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This is the fifth series in the 'Kingdoms united' series. It is the sequel to 'Kingdoms united, families united, families continued and as the family grows'

Warning 1: Ygraine and Balinor are still alive. Warning 2: Uther will be ooc in this story (sorry if you don't like that) Warning 3: This will be malexmale.

It is Raven's eighteenth birthday and Prince Lucan has arrived to help her celebrate, enter protective Arthur. This story is already finished and has six chapters and I will be updating every two days :)

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It was a beautiful and busy morning in Camelot. Beautiful meaning the weather and busy meaning for the servants who were rushing about inside the castle getting everything ready for the feast that night which is to celebrate Princess Raven's eighteenth birthday. Royals had been arriving for the past two days to come to the celebration, bringing gifts along with them such as jewellery and dresses.

Arthur and Merlin were currently standing on the steps in the courtyard along with Raven who was at the side of Arthur, six year old Nathaniel who was stood in front of Arthur and Merlin, eleven year old Marie-Evie who was stood at the side of Merlin and finally, two year old Natalie who was asleep in Merlin's arms.

King Edward and Queen Catherine were arriving today along with nineteen year old Prince Lucan. Merlin was waiting for Arthur's reaction when they come as Arthur didn't know what Merlin did.

And that was that their now eighteen year old daughter had kept in close contact with Lucan through letters and through the letters and occasional visits over the years, they had both fell in love.

Raven actually confided in her dad the night before that she was worried and perhaps she shouldn't show her excitement of seeing Lucan again. But Merlin reminded her that she is now an adult and if she wanted to show her love for Lucan for all to see then that is what she should do, and let him handle Arthur.

A carriage that held King Edward and Queen Catherine arrived in the courtyard and Prince Lucan rode on his horse following the carriage. As soon as Lucan came into view, Raven picked up the bottom of her dress and ran down the stone steps and hurried along to Lucan who jumped off his horse and held his arms out to Raven who jumped in them and he spun her round making her laugh.

"What the-?" Arthur made to move forwards to follow but was stopped by Merlin's arm. "Do you want our daughter to be as happy as we are?"

"You know I do Merlin."

"Then stay here and use no sarcastic or obvious comments when he comes to greet us. The poor boy is nervous enough as it is."

Arthur turned to look at Merlin. "What about father and Balinor?"

"Their wives will stop them from doing something stupid. Just like I have with you." Arthur smiled and kissed Merlin.

"Still madly in love I see." Queen Catherine said as she saw Arthur and Merlin kissing.

"Of course they are." Nathaniel answered before Merlin or Arthur could.

Catherine and Edward walked up to Arthur and Merlin and shook their hands. "Arthur, Merlin it is so good to see you both and your family again." Edward said as Catherine started to coo over Natalie in Merlin's arms who was starting to wake up.

Edward looked down at Nathaniel. "You're getting taller."

"Of course I am. I grow as I get older."

Edward laughed and looked at Arthur. "Your son is sharp Arthur no doubt he gets that from you."

"Nathaniel is a lot like me, not Arthur. The only thing sharp with Arthur is his sword."

Before Arthur could say something back his youngest daughter started to cry in his husbands arms. Arthur leaned over and took his daughter into his arms and held her close to him, gently rocking her trying to calm her down.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake her." Catherine apologised.

"No matter. She has been sleeping on and off for a couple of days." Merlin explained.

Marie-Eve held Catherine's hand. "I can take you to grandpa if you like."

Catherine nodded and her and Edward followed Evie into the castle.

Raven walked up to her parents with Lucan beside her holding her hand. "I see how happy you make our daughter. I approve of your relationship. As does Arthur." Merlin said, nudging his husband in his side. "Don't you Arthur."

"Yes." he answered tensely before giving his full attention to his youngest who was still crying.

Lucan looked at Merlin who winked and gestured with his head that they both go inside. Leaving just Arthur who was still trying to calm his daughter down who had only calmed down a little and Nathaniel who had just been picked up by Merlin.

Arthur held Natalie in front of him and frowned when she started to tap her head. "What's a matter sweetheart?"

Merlin smirked. He knew what his daughter wanted, his eyes glowed gold and Nathaniel who was sat on Merlin's hip holding on tight started to laugh out loud at his father and Natalie went from crying to giggling madly whist pointing at her father. Arthur swapped arms and held Natalie with his right arm whilst his left arm went up and felt that he had donkey ears. "Merlin get rid of them."

"No. It's what Natalie wanted. That's why she was tapping her head."

"Well she happy now. Please."

Merlin's eyes glowed gold and the ears went and Merlin turned and kissed the pout off Arthur's lips. Nathaniel who was squashed between his parents and could only see his parents kiss smiled. "Kiss me kiss me!"

Arthur and Merlin pulled away from each other and laughed before kissing their son on both his cheeks. "Come on. Lets get the kids inside. It's nearly time for dinner." Merlin said, walking back into the castle followed by Arthur who was chucking Natalie in the air and catching her making her laugh.

Merlin walked into the dining hall and knew that dinner should be interesting. Merlin had already talked to his mum and Ygraine and told them about Raven and Lucan.

At the head of the table sat Uther and Ygraine. Edward and Catherine on Uther's left and Hunith and Balinor on Ygraine's right.

Arthur held the chair out for Merlin who sat next to his father with Natalie on his knee and then Arthur helped Marie-Eve and Nathaniel sit before sitting himself down between Merlin and his son.

"Where is Raven?" Uther asked.

"She'll be here Uther." Ygraine reassured him.

"She won't want us waiting for her lets eat." Merlin said and one by one everyone started to eat.

Ten minutes into the meal the doors opened and Raven walked in with Prince Lucan. "Sorry we're late. I was walking and talking with Lucan and catching up we nearly forget."

"Don't worry sweetheart you're here now." Merlin said and gave Natalie a bit of food before eating some his self.

Raven and Lucan walked over the table opposite Arthur and Merlin and Lucan held out a chair for Raven who smiled.

Balinor stood up and quietly made his way over to Uther to ask for his opinion over what he had been discussing with Hunith to see that Uther had an angry look on his face. Balinor looked over to where Uther was looking and saw Lucan pull the chair out and Raven thanking him as she sat and he then sat himself kissing her hand before helping himself to food.


Balinor looked over and made his way back to Hunith. "What's wrong love?"

"You want sex with me ever again you will put a smile on your face and act that all is well and that you are fine with everything."

Ygraine leaned over to her husband. "Did you just hear what Hunith said to Balinor?"

Uther smiled. "I did."

"Good. Because the same goes for you." Uther and Balinor looked at each other and mumbled before returning to their food.

Merlin scooped some food onto a spoon and went to feed Natalie but she turned her face away and buried her head into Merlin's chest.

When Arthur felt a tug on his arm he turned to see his son. "What's up Nathaniel?"

"What's wrong with Natalie? Why won't she eat?"

"I don't know son. I think your sister might be coming down with something."

"Can't you feed daddy? If you feed daddy then she might let you feed her."

Arthur put his arm around his son and kissed the top of his head. "Well done son."

Arthur retrieved his arm and whispered the idea to Merlin who nodded.

Arthur put some food on a fork and started to feed Merlin. Natalie sat watching her father feed her daddy who smiled and kissed her father after each bite. She sat forward a little and looked at her father who gave her a smile. "can I 'ave some."

"Of course sweetheart." Arthur scooped some up and fed her and kissed her on her forehead when she ate some.

The three kept this up until Natalie's plate was empty. Merlin stood up. "I'm going to take her to Gaius, she probably just has an upset stomach but I want to double check." Merlin excused himself and kissed Nathaniel on top of his head in thanks and left the throne room.

"That was a good idea of getting Natalie to eat Arthur." Uther said.

"It wasn't me who thought of it. It was your grandson."

Nathaniel looked at Arthur. "Father can I go and play with Phoenix please?"

"Of course you can son. But ask Gwaine or Percival first. Last time you both just ran off. You both got us and his fathers panicked."

Nathaniel nodded. "Okay father." he said and excused himself from the dinner table.

"Is that all it is Gaius?"

"Yes Merlin. Natalie just has a cold in her tummy, she will get belly ache with it which won't let her sleep or eat proper with it hurting her." Gaius handed Merlin a small vial. "This will stop her feeling sick and stop the pain. She will need to take some three times a day."

"It's icky."

Merlin laughed and looked at his daughter, "daddy will make it so it taste nice darling, you need to take it to get better."

Merlin took the vial from Gaius and thanked him before leaving the room.

Merlin was gently rocking Natalie in his arms when he turned a corner to see Lucan looking scared as his husband moved closer to him. Merlin walked forward more. "Arthur there you are."

Arthur turned from Lucan and tried to look pleased to see Merlin but Merlin knew he was worried that he just got caught having a go at Lucan when Merlin had told him not to. "I have been to see Gaius, she has a cold in her tummy, he has gave me a potion that she is to take three times a day."

"Will she be alright?"

Merlin smiled at Lucan. "She'll be fine. You go on and find Raven, don't let us keep you."

Lucan nodded and gave Merlin a grateful look and turned and left.

When Lucan was out of sight, Merlin glared at Arthur. "What did I tell you when he arrived this morning?"

"We was having a friendly talk."

"He looked scared Arthur. People who have friendly chats don't look scared. Leave him alone."

"Raven is still my baby girl Merlin."

Merlin moved forwards and held Arthur with his free arm and rested their foreheads together. "I feel the same Arthur. But she is at that age now and whether we like it or not we have to let her go."

"But why at eighteen. I didn't have a serious relationship or have sex until I was with you Merlin."

"I am the same Arthur. I am sure that if we met earlier like Raven and Lucan had, by the time we reached our daughters age we would be celebrating our engagement."

Arthur lifted his hands up to cup Merlin's face a kissed him slowly. "You're right Merlin. I know you are, but it will still take some getting used to."

"I know Arthur. I'm not so bad because I knew of them sending love letters back and forth between visits."


Merlin silently cursed himself for opening his mouth. "Shh Arthur Natalie is asleep, we can't wake her."

"Oh very clever."

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