Another bright day had passed in the Pokemon World, and as for Aqua, she is just relaxing the nice weather that the Sun had gave out. It has been a long time since Aqua and her friends had met The Bandicoots, Dr. Cortex and his minions, and Kirby and his pals plus his lil' sis. Things were going great for Aqua untill...

Aqua: (Trembling) Whoa! Wh-Wha- What's going on?

The ground shook violently as some weird stump that had a glowing surface right smack dab in the center of it appeared, it was something that Aqua never laid eyes on. The hole was swirling with colors and it was too tempting for Aqua, so she decided to take a peek at what it could be. Aqua stared at it like as if she were in a trance, so she decided to test something out. Aqua took a leaf from a branch of the tree that she was laying on, then she carefully placed it on the center of the gaping hole. Then the unthinkable has happened! The leaf fell through what appears to be a vortex, the leaf fell through as it was no longer to be seen.

Aqua: This...this is unbeliveable! I gotta tell the others!

As Aqua left to fetch her friends to show the discovery that she found, it appears that the leaf that Aqua dropped was not gone, it landed into the middle of Wumpa Island, where Crash, Coco, Crunch, Polar and Pura, and their loyal mask guardian Aku Aku had noticed that the leaf from Aqua's world came to them!

Coco: (Surprised) This came out of that portal?

Crunch: You mean that you're telling me that this stump can only send out leaves?

Polar: *Arf!* (Maybe so..)

Aku Aku: Now hold their Crunch, something tells me that this leaf is not from our world.

Coco: I'll run a scan to see where it came from.

Pura: *Meow!* (I'll help too Coco!)

As Coco and Pura went back into the lab, Crash woke up and notices the stump that came out of Beach. He takes a close look at that swirling colors when all of the sudden...

Crash: (Puts his hand on the Portal)

The portal reacted as Crash touched it and then was sucked down into it!

Crunch: Crash NO!

Crunch tried to grab Crash, but he was too late. The portal had already sucked him down as Aku Aku and Polar exchange their worried faces.

Polar: *Arf...* (Crash?)

Aku Aku: Oh this is not good, what if my evil twin brother and Dr. Cortex could be planing this?

Crunch: (Looks down) I don't know what to say then...

Coco: Ok I'm back!

Pura: *Meow!* (We got some good news!)

Crunch: (Worried) Coco, what were the results?

Coco: Guys what's wrong? You all look worried.

Aku Aku: Crash had went inside that portal my making contact on it's surface! And we are worried that if Uka Uka and Dr. Cortex are behind all of this.

Coco: There's no need to worry guys, the results are good.

Crunch: What do you mean?

Coco: Appearanty, this leaf that came out of the portal is from Aqua's world.

Crunch: (Sighs with relief) Thank heavens...

Pura: *Meoowww!* (Well at least we can vist them again, along with my best Pokemon buddy, Sky)

Coco: Come on let's go find Crash!

As the good news came out, Coco, Crunch, Polar, Pura, and Aku Aku jumped in the glowing center of the stump, (Actually Aku Aku hovered down) and dissapeared in the glowing center of it, however little did they know is that they were being watched...

?: Come on mates! Dr. Cortex is surely gonna love to hear this!

End of Part 1