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The city settled down finally after a brutal fight against Johnny and his crazy dinosaur pet's attempt to disable the entire Jump City in shook like an earthquake. Thankfully, the group of teenage heroes managed in time to prevent anything serious before it could get into over a billion crumbles on the roads. It took almost an hour to stop Johnny and his insane monstrous creature he often bragged about to the citizens in the city of Jump.

The green teenage boy was hunching his shoulders and dragged himself over to the couch. He dropped down onto the sofa and gave an exhausted sigh. After that huge battle, he thought he would never move again. The taller man was also tired. His robotic battery was nearly empty by now and his human lungs were struggling for the tiniest bit of air. He try to catch his breath. The gothic girl hung over to a quiet location and settled into her inner peace and quiet to maintain her anger inside of herself. The flying girl, who was wearing an unearthly purple suit, was very energized and cheerful today. The young man in red, green, and yellow costume was marching up over to the window and dealing with his device on today's crime fighting events to make sure everything was alright.

"A victory! We must celebrate, my friends!" Starfire swirled around in the air, enjoying the moment of her break from the long battle.

The green boy groaned out of lack of energy.

"Seriously, that dude needs to stop bringing his monster. How does he keeps making them!" Beast boy was already freaking out.

Robotic man shook his head, "It doesn't even make sense how he's able to obtain all of the stuff. Like, where did he get these things in jail?" He scratched his head.

Robin sighed, "I don't know, Cyborg, but he might be making some connection from the outside to the inside. I already got the security being arranged to see if that's what we're missing. We should be able to handle it and take it from there." All the while he spoke, his masked eyes never left the device in his hand. It could almost be a personal digital assistant, but gave much more advanced.

It was quite quiet today in the room other than Raven's meditation and Starfire's cheerfulness which was a result of today's victory. Beast boy was worn out from using his creature shape shifting work and Cyborg was drained out from putting everything into it each time during their mission. Robin kept working on the device, being so persistent with security at the jail for metahumans.

Robin finished what he needed to do and placed his device next to the main computer. He glanced up at the wide view and opening window. He could see the whole city of Jump and Knowing there was no burning fire or any giant creatures attacking the harmless people, he felt/he was able to breath. For a minute, he observed the place and-


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was a constant banging on the walls as things got out of control. The entire team immediately took cover for protection and then, the whole place exploded in million pieces. It was getting everywhere and Robin jerked his head to search for the main attack, but it wasn't pretty. It was one single person attack, it had to be like being in a total war affair!

There were armies attacking with guns and the others screamed in agonizing pain! Blood leaks out from everyone. A bullet came close to Robin but missed him by an inch. Something was amiss.

He shook his head and tried to find the leader of this army. He didn't understand why they were being attacked in the first place! They needed to strike back, but no one was in any condition to fight.

When Robin heard everyone's screaming in petrifying pain he felt the desperate need to check on them. So he decided to make a move and started to prepare the next move to take control, but he soon realized that was a terrible mistake when—


A sudden speed of flashing red arrow punctured Robin's arm and he felt a stinging pain. He hated being hit by some…red arrow. It was longer than his arm, but it hit him good enough to weaken him. Robin couldn't stand the pain and felt desperate to remove the weapon.

"I'm back, kid."

Robin's eyes snapped open and jerked his head in the voice's direction. He saw the all black suit, black cape, and the bright red X right on the chest, gloves, and boots. The face was hidden under the black hood and skull mask with an X on the right eye. Robin growled and tried to back up, but there wasn't any room to make his move.

Red X floated right up there, not really worrying about anything, and he checked on his army. The army had huddled over Robin's teammate while threatening weapon. He gritted his teeth.

"What do you want?" Robin hissed.

Red X chuckled, "Come with me or your friends will die. It's your choice."

The masked hero glared intensely, "You wouldn't."

Red X crossed his arms, "I already got you pinned down, you can't fight unless you're willing to die along with your friends. Therefore, you have two options. I have you or your friends die right now."

Robin stared right at X and trying to figure out a way, but the pain inflicted was too much to handle and made it hard to think. He knew he would grieve too much if his team was killed. He couldn't afford it…so, his only option was simple. Giving in was the answer. He breathed in difficulty to tone down the twinge in his bleeding arm. He clenched tighter onto his bleeding arm, hoping it would go soon enough, and he wasn't like the others. He was a human alone out of everyone else.

"You win." Robin admitted.

Red X nodded and lowered himself to be next to the hero, "Good choice, kid. You won't regret it, but any escape and your friends will die."

The slicing threat cut off Robin's breathing air and he knew well enough to not mess around. X placed his arm around the hero's waist and behind his legs to carry him. Robin held onto the red arrow and urging to remove it.

"I wouldn't remove the arrow, kid. You'll die quicker."

Suddenly, his face lost color and X started to teleport somewhere on land. The teleporting ability couldn't take him as far as he wanted to go, but enough to go for about a mile and a half. They were that far from the tower and in front of a large Jeep car that matched X's costume. Robin had no idea what was going on or why he was being kidnapped. He had to make the decision to protect his friends' life and hope they wouldn't do anything dangerous.

The jeep opened the door automatically and X set Robin down in a seat comfortably. He closed the door and took the driver's seat. Robin wasn't too certain about anything that was going on, but he knew but he knew escaping wasn't worth his teammates' lives. Only the driver could see from the windows. X's driving was very fast and he was very relaxed at his driving skills. It was like he thought he could get away with anything.

"You know, I'm surprised you're quiet, kid."

Robin rolled his blues eyes behind the mask, although X couldn't see them. "You wanted me to be easy, right?"

He chuckled, "True, but here I thought you'd be interrogating me by now."

Robin would, but he was too uncertain about things. X made a lot of turns which made Robin very uneasy about his driving skills, but he knew that X had obtained a license to drive somehow. He tried to hold his injured arm in a comfortable position, but felt like it was impossible unless the arrow was out of it.

"We should be there in a few minutes. I had the window painted black so you don't know where we are."

Robin remained quiet, just focusing on his bleeding arm where his elbow was, and tried not to move too much. There was so much dark red pouring out, gushing out because the skin was severely damaged, and almost enough to break the bone.

"I wouldn't count on your friends saving you, Robin. They shouldn't be able to. If they get any closer to here than half a mile, my army will warn them to leave or they will get killed if they come any closer." He nodded.

Robin hadn't given much thought about his situation or his team. He was more worried about his bleeding arm at the moment and Red X was too relaxed about all of this. He groaned in pure pain, hoping it wouldn't be forever, and ill after this. He desperately wanted to escape from the pain.

Suddenly, the car made a swift turn and Robin felt a jerking pain that made it harder to bear the arrow inside his left arm as it traveled through his body. A guilty chuckle came out of Red X and he began to park in...wherever they were. He got out of the jeep and carried out Robin to his pleasing.

Robin could see the place was underground. He knew it was underground due to experience and the chilly temperature. It certainly numbed down some pain for him, but he wasn't exactly in any position to make it helpful for himself. The lights were bright enough to walk. The underground had very smooth surfaces floor and ceiling. There were several doors that led to many places, but they were heading into the east side and the fifth door. X didn't have any problem with carrying the the so-called hero anywhere.

They went into a whiter room that contained medical stuff and the hero gulped down his worries, wondering what could really be going on, and he felt himself being set down on a medical table that can be commonly found in most patient's room. Red X gathered bandages, cleanses, and some strange metal band. He sets everything down and observed the damage on the arrow he had shot no less than an hour ago. Robin groaned in pain, struggling to keep it inside of him, and pretend he was strong enough to handle this. X glanced up at the boy with a wondering look.

"This is going to hurt a bit more. Don't move."

Robin jerked his head up, "You're not removing this, are you?"

X held up the injured arm, "Would you rather deal with my army trying to fix your arm or me? Your choice."

Robin grumbled to see he didn't have much option. He had no idea who those army people were, but he didn't trust them anymore than he distrusted X. So, X kindly pulled out the arrow without yanking it and making his arm reveal the purple blood oozing out due to the blood and oxygen being mixed in his arm. He groaned out of desperation, hoping it would be quicker, or just removed suddenly. It was longer than he expected and it was longer than he expected and made his arm ache and throb as if he had been stabbed several times.

The red arrow was finally removed and he quickly washed up his arm so none of the bacteria could make him seriously ill. It burned, stung, and Then he placed a large bandage on the wound's opening and wrapped it up tightly so the blood wouldn't continue to leak any more. Robin couldn't stand being a hostile victim. He knew what it was like from his previous life before he became Jump City's hero along with the rest of the crew.

"Why do you need me?" Robin began to think clearly.

Red X chuckled, "I need you."

Robin waited to hear a "because", but nothing came after that.

"Why?" His glare built up electricity intense moments.

X shifted his head, "Kid, what, are you seventeen years old now?"

Robin tensed up a bit, "…how did you know my age?"

He hummed, "You have been a titan for three to four years now. We met no longer than a year ago."

Robin wasn't too sure what to think of X, he wasn't exactly a hero or a villain. He could play the hero, he's just a bit selfish from time to time if he needed to be. Robin didn't click the picture together about the kidnap and the threats on his team. X grabbed Robin's non-injured arm and placed the metal band onto his wrist with a snap and locked it up with a fingerprint.

"Well, since you're still a kid. I'm calling out the rules since I'm in charge."

Robin shook his head, "If it's do what I'm told or my friends get killed, I already know."

Red X laughed at him, "No. You won't be doing anything for about a month or until you're healed up. You're free to walk around, but you can't leave. This bracelet will prevents you from doing that. I can track you down with it too. If it glows red, you are to hide until it glows blue."

Robin lifted up to observe the metal band on his wrist and beamed over to X about his capability. He never realized how careful X had been. He got everything down well enough to corner him. He didn't understand why he had been kidnapped. Last time, he was kidnapped because Slade wanted to gain control of Robin in some way and take down the other heroes too. He had to train and fight around a lot with Slade until his friends rescued him and freed him from danger. X had chosen an easier option in allowing the arrow to affect Robin's decision. Otherwise everything would have changed by now.

"…you're not normally the right kind of villain, but you're not even a hero either."

Red X nodded, "True, but we share a lot in common. We were thieves, heroes, and now, back in
for the good 'ole action. Sorry about having to put an arrow in you, it was the most suitable weapon that wouldn't kill you off. You'll thank me for doing this someday."

Robin wasn't too sure what was going on or how this came to be, but it was strange. This wasn't a normal kidnapping scene where he had to sacrifice everything. It was much different and he couldn't figure out why. X placed Robin back on his feet and waited to see what would happen next.

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