A Pokémon and Harry Potter Story

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling has supreme ownership of the Harry Potter franchise as the creator and writer, with the companies that published the seven books all around the world, and Warner Bros. for our movie adaptations. The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and GAME FREAK Inc. has the rights and ownership to the Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) video games, as well as its overarching franchise based on them composed of an animation, a card game, numerous manga and many other media. All I own is this idea of a story.

Author's Note: I returned to this after finding it buried under other documents of started and dusted plots, random oneshots that may never see the light of cyberlight day, among other crap. I might as well update this since I pretty much was one sentence away from complete of this chapter. So... enjoy (I hope).

Special Note: Originally this story was to contain adult themes of a lemony nature but ever since the June 2012 Lemon Purge, I had censored all "lemon content" with friendly versions and moved all uncensored/uncut content to AdultFanFiction's website.


Harry picks Aerith up bridal style and carried her off the arena while Dante simply recalls his Pokémon into its ball.

"Your jacket's got a rip," Harry noted.

She smacks him in the chest lightly.

"You're down two, while his dragon's been taken out thanks to mine and Axl's combined attack damage. Who's next," and she purrs this in a throaty whisper in his ear, "master?"

He tries hard not to blush.

"Grab Tifa," he tells her, stopping.

She moves her paw down, grabbing Tifa's ball before enlarging it. Turning around so both trainer and bunny faced Dante, Aerith throws the Pokéball. In a blast of light, a tall Pokémon appeared as the ball returns on the rebound and she caught it.

Its head is small in size and has small, triangle shaped ears. Its forehead has a purple spot adorning it as well as a yellow one on its snout. It possesses a pair of long, yellow tipped whiskers which have split ends. Its arms are almost completely covered by a large amount of fur that is tipped in purple and split at the end, looking like it could be used as a type of battle whip. Its torso has one purple ring of fur around its midsection. It also has purple fur on the bottom section of the torso, which resembles pants, and its bottom paws are clawed. It has a long, skinny tail that, like its paw fur, is tipped purple and split at its end.

"Mienshao," the amethyst-eyed creature firmly grunts arms crossed with that wicked smile on its lips.

Harry climbs the steps, and gently sets Aerith in a sitting position whilst taking back Tifa's Pokéball from his pink-tipped bunny girl.

"What kind of Pokémon is that?" Dante questioned.

"Tifa here is a Unova-specific Pokémon. Allow me to explain to everybody watching right now. Mienshao is the Martial Arts Pokémon, and the evolved form of Mienfoo. It wields the fur on its arms like a whip, and its arm attacks come with such rapidity that they cannot even be seen. Tifa here is the definite form of Martial Arts, and could very well take on Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop simultaneously. She is purely a Fighting-type Pokémon, although even against Pokémon whom have type advantages against her, she's got a strong battle spirit inside her and will fight until she's knocked out cold."

Tifa flashes a toothy smile this time.

"Now, as you are from Johto, Dante, you never met anybody who has a Unova-region Pokémon in his or her team. This is the first I've used her since this entire tournament began. I've kept her secret for long... but now it's time to utilize her power to win this."

Dante was amazed by the Pokémon. He had to give Harry a bit of credit bringing out a Pokémon that many in Hoenn may never have heard of before. He skips one ball, and grabs the third one, enlarging the Great Ball.

"Go Sandslash!"

The spiny Pokémon appears on the field, swiping the air with its claws.

"Sand! Sandslash!" it said, in a challenge to the Pokémon before it.

Tifa simply slides her body into a unique taijutsu form, ready for attack.

"Pin Missile!"

Sandslash jumps into the air before curling into a spiny ball, glowing. Spinning his body fast, white glowing needles are launched in a spread.

"Dodge it!"

Tifa moved back and forth, weaving in-between the needles.

"Interesting move there, Dante. Normally Sandslash wouldn't be able to learn it."

"Yeah. But I trained him and trained him until he was capable of pulling it off. Attack with Poison Sting!"

The ground Pokémon once again spun rapidly, but this time purple needles are launched.

"Tifa, counter it with your swift strikes!"

And she started weaving in and through each Poison Sting attack, but was quickly closing the distance. When she got close enough, she lashes out with her sleeve-like arms, and Sandslash had to move to avoid it, but another sprint and a powerful strike struck it in the face stunning it. Here, she lashes out with various punches followed by a hard kick to the torso. Finally, she somersault kicks it, her foot hitting its underside of the jaw. Sandslash staggers back, dazed.

"See, Dante? Tifa is much styled in various attacks, and is capable of thinking outside the box. I've taught her some forms and styles when it comes to unarmed combat. For example, Tifa, use that Capoeira Style I taught you!"

"Capoeira? Sandslash! Slash away quick!"

Harry felt a paw on him and turns to face Aerith who was standing up on her two feet.

"You okay Aerith?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine," she replied. "Kick his ass."

Harry laughed, facing the field again as Tifa was evading Sandslash's attacks. And when one strike looks like it would connect, she weaves through and lashes out with a well-aimed kick. In a sense, she was almost dancing in and out from the enemy's own attacks and striking when the opportunity presents. Tifa smiles sneakily, leaping high into the air to avoid the frustrated Pokémon's charge from behind as she brought her hands together. Once again surprising everybody, the Martial Arts Pokémon charged up a ball of aura, and attacks with Aura Sphere. And she did all of this without the order of her master. The attack connects.

"That... that was..."

"Yup. Aura," Harry replied, "the same type of energy used by a fully-evolved Lucario. And she can do more than just attack with Aura Sphere. Show them Tifa! Use Bone Rush!"

"Bone Rush? But how?" Dante exclaimed.

Sandslash backs away when Tifa with such speed dashes at him, swiping of all things a fully formed bone made out of solid aura energy. But on an ill-timed jump, Tifa swung and smashed the aura weapon against its underside.

"Force Palm!"

And with a last strike on the head, Tifa dissolves the weapon only to immediately lash upward with a palm strike. A bright light green force of energy expels from Tifa's hand, directly blasting into the Sandslash and making to fly across the air. Tifa thrusts her other palm forward, and fires a second Force Palm, again directly hitting the enemy Pokémon.

"Sandslash!" Dante yelled, as his Pokémon crashed towards the ground.

Dante's Sandslash shakily got up, but collapsed back to one knee.

"Once again, Tifa!" Harry commands. "Use the Double Combo we perfected!"

"Mien!" She attacks again with Force Palm at long-range. The attack connects. Tifa then charges up another Aura Sphere, as Dante yells at his Pokémon to quickly dig underground. However, she threw her attack first, and it storms across the field. Boom!

The ref stares, before nodding upon seeing the Pokémon was knocked out cold by the attack. He raises the flag for Harry. "Sandslash is unable to battle! Green corner, select your next Pokémon!"

Two on two... This next fight will determine if he loses his third, or I do, Harry thought, looking to Tifa. She appeared to be fine, and still able to fight. If only they allowed subs this match...

A red beam recalls his Sandslash, as Dante withdraws another ball from his waist.

"Mein!" she cries cheerfully, arms crossed and looking very smug.

"Fine... let's see her take on my-"

In a flash however, one of Dante's Pokémon suddenly exits its ball with a spreading helix of glittery stars. The form taking shape was long and slender, a light grassy green color with two stubby-looking legs, and long limbs with three dark pink ball-like ends.


Harry, Aerith, and Tifa blinked. "Huh? A Sudowoodo?" the teen mutters aloud.

"Sudowoodo! Why did you do that?" Dante exclaims.

"Sudowoodo!" it shouted again, wiggling its limbs.

Dante grunted. "Can't exchange... fine! Sudowoodo! Use Wood Hammer!"

The Imitation Pokémon's right arm glows a shimmering emerald before rushing in for a powerful swing. Tifa barely evades the strike.

"Tifa's a Fighting-type, while Sudowoodo is strictly Rock-type. That means I have the advantage in this. Tifa, it's time to go Jackie Chan on that Sudowoodo, let's go!"

She salutes, just as Dante orders his Pokémon to use Flail. She runs away from the wild arm swings of the Imitation Pokémon, rushing towards the nearby tree and swings around. Sudowoodo moves around at the other end but she was very swift on her feet. They did something close to a funny scenario of hide and see, before Sudowoodo moves around ready for attack. However she leapt into the trees, only to drop on the other side. Before Dante could warn him, she flips around the other side grabbing the trunk, smashing her feet against its back and knocking it forward. It manages to flip back up, and attacks with a swinging arm, but she ducks under and strikes it in the stomach doubling it over. With a shout, she springs upward with a powerful spinning uppercut. Staggering back, Sudowoodo wasn't able to recalibrate his senses as he was roughly grabbled by his limbs, monkey flipped, and then on the apex of the release Tifa channels a small Aura Sphere and pushed it into him, making it explode. While not as strong as a fully charged Aura Sphere, it still launched the rock-type Pokémon into a short flight and into one of the smaller boulders.

'Yeah! Go Tifa!" Aerith cheers.


"Use Earthquake!"

Sudowoodo pops back onto his feet, and with a powerful stomp, splits the ground towards Tifa, who moves out of the way. The attack hits the tree, making it uproot and splinter. She moved fast, sprinting and moving towards one of the close-by boulders.

"Tifa, be careful!" Harry warns.

She moves on the boulder, before it attacks with a second Earthquake. She jumps and sprints away.

"Swift!" Harry orders.

"Mimic!" Dante counters fast.

Both Tifa and Sudowoodo (via Mimic) perform the Swift attack, as a cluster of energy stars strike in the center creating a plume of smoke.

"Charge up an Aura Sphere, quick!" Harry commands. She jumps high into the air, channeling the power again.

"Put the Smack Down on that Mienshao!"

Sudowoodo's top branch piece glows golden before a ball of the same color forms. With a cry, the attack is launched. The attack connects just as she launches a curving Aura Sphere, and was knocked right into the ground hard. Sudowoodo bends to the side, as the attack looks about to clip him, but it didn't and instead makes a boulder explode behind it.

"Oh no," Aerith whispers.


She grunted, getting up and glaring at the swaying Sudowoodo.

"Wood Hammer!"

She grunts as she springs away, but the second swing caught her, knocking her away with a pained cry and rolling along the ground.

"Strike with a beautiful Milotic Blow!"

"What!?" Dante yelled.

Tifa grins as she glows a shimmering blue, before lashing upward. Everyone shouted in shock, once again seeing something that shouldn't happen. And yet it had happened. Almost like an illusion, she looked like a graceful Milotic as a shade of the Tender Pokémon surrounds Tifa's form. Sudowoodo was hurt by the water-type attack as Sudowoodo is sent flying back, drenched. Tifa lands elegantly, poised in defense.

"How the hell is that possible? I never heard of a move like that!"

Harry smiled in response to Dante's exclamation. He did not give an explanation to it. Sometimes, it was better to hold some secrets.

"Tifa! Strike fast! Strike hard!"

"Mein!" she shouts, rushing in at Sudowoodo.

"Sudowoodo! Retaliate fast!"

The scene descended into an all-out brawl. Both Pokémon got in perfect hits against one another, while other times attacks got blocked. And in times where Sudowoodo would attempt to grapple and throw his opponent, Tifa was fast to reverse the holds.


"Huh? What Sirius?"

Sirius was staring at the fight happening between the two creatures.

"What do you think of this... muggles controlling creatures with different powers?"

Remus sighs a bit. "Frightening, to tell the truth. It would be frightening if the Dark Lord ever discovered this world, or found out the monsters in this world can do just about anything our magic cannot do."

Sirius nodded to his words, finding some logic. It would be very scary of Voldemort enslaved one the strongest monsters in this world and used it to destroy the muggle world.


Muggles were screaming as they ran, before many of the fleeing muggles were struck down by Killing curses, black curses and hexes, and border-line curse magic. But the majority of the power came in the form of a tall bipedal-looking cat creature with a long tail, trailing blue flame-like energy from its strange paw-like knobs, and also flaring like an aurora off the eyes. It wore demonic-crafted armor in Slytherin colors. Behind this monster was Voldemort with a mad blood-thirsty smile. The muggle military would try to fire their weapons but blue energy surrounds all the bullets and rockets, and then flung back by an invisible force, mowing down the military in a second. Then it would create more invisible energy strikes to blow up cars, buildings, and the street; anything that stood in its destructive rampage was leveled down. And the Dark Lord's laugh was bone-chilling...


Sirius shakes his head. Why did he picture the Dark Lord commanding a cat-like creature with long tail using powerful near-invisible blasts of energy to cause mass destruction in the muggle world? Back to the fight, the brawl was becoming one-sided now. She was moving quickly on her paws, using the fighting form of Jeet Kune Do. She flips over when Sudowoodo in a desperate attempt tries a bear hug trap, and turns around only to get struck by a point-blank Force Palm attack.

"No! Sudowoodo!"

Skidding on his small feet, Sudowoodo puts up a block as Tifa runs at him, but she flies overhead with a jump. Twisting her body mid-air, she fires a low-charged Aura Sphere. Landing, a Jump Kick takes him down.

"Tifa, use the move that's Chuck Norris approved!"

Tifa raises a glowing fist, and then smashes down. Sudowoodo was knocked out cold by the Rock Smash attack.

"Sudowoodo is unable to battle!" the ref announced.


She flips off, allowing Dante to recall his fainted Pokémon off the field.

"This concludes the first half of the match. We shall now take a thirty minute break before resuming the battle," the referee says.

Tifa sprints back over to her master, where Harry waited for her.

"Use the move that's Chuck Norris approved?" Aerith repeats.

"What? He probably would approve of Rock Smash being Chuck Norris strength. Imagine Chuck Norris using Rock Smash."

She did, and her mind paints a scene of all of Chuck Norris' bad guys being skull caved by the Rock Smash, and he would look like a god doing so.

"... Whatever," she shrugs this off.

Harry smirked. "C'mon, let's go get some food."

Harry leaves the arena, as did Dante as the officials of the Hoenn League began to work on repairing the battlefield. Many people took this time to use the restrooms, or go buy snacks and drinks. Dumbledore got up, and the rest of the Order follows. They were going to confront Harry (who they expected to be older) during this time.


Five minutes later and Harry was enjoying a good meal of fries and cheeseburgers. Aerith simply ate a peach cobbler slice with a small side of ice cream, while Tifa just enjoyed a bottle of water and some Pokémon food Harry still had on him. Feeding his Pokémon during the break wasn't against the rules, but he was careful not to use any items that can heal his Pokémon. Of course there were security cameras around but Harry was not going to cheat in this tournament. He wanted to win!

And as they sat at the table and periodically looking to the nearby monitor displaying the time left until the match resumed, down the corridor was Remus and Sirius. They had split up so they would have better chances finding the Boy-Who-Lived, and to confront him peacefully without incident. Looking away from a poster displayed on a shop window, he stopped.

"There... I see him," Sirius said to Remus.

Down the corridor, they could make out amongst the busy crowds Harry with two of those furry creatures.

"Harry... he's grown..."

Sirius nodded softly, staring at their godson who was apparently one of those Pokémon Trainers mentioned ever since they all appeared in this world, thanks to that magic spell Dumbledore found after such extensive searching the past sixteen years.

Suddenly they felt something squeeze past their legs, and saw a green and black creature with tusks. It ran up to their godson sitting in the distance.

"Fraxure! Wait up!" the voice of a young teenage girl shouted, as a girl who looked to be thirteen ran around them. She had impressively long hair; both men wondered if she somehow had a lightweight charm on her long hair.

Harry blinked, before a cry of "Fraxure!" and he was jumped by a familiar Pokémon.

"Huh? Fraxure?" This Fraxure looked familiar...


He looks, and them beams. Now he remembers. "Iris!"

She giggled, also jumping him for a hug. All three fell to the ground, as Aerith and Tifa watch in amusement. "Harry! So glad to see you!"

"You too Iris! So glad you made it here."

She smiles, before getting up off of him.


Harry pets the Pokémon's head. "Nice to see you again, Fraxure."

"Sorry we're late but we had a spot of trouble getting here on time. How are you doing?"

He smiles as he gets back into his seat, and Iris joins him by his side. He admired Iris; she was like a little sister who he protected even though she was a tough Dragon-type trainer on her own. And Iris was grateful during his travel through Unova for the sibling relationship they shared.

"I'm doing fine. We're currently on a 30 minute break before the match resumes. I managed to knock out my opponent's Salamence, Sudowoodo, and Sandslash. Axl and Aerith are on my out list. Tifa's currently in rotation for the match."

"Ahh," she replies with a nod.

"So... you've grown up since I left Unova to travel Hoenn. Got a boyfriend, little sister?"

Iris blushed and elbows him. "Stop that, Harry."

"Harry! Iris!"

They look, and Harry grins. There was Cilan, along with Professor Juniper, Hilbert, Hilda, Bianca, Cheren, and his mother Lily.

Harry gets up to greet his mother with a hug.

"How are you son?" the woman with emerald eyes whispers to her son.

He was smiling. He did miss the embrace of his mother. "I'm doing fine, mom."

"Harry here used a Chuck Norris pun," Aerith spoke up.

Tifa snickered in reply.

"So I used to watch Walker: Pokémon Ranger when I was a kid... sue me."

Lily just smiled at her son's antics.

"C'mon now, let's go outside and get some fresh air."

"Oh, and I would like to check out your Pokédex while we're together, okay Harry?" spoke the Professor.

"Sure thing, Professor."

As a group, they left (Harry made sure he and Aerith grab their take-out boxes that contained their food).

Blinking, Sirius and Remus break from their stupor and make the attempt to follow, but loud cries and the general chatter of hyperactive children came on through, blocking their path: A school full of children out with five different teachers leading them to the local PokéBurger restaurant. And by the time the natural blockade was gone, the crowds got thick and they lost sight of their godson with the strangers.

The rest of the Order had little luck finding the Boy-Who-Lived. All they know was he was in the arena. Why didn't they try using their wand's to search for him? Because of the muggles overcrowding the city... Severus Snape didn't have any trouble; he had bumped into them purely by accident and started trailing after the Potter boy from behind a short distance. He should have watched his cover.

"You there!" a voice called out, before he was bum-rushed by two Machoke.

"You looked awfully suspicious there, sir," Officer Jenny said, walking up as the man struggled against the two muscle-bounded creatures. Of course, they were Machoke, the evolved form of Machop. They were strong enough to hold Snape down.

"Let go of me you freaks," he growled, trying to break free.

Jenny's eyes narrowed, as she took on the man's overall appearance; shoddy dark clothes, black dress robe-like cloak, greasy hair and a big crooked-like nose, and a permanently-etched scowl that said "I hate children".

"Check his pockets for ID," she ordered the male officer beside her.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, walking over and rummaging through the man's pockets. Some of the items he found were strange. "Sorry ma'am. No ID at all. Not even a wallet... unless you count a small bag here." He opens it, and gasps, "Filled with gold coins?"

Jenny's eyes now narrow.

"Take him to the Police Station, and make sure he gets a full cavity search. We can never be too careful. He could be an agent of those Dealers that took over the Rocket and Galactic territories."

The man yelled, kicking and flailing, but he gets a billy club over the head to stun him, allowing the two Machoke to drag him off.

"Don't worry folks. Situation is under control," Jenny announces.

Everybody returns to normal life putting behind that strange display of the weirdo in robes as he's dragged off. By the time Severus regained sentient thought, his struggles earned him a rough handling by the Machoke up to the point he's roughly thrown into his jail cell with another tall burly man. Said man looked to be part of a rough biker group; he wore leather jacket, pants, ripped cloth undershirt, and was sporting a five spike Mohawk.

Yeah... poor Snape...

Next chapter we return to Pokemon Battling action.

Pokémon (Nickname/Gender): Mienshao / Tifa (Female)
Abilities (Hidden): Inner Focus / Reckless
Moves: Acrobatics, Force Palm, Stone Edge, Aura Sphere, Jump Kick, Swift, Rock Smash, Bone Rush

Mienshao is one of my favorite fighting-type Pokémon and it can be a slight difficult to train a Mienshao with the right balance of moves but when you do it can be a very useful Pokémon in your team. Especially since Mienshao CAN legally use Aura Sphere, a move made famous by Lucario.

BTW, who else has heard of the in-develop Pokémon X and Y versions? The sixth generation of the games goes by letters instead of colors, and is in ALL 3D. And this coming from a writer who is fully immersed in Generation Five now has to get used to Generation Six. Hope it goes well in the future for X and Y. I'm already in love with Fennekin, but I pray to god the creators make Fennekin's third stage of its evolution a Fire/Psychic dual-type.