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Valiar Tiberius had never been to Alera Imperia before. The city was simply massive, like nothing he was used to, during his normally quiet life near Riva, although all of that changed six years ago during the Second Battle of Calderon. He had been serving as Subtribune Tactica at Garrison, in the Calderon Valley, when the Marat horde invaded. Due to the bravery of his actions in that battle, and in the Battle of Aricholt against the monstrous creatures known only as The Vord two years later, the First Lord awarded him with a name in the House of the Valiant, and the new Count of Calderon, a former Steadholder named Bernard, promoted Tiberius to Tribune Tactica.

Now, after serving faithfully as a Tribune for the better part of a decade, Tiberius had been summoned before the First Lord. He was waiting anxiously in a large antechamber outside the First Lord's office, when a man, outfitted in Legion lorica, stepped through the door. He had a limp, and Tiberius suspected that he knew who this man was: Miles Valerian, Captain of the Crown Legion. Tiberius snapped a quick salute, placing his right fist over his heart. Miles returned the gesture, and simply said, "The First Lord will see you now."

Tiberius nodded, and went through the door. Inside, he saw a tall man wearing a shirt of fine red and blue silk, who looked to be no more than forty, although in truth he was over twice that age. The First Lord, Gaius Sextus, was seated at a large, hardwood desk, and regarded Tiberius with a steely, wolfish glare. He spoke in a worn, gravelly voice, "Tribune Tiberius, glad you could make it."

"Of course, Sire. To what do I owe the honor?"

"As I'm sure you're well aware, the First Aleran Legion has been busy this past year, holding off the Canim incursion in the Amaranth Vale. Part of their success is due to their Captain, the young and surprisingly talented Rufus Scipio, and partly, at least in my opinion, to their diversity. The First Aleran is made up of Legionnaires from all over The Realm, and holds no loyalty to any particular High Lord, and thus can't be used for their selfish machinations."

Tiberius nodded. "Yes, Sire. Am I being transferred to the First Aleran, then? I know that many of their officers were killed in the initial attack."

Gaius grinned. "No, you aren't. Instead, I have deemed the experiment a success, and am looking to expand. I'm forming a Second Aleran Legion, and I want you to be a part of it."

"Understood, Sire." Tiberius relaxed slightly, and said, "But, with all due respect, why did you call me out here just to tell me I'm being transferred into a new Legion? Are you personally contacting all of the officers?"

"I summoned you to the Capital because I like to make a point of personally appointing Captains to my Legions."

Tiberius' eyes widened in shock, he hadn't been expecting that. He had been confident that he was not in any kind of trouble with The First Lord, but he also hadn't planned on being given command of an entire crowbegotten Legion either. "Th-thank you, Sire. I promise not to let you down."

"I am confident in your abilities, Captain Tiberius." Gaius slid a scroll across the desk, and as Tiberius picked it up, he said, "Those are your first orders. In a few months' time, I expect the Second Aleran to be ready to see active duty. There's word of trouble brewing in Rhodes, as if the Canim invasion and High Lord Kalarus' rebellion weren't enough…"

Tiberius saluted, and said, "I'll have the Legion ready for anything you can throw us at, Sire."

"See that you do. You're dismissed, Captain." Gaius turned back to his work, as the newly christened Captain Valiar Tiberius left his office.