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Nathaniel who was sat up in bed looked up when his chamber doors opened and smiled when he saw his parents walk in hand in hand.

"Daddy, father, where did you go?"

"Nowhere son." Arthur answered as he sat on the bed and hugged his son. "Your daddy has explained to me that you was in no real danger but I want to know why you did it."

"You said that after a couple of days you and daddy would make up. Only you didn't. I didn't want you both to split up. I saw how you would spend time together. How can you make up if you won't do that? I was talking to Evie and she helped me come up with the idea. Gaius would put me to sleep, Granddad would make me look poorly and you both would be spending time together being near me."

When Nathaniel was up, washed and dressed, Merlin took Arthur to one side. "Merlin what's wrong?"

"My father put a spell on my son to make him look pale and sweat even though he shivered. Now I'm mad."

"No Merlin. What did you tell me before we came in here. Leave it for now. If it was to harm him Balinor wouldn't have done it."

"I suppose. I guess we are to blame really."

"Hey." Arthur held onto Merlin's upper arms. "No one is to blame. Come here." Arthur took Merlin into his arms and hugged him, holding him close with Merlin's head resting on his shoulder.

With Merlin's head to the side resting on Arthur's shoulder, he saw his son smiling at the both of them and smiled back and winked.

It was a couple of days later and even though things had calmed down, Arthur was still upset with his parents and in-laws. Merlin had tried to reason with him but Arthur couldn't get over the fact that they consented to give someone something that would put them to sleep for four days and that someone being their six year old son.

Eventually after two days of not talking, Arthur went and saw his parents and in-laws where they explained and Arthur apologised for his behaviour and all was forgiven and forgotten.

It was now two days after the make up and Arthur shouldn't have been surprised and should have suspected what was to happen that afternoon with Lucan as he saw his daughter and Lucan get closer and closer.

It was in the afternoon when Arthur and Merlin was sat in the royal gardens. Merlin was sat with his legs crossed with little Natalie sat with her back against Merlin's front, wavering her arms and slapping her daddies thighs as she was giggling at the funny faces Nathaniel was making at her.

Arthur was sat next to Merlin, picking strawberries up one at a time and popping them into his mouth, after he had one he would feed Merlin one.

Evie was sat at the side of Arthur reading her book with her hand out feeling around for the food as she wouldn't take her eyes from her book.

Arthur caught Merlin's eye and after Merlin caught Nathaniel's they sat and watched as Evie, without taking her eyes off the page, reached out and went to grab a piece of food. Arthur reached out and quickly grabbed her hand. "Boo."

Evie squealed and jumped as she pulled her hand back and looked from her brother to her daddy who were trying their hardest not to laugh to her father who wasn't even trying.

"Father that wasn't funny."

"Well if you would have looked up from your book then you would have seen me grab you. You have plenty of time to read, this is a family picnic."

"Then where is Raven?"

"She is being measured for new dresses with Grandma and Nana."

Evie set her book aside and started to eat. They sat eating for about twenty minutes before they were interrupted by Lucan. "Lucan are you alright?" Arthur asked when he looked up and saw Lucan looking pale and twisting the hem of his shirt.

"I don't know. I wonder if I can talk to you and Merlin for a moment please? It's important."

Merlin handed Natalie over to Evie who was tickling her and making her laugh as Nathaniel continued to make her laugh harder with his funny faces.

"Lucan? What's wrong?" Merlin asked.

"Um. I want you both to know that I love Raven, with all my heart. I am finding myself lost without her. When I go home I don't focus on things proper because she is not there."

"You love our daughter very much." Arthur said.

"That I do. And I wanted to ask you both for permission to ask for Raven's hand in marriage."

Merlin turned to Arthur. "He had my permission from day one, and you like him now so he has your permission, so why is he asking us?" Arthur shrugged and Merlin turned back to Lucan. "Why are you asking us? You had our permission a long time ago."


"Of course. Lucan I know we are alright now but you have to expect this. Break my daughters heart and I break you."

"I understand. I would never hurt her. I'd die before I let anything happen to her. Thank you. Thank you so much." Lucan shook both of their hands enthusiastically and hurried from the royal gardens with a big grin on his face.

Merlin laughed as he watched him go and kissed Arthur before taking his hand for him to join their kids once more. "What was wrong with Lucan?" Evie asked.

"Nothing sweetheart. Eat up."

Raven was sat in her chambers with different colours of material laid out on the table in front of her when a knock sounded at her door. "Come in." she said, smiling when she saw Lucan enter.

Lucan smiled back and placed a kiss on Raven's cheek. "What are these?"

"I have been measured for some new dresses. The others are starting to bulge where I am getting bigger." When Lucan looked Raven up and down with a frown on his face, Raven smiled and continued. "Bulging around my chest." she explained, giggling when she saw Lucan smile.

"I don't know what colours to choose from, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Cream."


Raven frowned and looked up at Lucan. "Why White?"

Lucan let out the breath he didn't know he was holding and got down on one knee in front of Raven who gasped. "Raven. I love you. Despite our age I fell for you when we first met and my feelings for you have only grown since then. Without you I feel useless, with you I am complete. I don't know what I would do without you for I would be lost. Raven. Will you do me the greatest honour in becoming my wife?"

Raven looked at the diamond ring Lucan was holding and couldn't hold back the tears as she dropped from the chair and onto her knees on the floor as she kissed Lucan hard and flung her arms around him.

"I'll take that as yes shall I, unless you're really getting my hopes up for a devastatingly cruel no."

Raven choked out a laugh. "Yes." she whispered before kissing his lips. "Yes," kiss "yes," kiss "yes."

It was later that evening when Balinor, Hunith, Uther and Ygraine were stood in the throne room. Arthur walked in carrying Nathaniel on his left hip whilst his second eldest daughter Evie was holding his right hand and Natalie was in Merlin's arms who stretched her arms out and wiggled her fingers when she saw Uther who smiled and took Natalie from Merlin, who as soon as she was in Uther's arms, reached up to touch his head. "My qwown."

Uther chuckled and kissed Natalie on the forehead. "Grandpa's crown. I will have one made for you Princess."

"Why have we been called here?" Balinor asked.

"Your eldest granddaughter wishes to make an announcement dad." Merlin said, sharing a knowing smile with Arthur.

"You two know what it is." Ygraine said.

"We have an idea."

Before anyone could say anything else, the doors to the throne room opened and Raven and Lucan walked in, hand in hand.

"What's going on my little seer?" Balinor asked.

"Earlier today after talking to dad and father, Lucan asked me to marry him. And I said yes." she said as she lifted her hand up to show everyone the ring.

Hunith and Ygraine squealed in delight as they took they granddaughter in their arms.

"Can I be bridesmaid?" Evie asked.

"Me too." Natalie squealed from Uther's arms.

Once free, Raven hugged her parents in turn. "I'm happy for you darling." Merlin said.

"Me too sweetheart." Arthur said, agreeing with his husband.

Raven took Nathaniel from Arthur. "Would you like to look after the rings for me and Lucan whilst we are getting married?"

"Yes please."

Merlin wrapped his arms around Arthur. "It looks like we will have two celebrations next year."

"What's that?"

"Our daughters wedding. And you fortieth."

Arthur groaned and buried his face in Merlin's neck.

"What's wrong Arthur?" Ygraine asked, looking at her son.

Arthur kept his face in his husbands neck so Merlin answered. "I have just reminded him that he turns forty next year."

"I have a son who is nearly forty? That makes me feel old." Uther said. Ygraine looked at her husband. "Well you look it so you might as well feel it."

Staying in each others arms Arthur and Merlin looked at their daughter who looked happy in Lucan's arms and they couldn't help but think. Their daughter is now getting married. And whether they like it or not, she is all grown up.

The end.

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