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Spring Concerto

Chapter I

"His name is Mycroft Holmes," Harry said to Ron. "He is the British Government." Harry, Ron and Hermione were having afternoon tea at his house at Godric Hollow. They talked about many things and one of them was Harry's work in the Muggle world. Ron then asked about his contact person.

"The British Government?" Ron asked, confused.

"In one way, he is the British Government… the most indispensable man in the country," Harry said. "The conclusions of every department are passed to him, and he is the central exchange, the clearinghouse, which makes out the balance."

"Wow!" Ron said in awe. "He must be really smart."

"He is genius." Harry replied. Although genius probably was an understatement for Mycroft.

"But…that isn't much different from what you and Hermione do," Ron said, frowning. "Kingsley comes to seek advice and you and Hermione give it."

It was all started after the Hogwarts battle. After the fall of Voldemort, the Britain wizarding world was in ruin. They needed to rebuild it as soon as possible. And Kingsley as the chosen Minister of Magic needed everyone who could give contribution. That was the reason why he and Ron were accepted in the Auror training without completing their NEWTS. And since Harry was quite close with Kingsley from their time together at the Order, he began to give suggestion to Kingsley as what to do. Hermione helped giving her input. And between two of them, the wizarding world began to change.

One of their ideas was the creation of wizarding village in England. Sure they had Hogsmeade, but it was located in Scotland. Harry then suggested to turn Godric Hollow into wizarding village and evacuated the Muggle residences. Godric Hollow now thrived in. It had commercial areas with shops and restaurants, residential area where people lived and public area with Quidditch field and park. With the end of every war, there was always population boom and in was no exception in Britain. After the success of Godric Hollow project, Harry next step was converting the entire Grimmauld Street into magical block. Perfect for wizards and witches who wanted to live in London.

The other idea was about the introduction of Muggleborn towards the wizarding world. Now, the parents of Muggleborn were informed as soon as their children were born. Of course, the secrecy vow was a must for the parents. There would be introduction book too and the task of writing it fell into Hermione who was really eager for it.

Another change was done in Hogwarts. The Muggleborns now were required to attend Wizarding Studies class and vice versa, the children from wizarding family were required to attend Muggle Studies class so they could blend in both of the world. Aside of that, Hogwarts now had club dedicated for every branch of lesson and each student was required to attend minimum one club which suited his ability the best.

The next was the Ministry of Magic. All the corrupt officers were purged on. The discriminating laws were abolished. New departments were established. And in all of this, Harry was still an Auror and Hermione was a rising star at Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Their intervention in the magical world wasn't really hidden because people knew that some ideas came from Harry. He was after all the Chosen One, the most celebrated wizard in the world. Thanks to the media, Harry didn't think that there was a magical part in the world who didn't know him. But to what extent his intervention was, people mostly didn't have idea.

"Harry," Hermione said suddenly. "Do you plan to come at the opening of the library?" It was her project. Back then at Hogwarts it was nice having library but after she graduated she had to buy books from Flourish and Blotts. Hence, the public library idea was born. They had built one at Godric Hollow and now the second one at Diagon Alley.

"I don't know," he replied. Harry still didn't like media even after all this time.

"And what about the safari park?" Ron questioned.

"It's almost finished," he replied. Harry had the idea for awhile. The safari park was built not far from Godric Hollow and it would have magical animal collection aside of normal animal. Charlie Weasley had been appointed as Director and Hagrid had been appointed as Consultant. "We need to inform the Muggle Prime Minister about the dragon, the sphinx and many more."

"You're going to meet Mycroft again," Hermione said.

"It's a part of our agreement," he said. "Kingsley will inform the Muggle prime minister and I will inform Mycroft."

He first met Mycroft five years ago. Back then, he was still in Auror training but Kingsley asked him to accompany him to meet the Muggle prime minister. He also met Mycroft Holmes there and learned about what the man did. They never met again until a year ago. It was Harry's idea to give the Auror Department a legal standing in Muggle world to make their job easier. Since it was his idea, he accompanied Kingsley to the meeting, where he met Mycroft again. Thus Britain Special Defence Force was created.

Mycroft saw through him in a second, making Harry wondered if Mycroft was actually a Master in Legilimency. But no, it was only a matter of observing and deducting. Mycroft then asked if Harry would join him for afternoon tea although the line between asking and ordering was really thin.

"I have to admit that when I heard about the wizarding world for the first time, I was a bit sceptical." Mycroft said.

"That's better reaction than most of people," Harry said dryly.

"Two nations in one country," Mycroft said again. "Not only in Britain but all over the world. Hidden for centuries."

"And it will stay hidden for another centuries," Harry stated. "Your world runs on its own and so does ours. We do not interfere with each other."

"And how can you be so certain about that?" Mycroft questioned. "Especially considering your history." His voice had gone to as sharp as steel.

"We have laws to prevent it. Every effort imaginable had been taken. Every nation in this world has given their oath. The United Nations and International Confederation of Wizards have seen to it."

Mycroft nodded at this. Harry didn't know what the man was thinking. Mycroft's smile and all his pleasantries were as fake as Aunt Petunia whenever she talked to annoying neighbours.

"Very well, Mr. Potter," Mycroft said. "I do have proposition for you however."

"Just Harry please," he said. "And what proposition do you have?"

Mycroft was silent for a moment. "How about lunch once a month, Harry? You could keep me updated about your world and I could keep you updated about mine." The man said at last, looking at Harry intently the whole time.

Harry regarded him suspiciously. His initial response was to reject Mycroft's proposition but the man was very convincing when he wanted to be that in the end Harry agreed to it. So far, one year had passed. He met Mycroft every month during the time and they talked about many things. Mostly, it was Harry who talked and Mycroft listened to him. Mycroft wasn't a talkative person. He once apologized to the man when he realized that he had talked for one hour non stop with not even one word from the other man's mouth. But Mycroft said it was fine and Harry could do whatever he wanted. That was rather weird. But this was Mycroft Holmes he was talking. Who knew what the man had on his mind.

"Don't forget about Ginny's wedding," Hermione said, breaking his thought.

Ron groaned out loud. "Yeah," he said, making face. "We have to fit the clothes. Mum made appointment with Madame Coco, you know, the seamstress at Godric Hollow next Saturday."

Ginny Weasley had finally decided to tie a knot, to none other than Theodore Nott, a pureblood wizard who was in the same year as Harry back when they were in Hogwarts. She and Harry briefly dated but they called it off after awhile, claiming that they were better as friends. His next relationship was with Philippe Delacour, a cousin of Fleur Delacour. In the end, they decided to be friends. Although friends with some benefits because whenever Philippe was in Britain he always called for Harry.

"Next Saturday?" Harry asked, frowning.

"Yeah, why?" Ron replied.

"I have lunch appointment with Mycroft. I have to call him to postpone it," Harry said.

"Oh," Ron said. "Well, he could go to lunch with his other friends."

Harry shook his head. "I doubt that he has any friends."

"What do you mean by that?" Hermione asked.

"During the time I spent with him, he never ever once talks about his friends. I know he has younger brother, but that is it."

"Sounds like Percy," Ron said, snickering.

"Ron," Hermione admonished.

"What? It's true," Ron said, defending himself. "The Ministry of Magic…Ooh, Percy would love that."

"I think the only thing he does is working," Harry said.

"That's rather sad," Hermione commented.

"And taking care of his younger brother," Harry continued.

"Not so much like Percy then," Ron said again.

"He is the British Government," Harry argued. "Maybe he doesn't have time for anything else. He has country to manage after all."

"How does he look like?" Hermione asked curiously.

"He is tall, not bad looking and very mature." Harry said, thinking. "Mycroft is attractive in his own way."

Ron groaned at this.

"What?" Harry asked, confused.

"Somehow I think that you're going to end up with him," Ron explained, snickering. "He is busy, you say, but he always makes time for your lunch date every month."

"That is business lunch, Ron." Harry argued. Even he rather doubted it but there was no need of telling Ron that. After all he spent more time talking about personal things than business things. And he had developed a habit of bringing Mycroft stuffs such as cakes from wizarding world or souvenir from his trip abroad.

"Whatever you said, Harry," Ron said, still snickering.

Hermione shook her head. "Honestly, Ron."

They didn't realize at all that Ron's statement was going to be true.


Hermione and Ron stayed thorough dinner which was prepared by Winky. The house elf didn't like working at Hogwarts so Harry offered her to work for him when his house at Godric Hollow was finished. Meanwhile Kreacher took care of Grimmauld Place Number 12 which now was inhabited by Andromeda Black and Teddy Lupin, his seven years old godson.

After dinner and Harry was left alone, he remembered that he had to call for Mycroft. Harry took out his phone and began pressing the man's number. The phone was called W-Phone, a short for wizarding phone. It was creation of George Weasley, Hermione Granger and Filius Flitwick even though the idea came from Harry who wanted simpler, easier and faster way of telecommunications.

"Hello, Mycroft. This is Harry," he said.

"Hello, Harry." Mycroft replied. "It's s pleasant surprise. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yes. It's about our lunch next Saturday. Can we postpone it? I have appointment for Ginny's wedding preparation." By now, Harry had blabbed enough to Mycroft for the other man to recognize the name as his Harry's best friend younger sister.

"Ah," there was a pause before Mycroft continued. "Of course."

"Thank you," Harry said, relieved.

"When is it convenience for you then?" Mycroft asked.

"What about Sunday? I'm free that day," Harry offered.

"Excellent," Mycroft replied. "I shall see you later, Harry."


Ginny had chosen the colours and the fabrics she wanted for her family and friends to wear at her wedding sp all the Madame Coco had to do was to size them. Harry, Ron, and the male Weasleys were really glad for that.

"Can we get out from here now?" Ron almost whined.

Hermione looked at him warningly.

"Oh, Ginny!" Mrs. Weasley said at the sight of her only daughter in a simple but elegant wedding gown. Harry had to admit that Ginny looked absolutely gorgeous.

"You're so beautiful!" Mrs. Weasley said again with teary eyes.

"My little sister…" Ron muttered. It was at this point that he realized that his baby sister had grown up and now was going to get married and started her own family.

In the end, Ron managed to control his emotions. The redhead however dragged Harry and Hermione out of there as soon as possible to prevent another break down. They decided to go for lunch first.

They were on their way when someone called Harry's name. He turned out and saw a handsome man with bright blue eyes and blond hair. Philippe Delacour, Fleur's cousin.

"Philippe," he said, smiling at the man. "It's a surprise."

"Hi Philippe," Hermione greeted the newcomer. Ron merely waved his hand at him.

"Yes," Philippe replied. "I have business meeting in London tomorrow. But before that, I wanted to see you first." Unlike Fleur, he spoke in perfect English without the slightest French's accent.

Hermione smiled at the man. "Well, Ron and I are going to Bread Kitchen first." She said and then proceeded to drag Ron away. Bread Kitchen was restaurant in Godric Hollow where Harry and his friends usually hang out.

Harry looked at his retreating friends before turning to Philippe. "So, how are you?" he said.

"I'm fine. Business is booming," Philippe answered, smiling at him.

Harry nodded. He was really surprised when he found out that many rich pureblood families originally made their money from doing business in Muggle world. It was like open secret. Everyone knew but nobody was talking about it. But as the goblin at Gringotts said, the population of Wizarding World was really small compared to the population of Muggle world. The money made then would be converted to Galleon and kept at Gringotts. Beside that, those snobbish purebloods saw it as the chance to exploit the stupid Muggles. Even the Blacks, Harry found out, had numerous business ventures in the Muggle World.

"Unfortunately," Philippe said again. "I have to return to Paris as soon as possible. But before that…can I expect your lovely company during my stay here?"

The man was such a flirt. Harry was used to it. He smiled and agreed to Philippe's plan. After all, it had been a long time since he met his friend.

"Well, I have to leave now," Philippe said regretfully and then leant forward to kiss Harry's cheek.

Harry nodded.

"See you later, Harry." Philippe said.

Shaking his head, he went to join Ron and Hermione.

That night, they had dinner together at Philippe's London residence in South Kensington. Many French lived there, whether it was Muggle or Wizard. The French wizard asked him for lunch the next day but Harry declined, saying that he already had appointment with someone else.

"Lunch appointment with your new lover?" Philippe asked.

"No. He's my business associate actually," Harry said.

"And is he attractive?" Philippe asked playfully.

Harry frowned. Was Mycroft attractive? The man was absolutely brilliant and he was nice companion when he wanted to be. "He is attractive in his own way," He replied at last.

"Hmm…." Philippe mused, sipping his wine. "Interesting."

"What is interesting?" Harry asked apprehensively.

But Philippe merely smiled at him mysteriously and changed the topic.


Harry and Mycroft never had lunch in the same restaurant for the safety reasons so for the last year they had gone to twelve different restaurants. When Harry arrived, the man was already waiting for him. Mycroft was dressed in his usual three pieces suit. This time he wore charcoal grey one with black tie and black coat. The man didn't forget his customary black umbrella. Mycroft turned to him and his eyes narrowed. Harry frowned. Was there something wrong with him? But in a second, Mycroft's expression was schooled back into his polite mask.

The lunch went like usual. Mycroft talked about the Muggle world and Harry talked about the Wizarding world. He didn't forget to inform Mycroft about the dragon and sphinx for safari park. Then the conversation turned personal when Harry told him about Ginny's preparation wedding.

"Family events such as wedding always gather a lot of people. Either it's family, friends…or lover." Mycroft looked at Harry pointedly when he said the last word. His tone had gone cold too.

How the hell Mycroft knew about Philippe? Observation. Obviously. Harry had forgotten that Mycroft probably could tell what he ate yesterday from the crumb on his shirt or something similar.

"Philippe is my ex lover," he said. "We still stay as friends." Harry didn't know what made him to explain the truth to Mycroft but it felt like the right thing to do. And it was, considering the fact that Mycroft's expression softened. Or was that Harry's imagination? "And what about you?" he blurted out. Harry really couldn't help it.

"Caring isn't an advantage," Mycroft replied coldly. There was a strange glint in Mycroft's eyes when he said that. The man looked like he was going to say more but in the end decided against it.

"You could do with friends I suppose," Harry said after recovering from Mycroft's bluntness. Should he be surprised by Mycroft's admission? Well, no. Harry had suspected it from his observation of Mycroft.

"Not everyone is blessed with having loyal friends, who are willing to sacrifice their lives for you, I'm afraid." Mycroft said.

Harry flushed at Mycroft's words. It was true. He had Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna, Ginny and the others who stayed with him to the end.

"However," Mycroft said again, "you might be able to help to remedy that."

"What?" Harry asked, confused.

Mycroft gave him a measuring look. "I know who you really are and you know who I really am." The man stated. "You are a man of principle. You posses strong moral and you're also a very loyal person."

Harry stared at Mycroft, astonished.

"So, what do you think?"

"Uhm…alright?" he said uncertainly. Harry wasn't really sure what he agreed to actually.

"Splendid," Mycroft said. "Now, would you care for a dinner?"

"Dinner?" Harry asked, dumbfounded.

"Yes. It is the chief meal of the day, eaten in the evening or at midday. I assume you're familiar at the concept?"

Harry scowled at him.

"Well?" Mycroft still looked at him expectantly.

"Okay," he conceded.

"I shall inform you the location later," Mycroft said. "Is next Saturday alright with you?"

"Yes," Harry said, wondering what he had gotten himself to.

Author's Note:

My third crossover fanfiction. Sherlock is my latest obsession now. I really can't wait for the third season. So now I decided to write about Harry Potter and Sherlock. This fic tell about how Harry and Mycroft get on together since Mycroft is my favorite character in Sherlock, thanks to Mark Gatiss's play. I have read quite a slash fanfiction about Mycroft and in my opinion he seems out of character for the romance part.