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Spring Concerto

Chapter III

Harry was busy with his report when someone knocked on his door. A moment later, Davina Montgomery, the Head Auror Department walked in to his office.

"Davina," Harry smiled at her. "How can I help you?"

"Kingsley called for you." She said, looking at him weirdly before returning to her usual stern expression.

Well, Harry knew what this was about already. Kingsley was already waiting for him when he arrived at the man's office.

"Harry, please sit down." Kingsley said. "And before we begin, why didn't you tell me that you already got married?"

"What?" Harry stared at Kingsley in disbelief.

Kingsley chuckled. "Oh, you should have seen your expression."

"That really isn't funny." He said.

"Unfortunately, that is what people say about you now. I believe the rumour origins from Ginny's wedding party yesterday."

"And whom I got married to?" he asked even though he already had a hunch.

"Apparently to Mycroft Holmes." Kingsley said in amusement.

Harry groaned at that. "Fantastic," he grumbled out. No wonder Davina looked at him funny earlier.

Kingsley chuckled again at his expression.

"Back to the topic now?" Harry asked.

"It's about the new Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement," Kingsley said.

"Davina Montgomery." Harry said. "She is the best candidate."

Kingsley nodded. "I thought so too."

"And I'll be the Head of Auror."

"Yes. And it will be effective by the end of July," Kingsley informed him.


The Youngest Head of Auror in the History! It was the Daily Prophet's headline the next day. There was also a picture of Harry in his Auror uniform. The picture was colourful, thanks to Colin Creevey. It was Harry's idea and Colin agreed to it right away. Four months later and the first colourful picture in the wizarding world was created.

In some aspects, wizarding world was left behind the Muggle world and Harry wanted to change that. Nothing too drastic anyway. Just some basic stuff to improve life. So far, they have W-Phone that was massive success. Not only in Britain but all over the world. As the creators of W-Phone, Fred, Hermione and Professor Flitwick were rolling in money now. There was also Knight Cab to replace Knight Bus as a more effective way of transportation.

Ron saw the Daily Prophet and commented. "Nice picture," he said.

"Nice birthday present," Hermione said.

"Speaking of which," Harry said, narrowing his eyes. "Do you hear the rumour about me?"

Ron snickered. "Of course."

"Sorry, Harry." Hermione said. "I didn't think that it would be big like this. But then again, you're Harry Potter. People are always interested in you, especially your new paramour." She finished with sly grin.


"Harry! Harry!" His adorable godson ran to him, beaming all the way.

"Teddy!" Harry engulfed the seven year old Teddy Lupin in a hug.

"I miss you, Harry!" Teddy said despite the fact that Harry had taken him to outing a few days before.

"I miss you too, Teddy." He replied. "Where is your Grandmother?" he asked.

"Grandma is in the sunroom," Teddy replied.

"Let's find her, okay." Together, they walked to the sunroom. "Andromeda." He greeted the woman.

"Harry, how are you?" Andromeda Black asked. She used her family name after her husband's death.

"I'm fine." Harry replied.

Teddy had gone to play with bricks.

"Congratulations for your promotion," Andromeda said. "The youngest Head of Auror in history. That's quite an achievement."

"Thank you," Harry said. Never mind the fact that he was the one who orchestrated the whole thing.

Kreacher showed up next, bringing tea and Harry's favourite treacle tart. "For Master Harry," the house elf said.

"Thank you, Kreacher." Harry said.

"So, Harry," Andromeda said after sipping her tea. "What is this I heard about your new boyfriend?"

So, he told Andromeda everything.

"He's waiting for your move, Harry." Andromeda said calmly after Harry finished his story.

"After all of these?" He asked.

"He might be afraid that you're going to reject him."

Harry snorted. "This is Mycroft Holmes we're talking about."

"And from your story, the man has no social life at all." Andromeda said. "The situation is new for him."

"That's…true," Harry said lamely.

Andromeda smiled at him.

"Harry! Look!" Teddy called. "I've built Hogwarts!" The boy said, grinning happily. Sure it was, the boy had built a miniature of Hogwarts Castle. It was as tall as him even.

"Wow! That's great, Teddy." Harry said.

The boy grinned proudly at his godfather.

"Now, where is the camera, Andromeda?"


Despite his conversation with Andromeda, Harry still bid his time. But after four dinners in which they were getting more and more intimate but still Mycroft didn't say anything, Harry decided that he had to make his move. Mycroft had asked him if he wanted to come to Andrea Bocelli concert. The singer would sing accompanied by London Philharmonic Orchestra. Harry accepted Mycroft's invitation right away. Andrea Bocelli was Harry's favourite singer. He was especially fond of Con te partiro.

"Thank you for taking me here," he told the man sincerely after the concert was over.

"I'm glad that enjoyed it," Mycroft replied.

"Let's go back to your place then," Harry suggested.

Mycroft raised his eyebrow. "My place?"

"Yes," Harry said. "We can talk and have drinks."

An hour later, Harry and Mycroft were already at the man's library. The man fixed him a drink while Harry sat on the sofa.

"Here," Mycroft said.

"Thank you," Harry said, taking the glass from Mycroft's hand. He sipped the drink. It was sherry.

Mycroft sat across him. For a while, there was only silence.

"What do you have in your mind now?" Mycroft asked when he saw no sign of Harry starting conversation.

"Do you know that my friends think we're dating?" Harry asked back casually.

A momentary surprise flickered in Mycroft's grey eyes. "Ah," the man murmured. "No. I didn't."

"Well, they're right. We are dating," he said with careful nonchalance.

Mycroft's brow jerked together at his statement.

"We have dinner date every week. You took me to restaurant with romantic settings. You gave me scarf that colour match my eyes. You took me to concert," Harry said. "I'm the only person you spent your time with aside of your assistant, your subordinate, your fellow politicians and they don't count. Well?"

Mycroft took a moment to consider. "It took you long enough," the man said at last.

"I wasn't really sure about this," Harry stated.

"And now?" Mycroft's gaze fastened on Harry and remained there.

"Well…" Harry got up from the sofa and walked toward Mycroft. In one swift moment he had straddled the man. "I can show you," he said and leaned forward to kiss Mycroft.

Mycroft kissed him back. Rather enthusiastically in fact.

"What do you think?" Harry said after they broke apart.

Mycroft smirked at him. "That was quite convincing."

Harry shook his head fondly at him. "But seriously, are you really going not to say anything?"

"I wasn't certain about your respond to my advance," Mycroft said. A hint of frown touched his brow.

"My respond?" Harry asked.

"Yes. You realized my intention when I took you to Luna Negra but you didn't say anything. Until now that is. Your body language clearly shows that you aren't adverse to it but yet you do nothing."

"That observing thing again," Harry said dryly. It was a bit scary to have someone who could read you like open book as a lover but Harry could live with it. "And you decided to test the water." Harry concluded. "But, why me?" He was curious about that. Of all people, why it was him?

"As I've told you, my dear." Harry was startled by the endearment but Mycroft continued as if nothing happened. "I know you and you know me. I know what kind of person you are. When I first met you, I was intrigued by the possibility of someone there who is like me. However we didn't meet again until four years later. Of course, I couldn't waste the opportunity that was presented to me, could I?"

"So, you planned those lunch appointments," Harry said.

"Yes." A reluctant smile quivered at the edge of Mycroft's mouth. "You're different from the others, refreshing and illuminating, I might say. And in one point, I have become attached to you."

"And come the dinner," Harry said.

"Yes," Mycroft admitted.

"You said that caring isn't an advantage," Harry reminded him.

"It isn't," Mycroft replied. "But I do care about you."

Harry smiled and leaned forward to kiss Mycroft again. The man kissed him back while tightened his arms around Harry's waist. They spent the next few moments kissing and caressing each other before Mycroft let go of him.

"Are we only going to talk and have drinks?" Mycroft asked.

Laughing, Harry replied. "Well, I'm open to any possibility." He leaned to whisper at Mycroft's ear. "Including the tour to the more private part of your house."

"My, you're really forward tonight." Mycroft commented.

"Well, after all that waiting, why not? So, what do you think?" Harry asked.

"That, my dear," Mycroft said, "is an excellent idea."

Author's Note:

My third crossover fanfiction. Sherlock is my latest obsession now. I really can't wait for the third season. So now I decided to write about Harry Potter and Sherlock. This fic tell about how Harry and Mycroft get on together since Mycroft is my favorite character in Sherlock, thanks to Mark Gatiss's play. And I plan to have Mycroft and Harry dance the wedding dance when he gave his ring to Harry. And I know Luna got married later than his friends.