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Spoilers: Season4 -Blue on Blue & Priority on Life

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Sam was holding Jules's hand tightly while she was sitting on a bed with few of pillows under her back.

"Are you comfy?" he asked improving the blanket under which she was laying .

"Sam, I'm fine. I got I.V. with antibiotics so anthrax won't damage my health . I'm just a bit weak because of blood loss. But I'm good now, really. " she smirked to him " I just didn't know that I have to almost bleed to death to hear from you that You love me " she pouted her lips.

Sam rolled his eyes and glanced at Jules.

"You killing me Jules. I thought you know it already" he leaned closer to her and said "After all , you're so good at profiling people"

Jules chuckled blissfully and kissed him softly. At the same moment the door opened and a tall blonde woman came inside.

"Sammy, I though Jules is better now so why you are doing mouth to mouth CPR to her?" sweet voice cut through the silence in the room.

"Nat…" Sam looked a bit confused at his sister "What are you doing here?"

"What I am doing here?" Nathalie threw bags on a chair. "So I can't visit my HOPEFULLY sister-in-law in hospital? " her blue eyes became as large as full moon.

Sam rubbed his neck nervously and glanced at amused of existing situation Jules.

"Thanks for coming, Nathalie" Jules said kindly and looked at sacks " You've been shopping?"

"After all, I won't have come here with empty hands. I brought you something" Nathalie giggled and unpacked first bag. " These hospital pajamas are so scratchy and depressing that I bought you better one. " She showed her light pink with floral pattern pajamas made of soft cotton with a touch of satin.

"Do You like it?" Nathalie was staring at Jules like a child waiting to be praised for eating detested brussels sprouts for dinner.

"It's perfect. Thank you ! " Jules smiled to her.

Nathalie clapped her hands and opened another box . Pleased, she pulled out of the box a tiny, black lace nightdress . Sam whistled when he glanced significantly to Jules. Nat giggled and said:

"I knew Sam would like this one more . So Jules, when you leave the hospital, you can wear THIS at night" She blinked to Jules. " It is so pretty that I bought one for myself too! " Nathalie smiled and showed red nightie. " Sammy I hope you don't mind that I used your credit card. My salary will be on my account next week"

Sam sighed and moaned: "Sure. Keep it as a present from me. But I thought You and Spike…"

"We're just friends. No worries Sammy" Nathalie smiled "I'm not seeing anyone but I couldn't resist to have this nightwear in my drawer. Look how gorgeous it is!" She sighed and she and put it to herself.

"Red suits you" male voice said.

Nathalie looked to door direction and she saw a tall man in EMS uniform.

"Steve!" Jules smiled "It's so nice to see you"

Steve came closer and shook Sam's hand.

"I stopped by to see how you doing" Steve friendly kissed Jules in cheek and turned to Nathalie "I think we don't know each other. I'm Steve Morgan."

Nathalie shook his hand and smiled flirtatiously.

"I'm Nathalie Braddock. Sam's sister." she fluttered her eyelashes coquettishly "Nice to meet you Steve."

"My pleasure." he smiled back " I…I got to go. My shift starts in a bit." He walked to door direction and said "I mean it Nathalie. You look good in red"

When Steve left the room Nathalie jumped on Sam and Jules:

"Who was that Sam? Jules you have to give me his number!"

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