A Pokémon and Harry Potter Story

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling has supreme ownership of the Harry Potter franchise as the creator and writer, with the companies that published the seven books all around the world, and Warner Bros. for our movie adaptations. The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and GAME FREAK Inc. has the rights and ownership to the Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) video games, as well as its overarching franchise based on them composed of an animation, a card game, numerous manga and many other media. All I own is this idea of a story.

Author's Note: This story ORIGINALLY was destined to be linked into The Storybook of Hogwarts, but the story is close to 10,000 words total (maybe more when it's finished) so I decided to rip it out and paste it into its separate upload. This story is pretty much a oneshot turned into multiple chapters with a slight plot... it's also primarily a lemony story due to the M rating it's tagged, but the "meat" of the story is a full-blown story of a six on six Pokémon Battle in the Hoenn League's Ever Grande Conference.

Special Note: Originally this story was to contain adult themes of a lemony nature but ever since the June 2012 Lemon Purge, I had censored all "lemon content" with friendly versions and moved all uncensored/uncut content to AdultFanFiction's website.


He has been missing for years, and his disappearance had begun on the night Voldemort attacked, killed the Potters, but somehow failed to kill their orphaned son. But in only twenty-four hours since the boy was left at the Dursleys, and Sirius had chased, and captured Peter Pettigrew for betraying the family, Harry Potter vanished. Just like that. A baby who survived the Killing Curse (and thus became the Boy-Who-Lived) disappeared. What no one knew was what really happened: the cold infant body of Harry was discovered by Vernon on that morning, twelve hours after Dumbledore set the baby on the residence. The family freaked. Having an abnormal fear of magic (Petunia more on jealousy because of her sister having it and not her, and Vernon because he once had a bad experience with it in his youth; he never recalled but he always ever since held such disdain for anything remotely connected to the supernatural), they simply got rid of the baby's body, dumping it into a trash bag, taped it up, then dump it into a second bag before getting rid of it, and then fled the country in fear of the FREAKS returning one day.

What no one knew was Harry, when he froze to death, let off a bit of magic. Its spiritual energy wavered out not just across the country, but a bit of it entered into different realms. Here, he was saved. His dead soul was captured by a caring spirit in the form of Arceus. Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon, felt sympathy for the human soul that it sensed in his domain and took it from the world he temporarily entered, and had it reborn in the Pokémon World, becoming the son of a woman who shared the same name as his old world. And thus, the disappearance of Harry Potter was all wizards and witches of Europe spoke about, until one day, Dumbledore finally found an ancient spell that borderline broke several laws of magic. But it was worth it. Voldemort was reborn, and terrorizing the Wizarding World because Harry Potter was dead. Neville Longbottom couldn't fight Voldemort because he was killed for his blood – tricked and forced into the Tri-Wizard Tournament which ultimately had him resurrected – and the only thing Dumbledore could see working in his mind was finding Harry Potter, if he was still alive somewhere...

The attempt used the following for this spell-like ritual: Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. The ritual-like wax candles, incense burning, and various drawn chalk lines to form the runes needed for this attempt would shine, and then the spell would finally track what they were looking for. But what Dumbledore didn't know was that it searches not JUST their world. It was a reason WHY it was a spell that broke several laws of magic in the Wizarding World. They were searching for Harry Potter. They SHOULD have been more specific on WHAT Harry Potter they wanted...






Harry J. Potter, often referred by the nickname Black by his best friends Hilbert and Hilda White (his next door neighbors in his hometown of Nuvema, Unova), always wanted to be a Pokémon Trainer, just like the White siblings. He only had his mother Lillian as a role model because his father James was a dead-beat and had left him and mom when he was only four years old. But Harry never let this keep him down. It was one of the reasons he, Hilda, and Hilbert (along with Cheren and Bianca in an extent) had such a close friendship (no fathers). His second close friendship was a Pokémon that he met one day when he got lost in the woods, a very rare-colored Buneary.

Harry was the first to go on his Pokémon Journey before Hilda and Hilbert at the age of 14. Like always, he explored Unova first like any trainer like him, with Buneary, nicknamed Aerith. Along the way, he met a girl younger than him by the name of Iris, who wanted to become a Master Dragon Trainer. She tagged along once and awhile, before officially joining him on his adventure when he won his Trio Badge from Cilan and his two brothers in Striaton City's Gym. Cilan then joined up, wanting to travel as well. Harry, Cilan, and Iris had many great adventures as they traveled for the year, meeting many different Pokémon, new friends, and some of Professor Juniper's friends.

Harry made it to the Unova League, battled through to the best of his ability, but he didn't make it to the top. He got honor rewards for making it that far into the top three, granted Third Place. But he didn't let it put him down. He only vowed to grow stronger, and develop deeper bonds with all of his Pokémon, building larger trusts, and to protect them like they would protect him. It was here, in two weeks traveling home, they parted ways. Iris, whom he developed a sibling relationship with throughout his Unova adventure, left to go on her own with her Axew; to train and realize her dream of being a Dragon Master and have her Axew evolve to the highest tier of its species. And Cilan returned home when they parted ways upon arriving to Striaton City.

A month later, Hilda and Hilbert, along with Cheren and Bianca, began their Pokémon Journey at the same time Harry took a ship and sailed away to the Hoenn Region...


Night befell the location of the Hoenn League's location, Ever Grande City, Hoenn. Except for those who lived in the city naturally, and the Noctowls of the night life, many others are asleep in their own homes or in hotel rooms scattered in the city or at the Ever Grande Pokémon Center. In one such hotel, in the rooftop suite's bedroom laid a couple in the bed, with all privacy curtains drawn on the one wall that was made of glass. One was a male human in his teen years, and the other was a voluptuous figured bunny, a Pokémon commonly known as Lopunny (the evolved form of Buneary when raised with great happiness). The teen was just one of the two trainers that had made it to the Final Rounds of the Hoenn League's Ever Grande Conference after a year of a solo journey conquering all Hoenn had to offer on his way to its Pokémon League, and battling through all of his other opponents in the tournament (those that reached the top 32).

If people knew what had occurred here in private, police would be beating him up whilst arresting him. Aside those in the "forbidden underground rings" of Human and Pokémon love, they've kept this secret. Only the young teenager's own Pokémon have knowledge of this (and it's his other two female Pokémon that sometimes get jealous Aerith's so personally close to their master).

"Oh, Arceus... that was so good..."

"I can feel your warmth in me." She was blushing, wiggling her furry bum gently. She sounded so cute.

Yes, she can reply in human speech, and it always gathers great reaction when people meet a human-speaking Pokémon.

"You're always so good, so warm, and nice to plow silly..."

Aerith giggled, and cuddles. Harry holds her close.

"Aerith... I want to spook everybody tomorrow when we reach the top. I've used you a couple of times but you spoke in your native tongue... I wanna make everyone stare seeing a talking Pokémon. Wanna help?"

She stares, before smiling. "Anything for you, Harry," she replies, before leaning up to kiss her master.

Eventually the kisses would lead to another round of burning passionate love making... Part of the reason Aerith evolved was the happiness she shared with Harry, as well as the love on the few times they could be alone without Iris and Cilan seeing them doing the forbidden acts...

In another dimension, a certain Alpha Pokémon felt a disturbance break the border with foreign magical energies not native to the world. This got him to investigate.

In a forest on the island where the Hoenn League was held, a certain group of magical humans found themselves in a different world.


The morning had arrived and everyone was awake. Many people burned the morning hours off until finally the event people wanted to see came, and everybody crowded the main stadium in Ever Grande City. Fireworks went off, blasting loudly with a daylight display. Cameras, television reporters from all over Hoenn and other places around the world were here for this unique event. A small group of adults were there, dressed in somewhat odd clothing, but most people dismissed them as either monks or mediums. After all, no one knew who the Order of the Phoenix was.

The group walking down the street following the rest of the crowds was the Order of the Phoenix. Ever since using that powerful spell ritual they used in hopes of finally pinpointing the Boy-Who-Lived, instead of showing memories, it opened a portal. After selecting the group most suitable before entering the portal, they left Grimmauld Place, leaving behind the rest of the Order and Molly to watch the children. The portal teleported them bringing them to wherever Harry Potter was... The Boy-Who-Lived was not on Earth; he was in a different world or alternate universe altogether.

And thus, here they were: Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Arthur Weasley, and Hestia Jones.

"How are we going to find my godson in all of this chaos?" Sirius spoke to Dumbledore.

Because of something important of interest happening in this world, they all decided to blend in as to not bring up suspicions by this world's police (last night was a near-call had Dumbledore not use the Obliviation Charm and they hid in the nearby forests). They all also learned not to mess around with the strange creatures that seemed to flow about freely in this world (Snape got a cloud of Stun Spore by a wild Butterfree after he hit it with a rock when it stole his spare muggle candy bar, and only with Minerva's bit of healing knowledge un-paralyzed the man from the yellow dust).

"Don't worry Sirius. Those papers reported he was at this grand stadium up ahead. We'll simply find him and speak with him quietly. Don't fear."

The portal would last until they all returned back home and he had the only item that the old man chose to use as a key marker; as to not lose the portal or get them all stranded in this world... For some reason, Sirius AND Remus felt something else was going to happen than what Dumbledore planned on how to recover James and Lily's missing son.

Inside the stadium two teenagers stand on opposite ends of a mixed battlefield. The battlefield between them was a mix of rock and grass, and all around, the stadium was filled with various people from the city, out of town, country, and even trainers who were in the tournament stayed behind to see this final match. As the Order moved into the open stadium, they stopped when the noticed a very large muggle telly screen displaying a type of scoreboard. The picture on the green half of the screen's display was what caught their attention.


The announcer's voice whipped the filled stands into a frenzy of cheers whistles, and applause. It was quite deafening to the Order.


The monitor changes to a camera shot of Dante on the red platform. He was a young man who looked to be eighteen years of age. He has shocking white hair with short locks transiting into medium locks along the sides and back, purple eyes with the left side of his face partially blocked by a portion of hair grown long. He wore standard brown pants, a black loose t-shirt and a two-tone blue and white jacket with torn-off sleeves.


The screen flipped from Dante to Harry's camera view, showing off the fifteen near sixteen year old teenager who stood with confidence in his eyes at a height of five foot ten. His dark hair was long in some places, with that unruly wild style that would never be tamed completely by a comb or a brush. Hidden under those fringes, was a lightning bolt-like facial scar on the rightmost temple of his forehead. His eyes were an interesting shade of green, almost like real uncut pieces of an emerald gemstone. He wore gray pants with four various zipper pockets on the pant legs, the right side holding a type of denim-type loop. A short silver chain is connected by that loop and to the belt loop above it, hanging almost limply.


Some in the Order stared at the image displayed of the boy on the giant muggle telly screen. Sirius and Remus were quiet amazed at how the lad looked. But what was going on in this tournament that had the muggles around them so whipped up into a frenzied excitement. Sirius was reminded of how bad people got at annual Quiddich World Cups.

The referee steps forth on the north direction platform by the central divide of the arena's battlefield. "This is the Final Match of the Ever Grande Conference," he announces, wearing a wire so everybody can hear him, "The rules are simple: Each trainer will utilize his full Pokémon Team. This is a six-on-six battle, with no substitutions allowed for this match. We will invest in a thirty minute break for the first trainer to have three of his Pokémon knocked out. The winner who survives this match will be declared the winner. Now, gentlemen, choose your Pokémon."

Harry smiles, as he takes out the Pokéball of his choice. "Let's go, Axl!" Harry shouts as he throws the Pokéball forth. It snaps open with a dazzling display of light spilling forth as the force pushes the ball to Harry, who snags it out of the air. The Pokémon released was his Blaziken, a humanoid bipedal chicken with the power of fire.

"Blaze!" it shouts, pumped up for action.

"What kind of creature is that?" Moody muttered, his swirling electric blue eye targeting the monster that came out of that red and white ball.


"Well... a Blaziken, nice. However... time to meet a REAL flyer! Salamence, come forth and spread your wings of power!"

In a beam of light from the Pokéball, the Salamence spreads his wings and lets out a challenging roar. Many in the audience were in awe of the dragon that emerged. Axl simply clenches his clawed hands not afraid of the dragon's intimidating stare.


Wow, a Dragon Pokémon right off the bat... well, this should be fun for Axl. "Axl, ready to fight?"

Axl gives Harry a thumbs-up without looking away from his opponent.

"Very well... both Pokémon have been chosen, so let the Final Match of the Ever Grande Conference begin!" the referee shouts.

"Use Dragon Breath, Salamence!"

"Axl counter with your own flames!"

Both blue and reddish orange collide in the center at equal power, eventually causing an explosion. But Salamence took advantage of the temporary smoke screen to fire a non-commanded Dragon Breath. Axl however was smart, rolling to the side to dodge it. It kicks back with its powerful leg muscles to shoot into the air flying back to dodge its sudden Take Down attack.

"Blaze!" it shouts as its flames from the wrists ignite again. Pulling his own body into a fast spin, Axl starts channeling the flames; eventually forming a ring of flames before with another shout launches that ring of fire at Salamence.

Many trainers in the audience shout in surprise seeing a Blaziken perform a Flame Wheel attack. Even Dante was shocked, as Salamence was hit by the Flame Wheel. While it was a Dragon-type most fire attacks wouldn't do much against his Salamence, but still with how he saw his dragon Pokémon wincing at the attack, he grimaced at the thought of Harry's Blaziken being a very strong Pokémon. Then he spotted something he didn't wish to see happen. Somehow, Salamence got a burn mark where the attack hit.

"Still believe I'm not worth a challenge? Axl!"

"How? Just what is all of this?" Minerva mutters to Albus.

"You never have seen Pokémon before?" spoke up a rotund-looking man, finishing off his third hotdog.

"Poe-kee-mon?" Dumbledore said, the word sounding foreign on his tongue.

The man looks at the weirdo-dressed people, before shaking his head.

"I see, you must be one of those folks whom stray away from Pokémon use. This your first time seeing a Pokémon Battle, eh? Let me fill you in incase you're one of those folks that live in some isolated community. There are as far as the world knows a total of six hundred plus Pokémon in the world, and everyday researchers and professors who study in the field of Pokémon are only discovering even more species that exist in the world. My Excadrill is one of many Pokémon from Unova, even though I'm from Sinnoh."

"Excadrill," the bipedal-looking creature said. To the wizards and witches, it looked like a dangerous monster because part of a carapace-like thing over the top of its mole-like face was drill-shaped, same for the paws.

As this chat went on, Salamence and Axl have been trading blows back and forth.

"Axl! Use it now!"

"Blaziken!" it roars as Salamence rushed in, snapping his head forward with a commanded Crunch attack. But he ducks to the side. With a spring in his feet, he performed a spiraling rising uppercut, flames trailing his path. The dragon was knocked back. Axl charges in with several punches before snapping a Double Kick attack, interconnecting with a Rolling Kick, ending with a somersault-like kick nailing the jaw of the dragon.

"WOW! I NEVER SEEN SUCH FIGHTING MOVES IN A BLAZIKEN BEFORE!" the commentator shouted, drawing the Order's attention back to the match.

"Axl! Use the special move we trained in!"

Axl started charging up power into his body, combusting with an aura of flames to surround his body.

"Piercing Fang!"


Axl takes a running charge before leaping into the air and spins. The flames soon twist like a drill, and he literally flies across the field.

"Salamence! Draco Meteor!"

Salamence roars, charging up a powerful aura before the energy's expelled in a powerful blast of purple energy traced with beams of white. Both attacks collide in the middle, and everybody screams as a powerful explosion rings out, damaging the field somewhat with a powerful cloud of dust and debris. Thrown back, Axl grunts as he tries to get up. It had hurt very much.

"Axl!" Harry shouted out, worried for his pal.

"Hyper Beam!"

Salamence roars, before firing the attack from its mouth, striking Blaziken when it was still recovering. Blaziken crashed further into the ground, before hitting a nearby boulder.

"Blaziken is unable to battle. Green Corner, chose your next Pokémon," the ref calls, seeing it was knocked out.


"Well, I never expected Salamence to be able to use Draco Meteor. I'm not upset but he did the best he could," Harry said as he recalls his fainted Pokémon.

"I'm amazed myself, Harry. Your Blaziken knowing Flame Wheel... and then that shocker move, Piercing Drill?"

Harry just places the ball away, withdrawing another ball from his belt. It was his treasured Cherish Ball, holding his most favorite Pokémon.

Time to surprise the entire world!

With a smile, he flips it up and down twice, before throwing it forward with a slight curve.

"Stun them with your beauty, Aerith!"

In a blaze of light and the transition of glittering sparkles to scatter all about, Harry's second Pokémon emerged, stunning and wowing the crowd as she performed a ballerina's graceful spin.


Indeed, Harry's Pokémon was rare because the areas of where a Lopunny's fur is normally cream-colored were instead a shade of warm light pink, and her normally darker areas of fur were a lighter chocolate color, with a very light tinge of pink to it. Her eyes instead of pink are the brightest of teal green. While it seems to scream fashion sense, Aerith is wearing a short tailored jacket in a dark pink color, and a multi-colored jeweled bracelet around the right wrist area. This was also the same Lopunny whom Harry had relations with last night (not that anybody but his other Pokémon knows).

"Master Harry, is it my turn to fight now?"

Many jaws dropped hearing this Lopunny speak in a voice that, to some younger guys around in the audience, gives inexplicable hard-ons. Perverts...

"Yeah, it's your turn now, Aerith," Harry replied, ignoring how he stunned the audience.

She turns around and gives a heart-melting smile. "I understand being put in the Pokéball to surprise everybody but win or lose; I want to remain out of it except for official reasons."

Harry laughs. "Sure thing, Aerith."

The guy with his Salamence (which was also been staring at the odd-colored bunny), pointed at the Lopunny.

"It can talk?"

Of course, this was said the exact moment the announcer muttered the same sentence. Aerith simply pulled up a cutie pose, hands clasps behind her back and was a bit bouncy on her feet. "Why? You don't find my voice cute?" The way she tilted her head, made fanboys of Lopunny gain hearts in their eyes (much to the annoyance of some of their wives, or girlfriends). Harry just snickered. His Aerith had that kind of effect on people whether human or Pokémon.

"Well, the cat's out of the bag now... or cute bunny girl, that is," he says, "and yes she can speak. She's been able to talk ever since she was a Buneary. She IS, after all, my starter. And before that, someone I befriended and was my protector when I was a little five year old boy."

"A Sinnoh Pokémon in Unova?"

"I got lost in some back woods of my town back in Unova, on a day that the rain came and fell hard. Rarely will you find Pokémon from Kanto, Sinnoh, Johto, and even Hoenn in Unova, aside exotic trainers and occasional water life swimming through Unova waters."

"You see, he wandered off too far and he ended up missing. Scared the entire town as they looked for him... And I found him in a cave, crying and alone." Aerith gazes back to her master, and secretly her lover. "I was a lucky egg-born with my mother who died from being badly poisoned by a callous Poison Trainer. I returned to the cave that mother made her home... and that's where I found him, shivering and wet from the rain storm that occurred on that night. They eventually found him, and with him I too was found trying to keep him warm."

"When I became a trainer, she wanted to be my first Pokémon, so I accepted. I dominated the Unova Region, although I only made it into Third Place at the Unova League. Here today, our hard work paid off battling through the Gym Leaders of Hoenn, random trainers, the blood and the sweat poured in making it here to the top, with the team that I have captured on my travels through Hoenn."

The older teen smiled.

"Nice story. I can see your determination, Harry. And I can also see just how closely bonded the two of you are. However, I won't go away lightly without a hard-earned fight. If you truly desire to be number one in Hoenn, you have to defeat me and MY Pokémon Team!"

"I know... I want you to give me everything you got, Dante!" Harry exclaims.

The silver-haired teen grins. "My pleasure, Harry! Salamence, use Dragon Breath!"

"Aerith! Counter it and show them your love and determination!" Salamence, having used that short period of inactivity to recover from the Hyper Beam, exhales streams of bluish fire in a heavy torrent, but Aerith speedily moved with a non-commanded Agility attack, "Match it with our strengthen bonds! Focus Blast!"

She leaps, as Dante ordered to it lunge forward with bites and scratches. Aerith slides under the dragon when it sweeps forward using the wings to claw, before springing high. Twisting her entire body around, she channels a powerful sphere of energy. With a shout, she fires the ball forward striking Salamence in the face when it turned at the last moment.

"Dragon Rush her!"

"Giga Impact!"

She glowed before a powerful energy burst propels her towards the dragon. Both collide hard, but Aerith was the victor of this meeting, blasting Salamence off course in the air. He barely avoids a crash into some large boulders. Aerith flips upright and lands on a nearby tree on the grassier area of the field.

"Salamence! Attack fast! Dragon Rush!"

The bluish dragon roars and takes into the air before a gust of wind propels him forward, ready to knock that annoying bunny girl off her high Ponyta. But Harry and Aerith planned for anything to happen.

"Aerith! Strength attack!"

She cracks her knuckles, before clenching her paws. At the right moment, she charges with a powerful kick. Salamence was knocked aside, shocking Dante. She sprints to a nearby boulder and picks it up, and with a yell throws the boulder like it was a wrecking ball. Crash! Many cry out in sympathetic pain. The dragon roars angrily, taking flight before rushing her, jaws ready to crush.

"Aerith! Jump as high as you can, and Hyper Beam the ground!"

Dante blinks. But Aerith trusted Harry. With all her leg power, she leaps as high as she could into the air, before ala Dragon Ball Z style, she thrusts her cupped paws down and unleashes a powerful attack. To some trainers, and the more serious, they saw it as a wasted move, as the attack did nothing more than boost her high to evade the attack as Salamence was still aloft with his powerful wings.

"You can do it Aerith! Prove everybody wrong here today!" Harry shouted to her.

"Salamence, Dragon Rush again! Knock her down!"

It turns around and speeds forward, ready to bash her into the ground. A crackle of electricity races along her body. Dante was the first to notice it. Harry grins. Aerith lets out a loud cry, as the aura bathes her body briefly before unleashing forward in the form of a powerful Thunder attack, stunning the audience. Direct hit into Salamence, as she braces afterward for impact by the shocked Pokémon. Gasps rang out as a cloud of smoke erupts from point of crash impact.

"But how... Hyper Beam leaves your Pokémon in a period of exhaustion after use..."

Harry smiles softly.

"That's why Aerith and I are strong... as is my entire team. We'll break boundaries no ordinary people would ever achieve because they fail to."

When the smoke cleared, Aerith was still standing but it was noted she was tired, hurt by the collision, and holding the dragon off by keeping it away from snapping its jaws firmly with Strength. Salamence was still in it unfortunately because Dragon-types were hailed as the strongest types. But part-Flying still gives him that slight disadvantage from the near point-blank Thunder. Coupled with having to battle and enduring the burning sensation from the earlier Flame Wheel by Axl and the damage build up by said Pokémon, Salamence was in trouble.

"Hyper Beam again!" Dante orders.

Aerith pushes Salamence's snapping head back and without a command being issued, she lashes out with a somersault-styled kick, striking it's under jaw. Because of the kick, it prematurely fires the attack and it harmlessly shoots high into the air. With a leap once the attack fully was unleashed, Aerith attacks with Jump Kick stunning it.

"Now Aerith!"

Aerith glowed brightly with a white aura before she shot into the air, and then shoots down like a meteor impacting the dragon. Boom! Salamence was hit hard by the Giga Impact, and... Salamence was knocked out. Everybody in the arena cheers, but before the ref could raise the flag in round victory for Harry, Aerith collapsed.

"OH NO FOLKS, IT LOOKS LIKE BOTH POKÉMON COULD BE OUT," said the ringside commentator.

Harry leaps over the railing, and rushed across the field to Aerith.

"Sorry Harry... I overdid it again... I'm out for this match as well."

"You did well, Aerith," he whispers, hugging her. Turning to the referee, he says, "Ref! Aerith can't continue anymore... she dangerously taxed her energy levels and I will not let her seriously injure herself any further."

The stripe wearing man nods. "Very well, Mr. Potter... Lopunny AND Salamence are unable to continue the round! Both of you choose your next Pokémon."


Interested? I originally planned for an oneshot, but then decided to split the chapters up. I just had to find a way to properly separate them. You may have also noticed that Harry's previous traveling companions were Cilan and Iris, like in the Pokémon Black and White anime arcs. Yeah, I'm using parts of that anime, but replace Ash and Pikachu with Harry and Aerith.

Some of these Pokémon come from my actual collection off my games I own in real life. I only add some extra attacks following the concept in anime Pokémon aren't restricted to only four moves like in the Games. Those that are underlined are the actual moves that specific Pokémon (which I have in collection) owns. Asterisk indicates a Shiny Pokémon I got the chance to encounter in its pre-evolution form.

Pokémon (Nickname/Gender): Blaziken / Axl (Male)
Abilities (Hidden): Blaze / Speed Boost
Moves: Double Kick, Flame Wheel, Aerial Ace, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Agility, Thunder Punch, Fire Blast

Pokémon (Nickname/Gender): Lopunny* / Aerith (Female)
Abilities (Hidden): Cute Charm / Limber
Moves: Thunder, Focus Blast, Jump Kick, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Agility, Strength

More will be revealed on Harry's team as the battle continues. And yes, my Blaziken DOES know Flame Wheel. It certainly surprises some of my friends when we do Link Battles. :3