-PrincessBetty01 message-

From the start of having a dream three days before I posted the story and to admit, I was a little worried no one would have interests in this. Since February 22nd, 2012, I shared my story with you all and felt to give a try. I have never felt much dedication into this story and giving you guys a satisfactory reading. I am glad to give you all of that and keep your reading at interests with much excitement.

I thank you for the reviews which have motivated me to write more into this as each day and I didn't stop. I didn't lose interests. Thank you for everything and reading along this piece of work! I owe you all an imaginary cookie for getting through my grammar. I mean, I'm surprised you guys can read it like simply reading a book. It has amazed me how "open" minded you all are, but I can admit building up the characters were a lot of fun.

If you enjoyed reading RobinxRed X story as good as this. Please have me on Alert for another one. I have a starting plot in my mind, but it's not written out yet. Therefore, watch out for a possible new story involving the two. It just won't be a continuation or a series for this "Determination".

The possible title for the next story if you're still interested for a good RobinxRed X may be longer, but I can't really promise that entirely. However, I can promise their relationship later in the story. The title will be called, "Luring".

Here's the summary:

Robin has been a titan leader for four years and suddenly, Slade snatched Robin in the fighting field while his team fought the other criminals. Unfortunately, Slade wants to change Robin and took him to unknown location. Robin has no idea the purpose of Slade's plan, but everything starts to reveal his deeper connection and his hope feels like going down the drain. Will Robin escape from Slade and take care of his deeper connection somehow? Or will his team save him let alone the fact they cannot track him down? Let's find out how everything will play out to be for Robin and his chances of survival…

So, yes, Red X will be in it if you let your mind be a little…full of imagination in this. So, I hope you guys look forward to the next story I'll write after finishing up with my Danny Phantom fanfic on "Devotion" which is almost through too.

Thank you guys for everything! I mean it! Feel free to share the story or Draw some of the scenes or something. I appreciated everything for your support and interests into this!