"Wade?" Kat's voice broke the silence of the near-empty room. Hale just smiled and looked up at her.

"You have a list?" he replied, with an amused smile and an arched eyebrow.

"I might have stolen a couple of names from the internet," Kat said with a a wink, waving her piece of paper as Hale stood from his seat at the kitchen table and moved closer to Kat, who was leaning against the counter. "Wagner?" Hale laughed and stepped closer to her. "Walcott?" He crossed his arms and inched one step closer. "Waldo?" Kat inquired.

Hale chuckled. "Do I look like a 'Waldo' to you?" Hale said, and advanced one step in her direction.

Kat, who had finally caught on to what Hale was doing, replied, "No, I guess not. Wallis?"

"Not even close," he said, and edged closer to Kat. Now Hale was a couple feet away from Kat.

"Warden?" she asked, already knowing what Hale's response would be before he did it. Kat looked down, scanned her paper, and said, "Watford?" Another step. Now Hale was merely inches away from Kat, his eyebrow arched as if daring her to ask another. Kat's heart was pounding and she was breathing faster as she looked down on her list, her eyes occasionally darting up to meet Hale's.

"No more names, Kitty Kat?" Hale asked quietly with a smirk, knowing she wanted what Hale was about to do.

Kat set list on the counter behind her and looked Hale right in the eyes. "Watermelon?" she said, smirking to match Hale.

He laughed softly, which made Kat's stomach do flips and turns. He placed one strong hand on the back of her neck, another one on her shoulder, and closed the distance between them as his lips pressed against hers softly at first, but soon with more hunger, as if letting out what had been bottled inside him ever since the night Kat had tried to steal the Monet.

They pulled away, both breathing heavily, and smiled at each other. Just then they heard the slamming of a door and the shuffling of feet. Kat and Hale turned to face the doorway, separating themselves as Hamish and Angus appeared in the kitchen doorway.

"Do we have any watermelons?" Hamish asked, unaware of what had just happened. Hale smiled and winked at Kat.

"Watermelon through a Window?" Kat guessed.

"What can I say? That kid has a really nice bike." Hamish and Angus smiled and exchanged looks.

Kat rolled her eyes. "Well you'll have to go somewhere else to find a watermelon. This one's already taken," she said, and Kat and Hale smiled at each other as the boys looked confused.

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