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"Germany! Germany!" Italy rushed into the room of his best friend. The other barely looked up. "Was?" "Japan and I are going to a picnic. Are you coming?" "No." Italy´s jaw dropped open. "What? Why not?" "Because I have work to do." Germany responded, never taking his eyes of the sheet of paper. "Oh…well, we´ll be over by France if you want to join us." With that the Italian skipped out. France. Now he definitely didn´t want to join them.

"Dude! What took you so long?" America complained, switching the hands carrying the basket. "Sorry! Sorry! I asked Germany if he wanted to join." "What did he say?" "No." Japan nodded, not having expected anything else. "He seemed sad." The others didn´t really care and so the almost complete axis and allies made their way down the hill.

Germany slowly stood up. His eyes were staring at the sheet of paper but wasn´t seeing it. He walked to the door, his face like a ghost´s and his movements similar to a sleepwalker´s. Or zombie. The German walked up to his attic. He stumbled through the dust filled room, trying to find the box. The one, black and covered with pictures of him and her…together, spending moments together, making wonderful, warm memories.

Wait, it was right there, in the corner. Germany rushed towards it, tripping over things on his way. Her blue eyes still sparkled, her smile was still lighting his world. The officer kneeled in front of her box. Delicate fingers slid over the name, Hannah Mary Beillschimdt. His daughter. A lonesome tear slid down his dusty cheek as he opened the box. Germany had collected her memories in here. Her baby shoes, diary, jewelry, her Sunday dress, photo album, a peacock feather and her diamond stone that she had found on a hike together. Today was Hannah´s birthday.

Ludwig had tried not to cry but now even all of his self-control couldn´t help. He began sobbing into her favorite dress, taking in the wonderful smell of grass, flowers and rose perfume. All of the sudden he felt a hand on his shoulder. Germany jumped, ready to strike the attacker, only to find his older brother Prussia standing there. "Again? You had these depressions last year." "Birthdays repeat every year if you hadn´t noticed, Bruder." The younger one snapped.

"Sorry! I was just saying!" Prussia responded, feeling a bit irritated by the response to his kindness that he wanted to express. Ludwig just turned back to the box, staring at the sixteen-year-old´s face. "She was angel! She didn´t deserve the pain!" His brother sat down next to him. "That´s what the doctors said." Germany huffed, then put the items back into the box. Prussia offered his hand.

The other took it and his older brother put an arm around his shoulder. "We could visit her grave." He suggested. "Danke." Was the response.

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