This Story is going to be in alexis rhodes pov _

Hello its just another boring day in boring freaking school in boring

Blackwater, California. I am sitting next to my boyfriend and friends. Jason Tenebris my bf, Kira Shinigami , my best girl friend Seika Kohinata, and my best boy friend Jamie Trik. It was boring until history. We were talking about the ancient mythology and vampires, Virtues, Heavenly, Middle, and Deadly. When I heard this my head shot straight up. Jason started to giggle at the ridiculousness of that action. Why shouldn't I, I had a very traumatic with a sociopath who claimed to be a vampire. I didn't believe at first until I saw the elongated fangs. The psychiatrist says it was just a kid pulling a harmless prank on me and that she would report to the police about my "traumatic experience. My friends believe but not Jason. But for a Christian aren't they supposed to believe in god working in mysterious ways or Satan powers? Seriously they believe in a higher entity but no in a up with that? I'm pagan so I believe in a certain god but its a plant god. But as I zone in I find class and school is about to end. Everyone groans as the bell rings because the vampire ritual for mating page was just around the corner. I sigh and pack my things into my pack. " Hey Babe." Jason greeted me. I smile and hug him. " So... I am having a party at my house and I want you to come." He say smiling with only good intentions. I know he doesn't want to move this thing to fast he want me to loosen up by a lot. I smile and nod and walk away.

"Hey little Rhodes." Jeremiah my brother in my extended family greets me with an arm out.

"Hey Jer what's up?" I say accepting the arm. He smiled and walked me home with a shrug to my question meaning Atticus is being a idiot again I smile and pull out of his grip. " Later" I call to him. He smiled and waved and walked home. " Hey Atticus." I called down the hallway.

"HEY SISSY" He shouts down the hallway. I smile and hug him. I Get off of him and go into my room. I call Kira and get her voicemail. Hey this is Kira please leave a message friend. I smiled " Hey kir-kir its Lexi just wanted to know if our plans were still on call me. I got a text five minutes later. Hey Lexi yeah you sure you want to? I smile and respond Yes I am sure. I got sure I was ready to go. I got all girlied up ugh. I am all tom boyish. I gave atty a kiss and run down to meet my friends Jamie and Kira. Jamie's and Kira's jaws drop at the sight of me wearing a girlie fro fro dress. I giggle and run and hop into the car. " You guys coming or not." I ask from the car smiling. They nod and run towards the car. Jamie sits in back while I flick through the stations. I hit 97.7 and hear Hello, I Love You by The Doors and blast the music through the windows. They laughed as I blast the music through the windows. Hello I love you, won't you tell me your name hello I love won't you let me jump you in your game. They smile at me. " Where are we going to again" I ask.

They roll their eyes and I love their expressions. I keep listening to Roadhouse Blues. When did this song come on exactly. When we reach ultimate sword action videos arcade. I saw a handsome male beating the bosses like it was nothing. When I ask his friend if he has been here his friend says this is his first time here along with his friend. I smile at him and challenge his friend. He goes slowly through the levels while I speed through. " You'll never catch up to me at that speed dude." His response was a small smirk as he went faster and faster never getting hit. As soon as I hit the unspoken limit of 2.00 in quarters I look at his screen to see he was a level ahead of me and he still hadn't lost a life. When it came their was a shock we had to fight each other. I reduced his 2.00's to nothing. He smiles and finishes me with a secret technique. I gasp And watch him place the sword down as the character dies. I look at it in shock and someone answers. " The move made him die." Ohhh I thought. He shook my hand and vanished with his friend. I enjoyed the battle and I enjoyed his smile. I left for home with Kira and Jamie. " Hey Atty" I greeted my brother.

" Alexis Lauren Rhodes where have you been young lady?" Asked a very frustrated Atticus. I smile and gave him a note because I had a dying voice. It read Sorry Atticus but I lost my voice at the competition met a cool guy don't know his name but it went on for a while I was screaming and laughing and cheering. Lex. He sarcastically rolled his eyes and hugged me. "Ok shower then bed got it young lady." He asked. I smiled and walk to the shower. Ahh It feels good I thought. I put my pajamas on and I head to bed. I crawl into bed and I keep my mind from wandering to that handsome kid. Who was that kid. Why am I thinking about him. Why am I thinking about that kid. I wonder if me and him have a chance together. Seriously why am I even thinking about that kid. I seriously think Atticus would forever pick on me if he knew I was crushing on that kid who ever he was...

Cliff hanger