not bad at all."

At that moment, the target downed the entire Frenzy potion, and shouted out in fury, drawing a dagger. He lunged for Karita, and managed to score a shallow gash on her right arm before Sim'baja grabbed his arm with his powerful hands. He hissed, his ears pressing flat against his skull, before he rammed the Blade of Woe into the underside of the man's jaw, the tip of the blade coming out the top of his skull. As the body fell to the floor, the entire place flew into an uproar, and a minute later, the guards burst in. As they began questioning everyone, Sim'baja discreetly swapped out the poisoned bottle with a real one, and when the guards got to him, they allowed him to pass without incident.

"You saved my life," Karita said to him, her body shaking.

"It was nothing," he said, casually waving her off. His eyes flicked over her again as she glanced away, before he said, "Would you like to continue with the lessons?"

For the next few weeks, they would meet each day, and he would take her into her room and close the door as he taught her. When she confessed her nervousness to him, a wicked smile curved his lips.

"When Sim'baja learned to play," he said, switching to the Khajit manner of addressing themselves, "he was nervous too. So what he did, was he asked his potential mates to listen to him play. He would take them somewhere secluded, disrobe, and play naked. It may seem strange, but it worked; he was never afraid to play in front of large crowds." While his story was true, he refrained from telling her what usually came after the songs with the women, or the fact that he had often posed as a bard to kill, as he had done just weeks before.

"Really?" she asked, blushing from head to toe. He nodded, and she swallowed nervously before standing. Shrugging the straps of her dress off her shoulders, she held the garment against her chest with one hand, self-conscious, before she removed her hand and allowed it to pool around her ankles. His gaze ran over her luscious curves, and he felt himself hardening as he stared at her ample breasts. Her hips were wide, and her nether regions were shaved, something he had never come across before. She picked up the lute, and began to play, before she shook her head. "I can't do this, it's too embarrassing," she said, covering herself with her arms.

"Would it help if Sim'baja disrobed as well?" he asked, his hands lazily lifting the hem of his tunic far enough for her to view his sculpted abdomen. Lust flashed in her eyes, and she nodded. He removed the tunic with a quick flourish, displaying his muscular, dark brown torso. Unclasping his belt, he quickly shucked his pants, revealing his hardened anatomy. She dropped the lute in surprise, unable to take her eyes off him. She slowly moved closer, and reached out her hand to touch it. Pausing for a moment, she looked at him as if asking permission, and he nodded, before she gently grasped it.

He sat back down in his chair, and pulled her down with him. Now kneeling in front of him, she slowly began to pump her hand up and down on his shaft, licking her lips. After a minute or so, she engulfed him in her hot mouth, and began to sing softly, the vibrations in her throat increasing his pleasure. After five minutes, she began deep throating him. With a content grunt, he spilled his seed down her throat before picking her up. Carrying her over to the bed, he set her down, before bending and licking her sopping folds. She threw back her head, her breath hitching, and he continued to stimulate her until she achieved her own orgasm. Still lying on her back, she adjusted in the bed, spreading her legs wider, and he pressed himself against her folds. Slowly pushing his way inside, he felt her tight folds clamping around him, and he reached her barrier. With a quick, efficient thrust, he broke her hymen, claiming her virginity as his. She whimpered for a few moments, and he allowed a few seconds for her to adjust before he began pounding in and out of her. For the first minute, tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, before her expression changed, and he felt her shift from pain to pleasure. The walls became slick, and he increased the pace.

The wet sound of flesh slapping flesh was the only sound in the room for a considerable amount of time. As she orgasmed, he kept pounding into her, before he slowly pulled out. Two down, he thought, pressing against her other hole. One to go. He thrust into her swiftly, and she screamed out in ecstasy, before he pressed a hand against her mouth, silencing her screams. He licked her erect nipples with his rough tongue, before he began pumping into her ass. Tighter than her womb, he ass quickly milked his seed out of his body, but he kept going nonetheless, enjoying the activity too much to stop. She turned into one continuous orgasm, and he switched back to her other hole. For the next few hours, he kept pounding her, until his seed was overflowing from her filled womb.

As he rose and dressed, she shook slightly from the lack of his warmth. Night had fallen, and the cold was enough to chill even him, despite his thick fur. "I'll see you tomorrow for your next lesson," he said, leering suggestively at her. Exiting through the window, he laughed, a smooth, pleasant sound.

Life was good.

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