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She's been standing here for a while now.


She's clutching desperately onto pale hand. It's cold, and she grips harder.


She wants to say something, anything. But whenever she opens her mouth all that escapes is a whimper, if anything escapes at all. But the girl in the bed is alive, she keeps reminding herself. The slow rising and falling of her chest and the consistent beeping should be enough to tell her that, but it's not. Instead all it does is remind Rachel that Quinn's life is hanging by a thread. She scans her body, examining any bits of injury that she can see. The most noticeable thing was that her already pale skin has lost a lot of its color. Miraculously her face looked, with the exception of a few cuts and bandages, unharmed. Rachel tried to focus her brown orbs on that part of her.

The blonde looked so beautiful and peaceful. Almost as though she was glad that she might be able to escape all the horrible things that have happened to her in the past few years. Memories flashed through Rachel's mind.

Her pregnancy, getting kicked off the Cheerios, being disowned by her parents. She though back to her selfish decision to reveal that Puck was the father; remembered how she had given up her daughter, a daughter that she would scheme to get back later. Rachel thought on how Quinn had only tried to steal Beth back because, just like her bid for winning Prom Queen, it was something that made her feel important; made her feel special.

The sound of footsteps distracts her, and she turns to the doorway. She sees a nurse come in to inform her that visiting hours will be over in five minutes. The brunette nods and waits for the nurse to exit.

"Hey, Quinn," she stutters out. "I'm going to have to leave soon, but um…as you can see," she lets go of the blondes hand and gestures at her attire. "I'm still in my gown." She had run out the moment she had heard the news. "I- I canceled the wedding." Rachel clutches Quinn's hand once more. "Finn wanted to postpone it until you were better, but- but I just can't." Her free hand travels up to her face to wipe away her tears, smudging up her makeup in the process. "I guess should be happy," she tries to joke. "I know you didn't fully support my decision, but I do appreciate that you decided to come. But maybe if you hadn't- if I hadn't been so insistent- if I hadn't texted you, then you might not…" She chokes down a sob. "I'm so sorry Quinn." She leaves, unable to stay a minute longer.

The following day at school is unbearable. Everyone already knows, and there isn't a single place in the building that Rachel can go without hearing someone saying something about the accident. It makes her sick; made her feel the need to throw up despite not having a gag reflex. Apparently is showed because on more than one occasion she was asked by her teachers if she was feeling well. At first she insisted that she was fine, but by her third period she resigned to spend the rest of the day in the nurse's office. It did her body well; she didn't get much sleep the previous night and had instead spent most of it going downstairs to grab several glasses of water.

The final bell rang, and although Rachel still had Glee Club to attend she decided to just skip it in favor of visiting Quinn. She exited the nurse's room and made a quick trip to her locker. She spun out the combination and whatever books she'd need her homework that she probably wouldn't even start on. "Berry!" She heard from over her shoulder. Rachel turned on heel to face a fuming Santana. The Latina shoved her rough against the cold steel causing the brunette to drop her belongings. "This is your fault, you bitch! You and your stupid fucking wedding!" A worried Brittany ran up and wrapped her arms around Santana, frantically trying to pull her off the tiny diva. "If it wasn't for you she'd still be okay!"

"San, Stop!" The taller girl had managed to drag her to the opposite end of the hall. "You promised you wouldn't hurt Rachel."

"Let go of me Britt! It's her fault!"

"No, you promised and Quinn wouldn't like it if you hurt her."

"Well I'm pretty sure she wouldn't like being in a hospital either! You should be the one in there!" she shrieked at Rachel. "You, not her!" The diva flinched at the words then ran away, leaving her possessions scattered along the floor.

The brunette rounded a corner then tossed herself in the closest restroom. Thankfully it was empty. Rachel entered one of the stalls and locked it. She put the seat down, and despite how unsanitary it was she sat down. She brought her legs up and wrapped her arms around them, pressing them against her chest. She began to cry. Nothing was right, and it was all her fault. And to a larger extent she began to believe that all of Quinn's pain was somehow her fault.

"Rachel?" It was Brittany. "Rachel, are you in here?"

"Leave me alone!" Rachel sobbed.

"Rachel." The blonde approached the door and tried to open it. "Open up, Rach. Santana's not going to hurt you anymore." Rachel didn't answer. "Rachel, I'm not leaving until you come out."

"Why not?" Santana was right!" She yelled from inside the stall. "Quinn's shouldn't be in there," she continued, her voice softening. "I should." She returned to sobbing.

"I'm not leaving because I don't want you to do something stupid!" Rachel froze and the previous week flashed before her. "We'd miss you, Quinn especially. She'll get better," she reassured. "So, come out." She heard the sound of flats hitting the floor and managed a weak smile. "That's better." Rachel unlocked the stall. She went up to Brittany and gave her a warm embrace.

"Thanks Brittany," she stuttered out.

"No problem Rach," she pulled back. "Are you okay now?" The brunette nodded, not trusting her voice to cooperate. "Okay, see you in Glee?"

"Actually, I was planning on going to see Quinn."

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Yeah, tomorrow."

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