Ridu paused outside the Jedi Council chambers as he looked out over the balcony to the area below him. Corasont was a beautiful place and it calmed his mind but at the same time he felt some ominous feeling that he could not place. It was, he believed, given to him by the force and he had very little, if any, idea as to who or what could be causing it. He took in a deep breath and sighed finally deciding that he would guard himself to prepare for it but not worry over what it was. It would eventually show itself, all he could do was be as ready as possible.

He focused his mind and took in a breath centering himself and preparing his mind. He would not allow his mind to run wild with suspicious ideas and wondering. Those things would not work, all that would was the focus that there was only the Force and no emotion only peace.

He nodded to himself and opened the doors to the council chamber. Several seats were empty, only five council members were physically present, three others were there via hologram.

"Master Ridu. Welcome to Corosaunt. How are you feeling?" a Miralukan woman, Master Shia Norvar, asked.

Ridu did not hide his disappointment at himself. "Rather shaken, I admit I have a great amount of concern for Gaylen and his safety. I know there is only the Force but as a friend and companion I cannot hide the fact that I am concerned for his well being."

"Do not let your concern hinder your judgment." Another, a Cathar male, Master Talic Varesh, spoke.

"I will not Master Talic. I sense a foreboding in the Force. Almost a warning that something is about to happen. That something is coming. That is why I am worried for him, worried that he might be alone somewhere and unable to defend himself. But I will not let it cloud my mind. Galen is strong. The force will protect him." he said with a finality that was more to convince himself than the council.

"Can you tell us what happened?" a hologram of a Twi'lik asked.

Ridu nodded and began the entire explanation of what happened on board the Blazing Dawn. The High Council sat in silence listening to him patiently interjecting and asking questions here and there, sometimes asking for explanation of what he saw or if he could compare it to something previously seen. Finally at the end the entire room was filled with silence.

"Is there anything else you can add to the tale?" Talic asked.

Ridu paused and closed his eyes thinking over what he had said and they had asked, thinking and trying to remember if he missed anything. Finally he shook his head. "No masters. It is as I said. They came out of nowhere, not even the Force could detect them."

"Is that even possible?" A female human spoke through the hologram. Master shaira Yargua asked.

Talic shook his head. "There are races that can block the force with abilities but for an entire ship to be immune is rather strange. We should look into this. It gives us a valuable piece to a puzzle that we did not know before and it could save many lives in the future. You have done well Ridu."

Ridu nodded and gave a bow. "I thank you Masters." he said as they dismissed him. He gave a low respectful bow and turned away and left. He walked out into the main central area and looked around. The sun was bright and warm and he felt its rays fill him with calm. It was a good day, which made the strange feeling in the back of his mind all that more Dark. He turned and looked over at the people as they walked around as various students met with each other and several people went in for the council of the Jedi Order.

It was a good day, but the feeling in the Force was not something that would allow itself to be ignored no matter what one thought or did. Gaylen was much stronger in the force than Ridu was, he could only imagine what Gaylen would be saying about this feeling he had been getting. A rolling sensation like thunder from far away rippling through the Force, it was not a comforting feeling.

The sensations had suddenly appeared out of nowhere a few hours ago and, though it had started small the intensity had grown to proportions that made Ridu fear for Gaylen, for he did not tell the Masters this but he believed, no. He KNEW that Gaylen, wherever he was, was now in the middle of this strange storm.

"You sense it as well Ridu?" A soft voice spoke from behind him.

He turned to find a Miralukan woman with a red silk cloth for her mask. He looked at her and watched as she moved to stand next to him looking up at the sky.

"The sky is normally a soft shade of colorlessness. But now it is rippled and full of a conflux of colors." she said turning, "I do not like these ripples in the Force. Something has happened somewhere far far away and we are now sensing it."

He turned to her. "Master Ts'allia. You are more adept in the force than I. Tell me. Where does it come from?"

"I am not sure. It feels as if it is from not our galaxy but another." she replied reaching out. "But it is faint because it is coming from so far away."

"Is that possible?" Ridu asked. "Can we sense that which is happening in the Force from a great distance away?" Ts'allia shook her head unsure. "I do not know this. But the Force is in all, it flows through all. I do not believe that there can be a place where the Force does not exist and as such I believe that it is possible for us to, if the ripples are strong enough, feel disturbances in the Force from great distances away."

Ridu looked down. "We should share this with the council." he said turning. "If we are sensing something from another Galaxy then it means that something is wrong."

"Ridu. Do not let your emotions..." Ts'allia said turning to follow him but he stopped and looked at her. "It is not my emotions that are pushing me. It is the Force. The more I stand here doing nothing but musing on what is going on the more I feel like I should be going to where it is happening and doing something about it!" he said turning and moving back to go speak with the Council. Gaylen... Do you feel it too? Do you feel the tension in the Force? How strong is it where you are? Gaylen, Please be safe. Trust in the Force. I will be there soon.