Author's Note : Hey guys ! Well this is my second Jemily ! It's sorta kinda similar to my other fanfic , "Live like your dying" But , its different . In the beginning it sounds similar , but as the story goes on its different . And yes , they are both about Dekker kidnapping the rangers . But different things happen , don't you worry ! Hahah , well I hope you guys like it ! Tell me what you think !

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Chapter One : Taken

Most of the team was outside training. Mia and Kevin were sparring, Mike was practicing with a dummy, and Jayden and Emily were sparring. Antonio was out fishing. He was recently injured in battle and couldn't fight. He figured he might as well go fishing so he wasn't just sitting in the house all day. While Antonio was fishing, the team was practicing even harder knowing they would be down one ranger.

Emily seemed to be working the hardest out of everyone. Not just because they were down a ranger, but because she knew she could improve. She was glad she was sparring with Jayden, he would challenge her. Make her work her hardest, and she was determined to beat him. They had been sparring for about an hour, and she hadn't beaten Jayden once. A couple times she had been really close, but whenever she was about to hit him he always got her first. She was starting to get frustrated with herself. She knew Jayden was much better then her, but she thought she could atleast beat him one time. She decided to sit down and take a break. She grabbed her water bottle, and sat down on the bench. Jayden came over and sat down next to her.

"You okay?" Jayden asked her.

"Yeah, just kinda tired."

"You know, your getting a lot better. Soon you'll be able to beat me easy."

"Hah, I wish. I'll never be as good as you."

"Yes you will, it'll just take some hard work and practice."

Emily just nodded. She stood back up and grabbed her training sword. She was going to beat Jayden, even if it took all day. She watched him stand back up and grab his sword too. They got in position, and soon their swords were swinging in the air, each of them dodging and jumping. Occasionally there would be flips and special tricks. Several times Emily almost touched him with her sword, but he jumped out of the way. He was only a couple inches from touching Emily's leg when she hit him with her sword. He was knocked down to the ground on his back. Emily rushed over and helped him up. Once he got up he congratulated her on finally beating him. Just then the gap sensor went off. The team ran into the living room to find Mentor Ji standing beside the map.

"He's at the park. But be careful, this one's dangerous." Ji told them as they headed out for battle. The team was already morphed as they got to the park. They saw a black and red Nighlock shooting lasers at people running away. If someone got hit with the laser they would fall down unconscious.

"Oh look. It's the power rangers come to save the day!"

"Stop it Nighlock! Come over here and fight someone who will actually fight back! You know we can beat you!" said Mike.

"We'll see about that green ranger. Let's see if you can catch me first!" The Nighlock said. The Nighlock was by Emily's side in a flash. The Nighlock shot a laser at her, when she fell down and demorphed he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder.

"Put her down Nighlock! Come over here and fight!" Mike yelled at him.

"You want to fight with me?" the Nighlock set the unconscious Emily down while Mike rushed over to him. In one movement the Nighlock slashed at Mike's leg and he demorphed. He then shot him with his laser and put him over his shoulder. The other rangers were now rushing over to the Nighlock with swords in hand. They stopped a few feet before they got to him, nervous of hitting Emily or Mike on accident.

"Nervous of hitting your friends are you?" the Nighlock said as he shot another laser at Mia. Kevin rushed over to her, as soon as he was by her side the Nighlock hit him with the laser. They both demorphed, and the Nighlock slung them over his shoulder.

"Bye you pathetic red ranger!" the Nighlock said as he and the four rangers on his back disappeared in a portal.

"Oh no, this is bad." Jayden said as he ran home.