Both Gabe and Rosemary have finished college and planned to meet for coffee in New York. They both had bunched to tell each other. They both fell through on their promises to text and e-mail everyday. College life was buiser than they both expected. Rosemary wwas one of the best students and cellists in her school. Gabe was the star kicker of all California. His team won a few championships. Both still had bright futures in what they loved to do.

Rosemary sat anxiously at a small table and kept looking back at the door to see if Gabe was here yet. Soon, he was twenty minutes late and still no sign. Rosemary's heart sunk. She stood up to leave, when he burst through the doors.

Rosemary couldn't help herself. She ran and hugged him so tightly. He hugged back and smiled. I've missed her smell... Strawberries. Gabe smiled. Once they broke apart Rosemary lead him to the table. She had a half empty coffee cup and was reading a magazine.

"Rosemary Telesco, you have no idea how much I've missed you!" Gabe exclaimed. He was grinning his adorable smile that Rosemary couldn't resist. Gabe was lost in her beautiful eyes. "I'm so sorry I was late! There was sooo much traffic, it was crazy."

Rosemary laughed. "It's fine. I understand. And you, I've missed you like crazy!" she smiled. It was great and they were both amazed at how they turned out. Gabe was a tall handsome man and Rosemary was a mature beautiful woman.

They talked for hours of their lives. Ups and downs. Adventures, their friends. Crazy, funny stories. The heartbreaking and sad stories. Gabe's parents divorced and Rosemary's old nanny, Birdie, died of a heart attack. It was amazing that they didn't run out of things to talk about. They were both relieved.

It was perfectly fine, until Rosemary brought up the question Gabe was trying to avoid asking. "So, are you seeing anyone?" she asked quietly.

Gabe took in a deep breath. "No. Not anymore, at least. I found out a few days ago that she was cheating on me," Gabe said, embarrassed. Rosemary was guiltily happy that he was single. "What about you?"

"No. I'm not," she said, smiling. Gabe smiled back. Does this mean she like likes me? I'll find out.

Gabe reached out and took one of her smooth, warm hands. She took it. I suddenly remembered how much sweat the palm of my hand could produce. Rosemary didn't seem to care. Gabe slowly leaned towards her for a kiss. Rosemary leaned back and were reunited. It was the sweetest kiss by far that they have ever shared.

It was a sweet, short kiss. "This means you want to be together, right?" smiled Gabe.

"Forever and always," Rosemary whispered. Gabe grinned as she leaned in for a second kiss. Gabe and Rosemary once again felt right. Like this was how it was supposed to be.

Love hurts. It sucks actually. It ends. But sometimes, if you're lucky, it begins again. I'm one of the lucky ones. I got back Rosemary Telesco, the girl of my 's always been the perfect one for me. My one true girl from karate. She's a lot more than a 'karate friend' though. From that minute I saw her in the dres shop, I knew she would never leave me. Well, maybe I didn't know at the time, but she has been and always will be the most important girl in my life. I don't want that to change. I've grown up since that time. Those two magic weeks that started it all. She opened my heart and broke it. I know love ends a lot of the time. But I know I won't let this love end anytime soon.