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Hinata always wondered why it is that the stomach, pink and small and shaped like a bean, somehow managed to fit a large amount of food. Or how it knows where to deposit waste and what can be further used. The stomach is a very unique organ. It has a brain of its own, though, in a way, the same can be said for the heart and liver, or the kidney. However, for some reason, Hinata found herself infatuated with the stomach today. And, as she lay in bed, began to ponder to herself whether t he stomach was soft. Perhaps it was smooth and bumpy. Or rough and rashy. If only, she thought, she could dig her fingers into her tummy.

A hot breath tickled her ear and she could feel Naruto nuzzle his nose into the crook of her neck.

"Good mornin'" he groaned against her skin, tiredly snaking his arm around her to interlock his fingers between hers.

A thick blush crept on Hinata's cheeks and she couldn't help the small gasp that escaped her lips, "G-Good morning..."

Naruto stirred slightly and moved closer to press his body against her back, "You hungry?" he asked, planting a soft kiss to her pulse.

A cool chill ran through her spine and Hinata could practically see the soft hairs in her neck stand up, "I-I'm fine, thank you th-though."

"You sure?" he asked softly into her ear.

"Y-Yeah. My tummy hurts a l-little right now so.."

She could hear a small chuckle behind her and turned slightly to face him.


Naruto moved even closer, his messy golden locks brushing against the silk sheets, "Ne, Hinata-chan...you said 'tummy'"

The blush on her face grew darker,"W-What's wrong with using the word t-tummy?"

Naruto flashed a small grin and leaned in, slowly molding his lips into her full pink ones, "Nothin'" he mubmled against her lips, "I just thought it was kinda' cute."

As he rose, Hinata could not help but stare at his back, and admire the man he had become.

Not too long after the war, Tsunade announced Naruto's parentage to the villagers, and for a while, the entirety of Konohagakure had gone through a period of shame, and emberrasment. Truly, who wouldn't be flustered after having tormented the son of the beloved Fourth Hokage?

Naruto, however, told the villagers to forget about it, that he did not care to dwindle in the past, but instead looked forward to working toward a better future with them. This only triggered even more respect for him, and Naruto easily rose through power. Now, three years later, he was guaranteed the spot as the Sixth Hokage once Lady Tsunade retired the following month. What's even more admirable, is that this jinchuriki would not only become the youngest Hokage at nineteen, but had become the first shinobi to jump through the ranks as genin, to Hokage.

And as the seasons changed so did he, both in body and mind. Naruto's once short spiked gold hair had grown longer, smoothing out his tresses in a very elegant way that made him resemble his father even more. His everlasting sun-kissed skin now coated an attractive slim and toned body, an his cerulean blue eyes shone brighter and more brilliant than ever before.

After having gone through sucha traumatizing war, he hardened emotionally and had a slight problem when it came to trusting people, but even that he could overcome with a little motivation. And Naruto always had that motivation. He'd also matured considerably, though that did not mean he had let go of his old ways-that Naruto was still very much in there. And it had been quite the relief for everyone.


She realized she had probably been staring at him for some time now, and, slightly embarrased, averted her gaze elsewhere.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked sounding slightly worried.

Hinata cowered her head, "G-Gomen, I didn't mean t-to stare-"

"-no, that's not it..." she felt his body kneel down on the bed to her level and placed a warm hand to her forehead, "You're sweaty and burning up."

His other hand moved to her cheek and he gently tilted her head to the side, examining her closely.

"You feel sick?" he asked suddenly.

"W-Well..." she averted her gaze to the side,"I am a l-little nauseous..."

"You been around anyone sick?"

"Not that I-I remember."

Naruto moved his hands down to her shoulders and smiled softly, "Stay here, I'll go make you some tea, 'kay?"


Hinata watched as he disappeared to the next room, his muscles rippling on his shirtless body.

She still couldn't believe this was happening.

Naruto and she...dating...and...stuff. It had been a dream come true. Now that she was with him, she began to wonder why the other village girls had taken so long to see how amazing he was like she did.

Naruto was one of a kind.

Hinata let out a small sigh and sunk into the sheets of his bed. She could detect Naruto's scent and as a result took a hold of one of his pillows and buried her face deep in it. It smelled fresh, like the first morning of a sunny spring day after an endless winter.

She had to admit, she half expected Naruto to smell more like ramen and giggled at the thought.

Her laughter was cut short, however, when a sudden stir hit the pit of her stomach. Instantly her body violently jerked forward and she let out a sharp cough, followed by a desparate gasp for air.


Her petite palm flew up to cover her moUth and she thrust the white bed sheets off her, dashing out toward the bathroom.

Naruto, now dressed in a white long sleeved sweater, stared down worriedly at Hinata and she swore she'd never been so embaressed. Her hand reached up to close the lid and she wrinkled her button nose in distaste at the stench.


She felt him lean down and wrapped an arm around her, helping to lift her up.

She stared at herself for a while in the mirror and noticed for the first time how her cheeks were not as plump, and her eyes not as bright. Had she always looked like this?


Hinat awiped her mouth weakly and turned on the faucet, splashing her face with cool water before reaching for her spare brush and rinsing her mouth.

"I'm taking you to the hospital." Naruto said suddenly, breaking the silence.

She remained quite and spit out the water, taking in a deep breath. Naruto, still behind her, crossed his arms, "I don't think it's a good idea for you to be working at the academy today either."

"B-But I'm fine!"

"Hinata," the blonde sighed, "This is the second time you've gotten sick this week."

Her lips formed a small pout as he wrapped his arms below her thigh and back and lifted her close to his body, carrying her to his bed.

He set her down on the bed and lightly lifted her calp to bring her lips to a porcelain cup of tea.

Funny, she didn't remember him reaching for it.

"It's lemon" he commented as she took a small sip.

"Mmm" she whispered under her breath, holding the warmth close to her chest, "I-It's really good Naruto-Kun."


' Listen uh...I guess I can head over to Hiashi and let him know yo u spent the night, that way you won't have to face his wrath," his grinned jokingly.


"Don't worry, I'm not scared of him anymore."

Hinata smiled softly up at him as he laid her out on his bed, "I still w-want to w-work today."

"No, No, you stay here and rest, I'll let Iruka know you're not feeling well."

Naruto brushed a loose strand from her face, "Please just rest for today, I'll handle everutjing."




Naruto smirked and placed a quick kiss to her forehead.

"I'll be back as soon as I can."

With that, Naruto brushed her head gently before rising to his drawer and pulled on a pair of black pants.

"I've got about three minutes before I go." He announced, climbing into bed with her.

"Hmm" Hinata smiled up at him , resting her head against his chest, "a-arigato for taking c-care of me."

"Ahh 'snothin'" he whispered, digging his fingers in her smooth scalp to play with her silky hair," besides it's my job now isn't it?"