Chapter 1


It was a beautiful morning and you can hear a beautiful sound coming from the patio of the house. Looking closely you would see a woman playing a grand piano with a little girl by her side, watching her with amazement in her eyes.

The little girl then exclaimed "Wow, that was amazing okaa-san, can you teach me how to play", the little girl asked her mother.

The mother looked at the young girl smiling and said "Of course my little one, let's see. How about I teach the basics while we're waiting for your father, would you like that?"

The little girl squealed and hugged her mother while shouting "Yes, yes, yes".

"Alright, alright calm down", the mother laughed. She then took her daughter's hand and placed them on the piano's keys and begun teaching her.

The mother and daughter were both having fun and were laughing. When a voice suddenly said, "What's this, you're having fun and you left me out of it, I'm really hurt".

The both of them turned to the source of the voice, and then the little girl stood and run towards the man shouting "Otou-san".

The man, who was the girl's father, lifted her up and twirled her around, with the little girl giggling.

He then stopped and asked "So, what are my two favorite girls doing?" he asked while tickling his daughter.

The little girl giggled, "Kaa-san is teaching me how to play the piano", and she answered while trying to squirm out of her father's reach.

Her father seeing this tightens his hold and started tickling her more, the little girl laughed heartily and squealed "Otou-san, onegai stop", the little girl said out of breath.

Her father then stopped and said "Alright, I'll stop but you have to give me a hug and kiss".

The little girl complied quickly and gave her father a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When her father let her go she turned around and saw her mother smiling at the both of them. She then rushed towards her mother and gave her a hug and kiss as well. She then gave out a huge yawn.

Her father chuckled and said, "Well it seems like someone needs a nap".

"I don't need a nap", the little girl said trying to stay awake, but after a while she finally conceded to sleep and her eyes closed.

Her father carried her to her room and placed her gently on the bed while her mother tucked her blanket, she then opened her eyes and said, "I love you okaa-san, otou-san".

Her mother then said "we love you as well our little one", she kissed her on the forehead, when her father then added.

"You will always be our little angel", he said while kissing her on the forehead as well.

She then closed her eyes and went to sleep. Both her parents looked at her with full of love. They then went out of her room, but before her mother closed the door she said in a whisper "Sleep tight little one, we will always be with you no matter what".


Mai woke up breathing hard with tear stains running down her cheeks. She placed her hands on her face and thought, why after all these years did I dream of that. Mai was so lost in her thoughts that she was staring at her alarm clock that read 8:30, with Mai's state of mind it took her a while to realize what time it already was. When she finally noticed the time; she started cursing and rushed around the house to get prepared.

When she was getting dressed her phone begun to ring and when she looked at the caller ID she gulped praying that nothing will go wrong but then again her luck wasn't on the good side. She sighed as if though she was walking towards her own death, and then answered her phone "Moshi, moshi".

"Mai, where the hell are you, you were supposed to be here two hours ago", was said by the one calling Mai and judging from the tone of his voice he was trying to control his anger and a wrong answer would make him snap.

"Ummm, eh, hehe, you see… well…" Mai was at a loss for words and didn't know how to answer him. She then remembered her dream once more; she was startled by Naru's voice and lost her train of thought.

"Mai, Mai, are you even listening to what I'm saying", Naru said irritated.

"Eh…Gomen, Naru", she answered quite distractedly. She then heard a sigh from the other end of the line.

"Fine, just get here in the office now, and while you're on the way buy some more tea we're already out", Naru ordered, then before Mai could answer he then said again.

"Oh, by the way, as much as an idiot you are please try not to get lost. It would be quite hard to find another assistant", He then cut the call off before Mai could make protests.

Mai stared at her phone while shouting "Stupid, narcissist, egotistical jerk". She then picked her bag and stomped out of her door, while cursing under her breath about a certain tea loving addict of a boss. She then headed towards the closest shop that sells tea and bought tea worth a whole month of stock.

Her mood begun to brighten when she passed by the park where a lot of children were playing, her dream forgotten; she then started humming a tune she knows by heart and begun heading towards SPR. She didn't know that the day was only beginning and things would become much worse.