I wanted to submit something short and simple for the Deception series category before I finish my crack pairing one-shots and whatnot. Biggenize (made-up words ftw!) the text size so it seems longer than it is! :D

This is from Alicia's PoV.


How horrific it is to watch your father die again. Mine died right before my eyes. Both times, they were by somebody else. I had unwillingly taken so many people's lives; I'm glad that I wasn't the one to take his soul. He would finally be able to join Mother again.

Still, I have never felt more betrayed. Of all the people that would turn against me – whether it was personal or they had a grudge against me – this had pained my heart the most. Why would Father use me – use his own daughter – as a weapon for the fiend? To bring back Mother? No, not like this. It was immortal and wrong. Mother would have never wanted this.

Even so, watching him lying on the cold ground, bleeding profoundly from his wound, I couldn't help but cry. Father was one of the last things that I had left in this world. All I had left was Rachel, but it still wasn't the same. Father was always with me, even longer than Mother. He would take me on walks as a child to show me his kingdom and proudly claim, "Someday, this will all be yours."

When did my father become so corrupt? Was the greed of man truly this terrible? Why did it have to infect him, plague him like a deadly illness? He was once so loving, and he would have never placed his family in turmoil.

Instead, he lies dead before me once again.