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It's been six years...Six years since Max Potter survived the Killing Curse and destroyed the Dark Lord, Voldemort...

Six years since the Potter household sent one of its members away...Away to that place.

Six years since Harry Potter was left on the Dursley's doorstep...And they have been terrible years for the young Potter; being raised by the Dursley's is not something one should be content with. Yet for the young Harry Potter, these past six years were even worse than it would be for an average boy. The Dursleys started abusing Harry the moment they realized they weren't being watched, which was very soon indeed.

Now, however, Harry wouldn't be taking it any longer, for the youngest Potter had discovered something: he had special powers!

It all started when Harry was being chased by Dudley's gang when all of a sudden, everything started freezing around him and the gang had not been able to follow him over the frosty floor. Even stranger, this was not the first time something weird had happened around him. Once, Harry had somehow ended up on the school roof after diving behind some garbage bins whilst trying to escape Dudley and his gang. Another time, he had set a teacher's hairpiece on fire, and then there was that instance where he had completely healed overnight after being beaten to a pulp by his uncle.

But this time... Harry had felt the power inside of him, and he knew he could do it again! That was what led to him sitting in his cupboard and using his power to lift objects into the air and have them float. It was also the reason he was now trying (and succeeding) to make ice shards as he was freezing the floor. His uncle would be in for a surprise when he came in to punish Harry for Dudley's injuries from falling on the ice and hitting his head on a garbage bin.

It was 9 p.m. when Uncle Vernon entered the cupboard with his belt in hand and when he started yelling about teaching the freak his place. Before he could make his swing though, Harry turned his gaze upwards to his Uncle, and Vernon froze. The boy's eyes, normally a clear emerald green, were now ice cold.

Somehow Vernon knew right then and there that he was in trouble. One moment he saw the boy raise his hands and the next thing he knew, he felt blood rushing to his head and everything suddenly became upside down. Vernon was still processing this in his alcohol-addled mind when the boy stood up, placing his hands on either side of Vernon's head.

"This is going to hurt a bit, Uncle," Harry's icy voice broke through Vernon's shocked state of mind. "Let me explain to you what I am going to do, dearest Uncle ..."

Harry had thought long and hard about what he was going to do and knew that if he could impress his Uncle Vernon enough right now, his life would be infinitely easier in the long run.

"I am going to put an ice crystal in your brain so that every time I feel threatened by either you, your wife or that fat piece of lard you call a son, the ice crystal will grow. And I think you understand what happens if you have a large shard of ice in your brain, do you not, Uncle?" Harry queried, his threat hanging thickly in the air as his cold eyes bored into the eyes of his Uncle.

Vernon, who was drunk and was not thinking very clearly, realized the boy had just managed to break that haze in a very threatening manner. "Yes Bo... Harry." He managed to say.

"Very well then Uncle. I trust that you will inform Aunt Petunia and Dudley about our new arrangement?"

"Yes Harry," Vernon muttered.

~~~~~Scene Break~~~~~

Four years later, a lot had changed in the Dursley household; Harry was treated equally to Dudley, and Vernon and Petunia had stopped their abusive behavior. In the beginning, this had been solely due to the threat Harry had placed, and the terrible spasms which Vernon had suffered from when they mistreated Harry. But over time, they had truly become better people.

Petunia had explained everything she knew about magic to Harry; she had told Harry about his parents and his twin brother, and how the letter that had been with Harry on the doorstep ten years ago claimed that they didn't want him because he was weak and not deserving of his family. His Aunt had also told him all she knew of Hogwarts, as well as a few other wizarding things she had picked up. Harry had been rather upset when Petunia told him about his parents, but had reasoned that if they acted like that, they were not deserving of him and he should be relieved to be rid of them.

Currently, it was the 29th of July, and Harry and his relatives were having breakfast. Harry was looking out of the kitchen window, waiting for the letter he was expecting; he was hopeful he would be accepted to Hogwarts.

When the post was delivered, Harry stood up to get it. Sorting through the post, he saw it: a large, beige envelope with his name on it. Harry rapidly brought everything to the table, and then he ripped open the envelope.

(It's the same as every other first year letter, I won't be putting it up as I don't have the books for reference right now.)

"Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked, slightly nervous.

"Yes Harry? Is something wrong? Are you not allowed to go?" Petunia responded, slightly startled by her nephew's sudden nervousness.

"How am I going to owl a response to them? We don't have an owl to do that." Harry was still slightly nervous, and his Aunt's suddenly puzzled look didn't help soothe that.

"I don't really know. I guess it would be best if we just head into London and you try and track that strong magical pull you felt the last time we were in London." Aunt Petunia suggested.

~~~~~Scene Break~~~~~

In the end it had been decided they would wait until August the 15th, and if no better opportunity had been presented to the Dursleys plus one Potter, they would do as Petunia had suggested and head in to London. Fortunately for Harry, it never came that far, for on the 7th of that month, a week after Harry's birthday, (his gift had simply been some saving money, seeing as his education would likely be very expensive, and Dudley's school was pricey as well) Uncle Vernon opened the door to see a rather small man in a turquoise robe.

"Hello, how might I help you?" Vernon introduced himself politely, having a pretty good idea why the rather short man had come to visit.

"Hello, my name is Filius Flitwick. Would it be correct to assume this is the residence of Harry Potter?" Vernon nodded. "Might I be allowed to speak to him for a moment?" Flitwick inquired, seeming slightly nervous for some reason.

Vernon let the man in and asked him to take a seat while he went to go fetch Harry. At the moment, Harry was in the backyard, digging a hole that was large enough for a pool. Vernon was originally going to hire a construction company to do the pool, but it was negotiated between Vernon and Harry that Harry would be allowed to dig the hole for the pool and be paid half the price of a professional installation company for his work. It was a deal which left everybody satisfied.

Harry was sent in to the living room while Uncle Vernon retreated to the kitchen. He had since become better when it came to magic, but that did not make him even a little bit more comfortable around unknown wizards and witches.

Harry introduced himself politely to Flitwick, who seemed surprised to see the boy in such a sweaty and disheveled state.

"Excuse me, Mr. Potter, before we continue with more important matters, why are you so sweaty and filthy?" Flitwick asked, curious as to what might've caused Harry to become so dirty.

Harry replied easily to the expected question. "I was working in the yard, sir; I'm digging a hole in the ground for a pool. If I do that, I'll get half of the money saved on the construction company and I won't have to settle for secondhand materials for school."

"I see," Flitwick mumbled, but he swiftly continued, "Well then Mr. Potter, as you know by now, my name is Filius Flitwick. What you don't know is that I am a professor at Hogwarts. I have come here today to ask why you did not respond to your acceptance letter. Would you explain that?"

"Of course, sir," Harry replied. "The letter mentioned "owling" back my response. That is somewhat impossible, seeing as I do not have an owl, nor was an owl provided with which to respond. Now that you are here though, I would like to formally accept the invitation to Hogwarts and hope that you will not blame me for the delay."

"Ah, that was indeed a mistake on our part. You see, you are a halfblood, therefore it was automatically assumed that you would be able to owl us your response back. We did not take into account that you were being raised by muggles. Now then, do you have any questions? Have you already obtained your supplies? Or do you need help in getting them?" Flitwick seemed to be rather pleased to know that Harry would indeed be coming, and there had simply been a small mistake in the administration.

"I have yet to buy my supplies yet, sir, and any help offered would be very welcome. And then I actually do have another question: do you have an estimate as to how many pounds would be required to pay for all the materials needed for Hogwarts?" Harry was excited, and it showed for he rattled all of that off rather quickly.

"You would need about 400 pounds for the required items, and tuition is another 5000 pounds per year, Mr. Potter. Tuition must be paid by November the 1st, however, so there's no need to hurry that. And if you are free today then I can take you along to go shopping right now. If not, some other time will be arranged." Flitwick, becoming as excited as Harry, also started talking rather fast.

However, he was testing to see if Harry could keep up with information absorption at a higher speed in an attempt to find out something about Harry's intellect.

After hastily agreeing that he was free for the day, Harry immediately procured an almost completely filled in check from the mantle top, and wrote 5000 into the last blank space. He then handed the check to Professor Flitwick and excused himself for a few minutes to make sure he was presentable for a public appearance.

A few minutes later, Harry and Professor Flitwick boarded the Knight Bus and Harry was rapidly firing off questions about the wizarding world, slipping in a few about his parents and brother to find out what Professor Flitwick thought about them. Harry was also informed about the houses at Hogwarts and their heads; Harry had already found at least one magical person who didn't like his family very much.

Professor Flitwick wasn't intent on having Harry be the only one to have some questions answered though, and he started questioning Harry about his home life. Harry thought he did rather well in avoiding the first seven years of his life and the use of non-accidental magic in his answers. But he soon had the idea that Flitwick wasn't quite finished with him.

Harry and Flitwick easily entered Diagon Alley through the Leaky Cauldron and went to Gringotts, the wizarding bank, first. Apparently, he used to have a trust vault at one point in his life, but it had been closed long ago. So Harry would be dependent on the money his family was willing to pay, and the money he had earned doing all kinds of odd jobs throughout Surrey.

Their first stop was Flourish and Blotts, and when they left they had to return back to Gringotts to exchange more of his money because Harry hadn't been able to resist the temptation of so many books, and had ended up buying a boatload of books. Flitwick had only protested halfheartedly; being a Ravenclaw, he understood perfectly how Harry felt when it came to purchasing books.

After visiting all the other stores in Diagon Alley, there was only one left that they had yet to go to: Ollivander's. Flitwick thought it to be best if it was left for last, knowing how long it could take to find the right wand.

Harry entered the shop and was rather freaked out by Ollivander. After introductions were made, they immediately started the search for a wand. (Max already has the phoenix wand, does/doesn't make him the BWL.)

After an hour of searching, Harry felt like he had tried every wand in existence. Ollivander, becoming more excited by the prospect of a tricky customer, just waved hiswand causing all the shelves with tried wands to be replaced with untried wands. Harry refused to feel desperate though. He would simply keep trying.

Until finally a wand -Ollivander had stopped describing the materials of the wand after a half-hour- reacted with Harry. A cone of snow came whirling out of his wand, and covered the entire shop. Harry just sighed in relief and was about to pocket it when Ollivander did a double take.

"Excuse me, Mr. Potter, might I see that wand for a few seconds?" Ollivander questioned quietly, piquing Harry's curiosity slightly.

"Here you go, sir." Harry replied, handing over the wand.

"Hmm, 12 and a quarter inch, unyielding. Frozen birch reinforced with pine and a core of crushed Ice Dragon fang; a very powerful wand indeed. It has no specific weaknesses although it does have two strengths: Transfiguration and Charms. Remember Mr. Potter, the wand chooses the wizard. That will be 9 Galleons please." Ollivander replied, placing the wand back into its box.

Harry handed over the money and examined his wand carefully for the first time. It was beautiful. His wand was rather long, and was completely white with gleaming silver effects throughout it. After careful examination, it turned out that the gleaming silver effects looked like runes shimmering through it, though Harry had yet to learn about runes. Flitwick, though, had noticed immediately and caused a pensive expression to fall upon his face.

The wand was completely straight and when Harry made a whip like move, the wand remained as straight as if it hadn't been whipped at all.

"Thank you Mr. Ollivander," Flitwick thanked the wand maker before leading Harry out of the shop. "Well Mr. Potter, I do believe it is time for me to bring you home; you have all your supplies and are ready to go for when school begins. Before we leave though, would you like to stop by the Emporium to look for a familiar?"Professor Flitwick queried, looking up at Harry.

"I'd like to see if I can find an animal that matches me, sir." Harry replied.

Twenty minutes later, Harry and Professor Flitwick were back at Number Four Privet Drive, Harry now the proud owner of a beautiful snowy owl he had yet to name.

"Thank you for your help Professor, see you at Hogwarts." Harry politely bade his future Professor goodbye and headed inside.

"Yes Mr. Potter, it has been a delight meeting with you." Professor Flitwick responded kindly before apparating away.

Appearing at the gates of Hogwarts, Flitwick silently pondered: 'I really hope the boy will be one of mine. He has a very sharp mind and seems to be rather powerful to boot I should see if I can make a bet with Severus about the boy's future placement. The stories Lily and James have been spreading about him are clearly untrue; exactly as I thought.'

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