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Prologue: Miltian Conflict

CLOVER, it was the most popular bar in Miltia; it had the best spirits and the best entertainment. And by entertainment that meant the hostess. The boss of the bar was also the singer as well. Her songs were the essence of beauty, as well as her appearance. She was a goddess with the voice of a siren.

Twisting and turning like leaves in the sunlight

That float on the breezes that blow through my dreams.

Endlessly drifting through changes of seasons,

I look back and see the dreams I once had are gone

Like the sand.

Her outfit this time was extravagant. She wore a black dress with a diamond shape cut in the middle, showing a bit of her breast and stomach, ending into the shape just inches underneath her belly-button. It was sleeveless and the color was high and hugged her neck in frills of black, beads draping her shoulders. The front of the dress was cut short while it extended out in the back, beads on the end of the dress. On her right thigh was a black corsage with black beads dangling from it. And extending from her back were black bead covered devil wings. (Outfit worn by Oruha in the Manga "Clover" by CLAMP.)

Tossing and turning in sleepless surrender

I think of my whole life and what might have been.

Watching the moments that slip through my fingers,

I look back and see the time I once had is gone

Like the sand.

Despite her dark look her face was that of an angel, her long sunset pink hair glittering in the spotlights that shined down on her, and her lavender eyes opening every so often to show off how beautiful diamonds could be. And her silk lips painted black, contrasting against the pure whiteness of her dove milk skin. And to the right corner of her eye, a clover painted upon her face.

"Ah, you're back."

A man sat in one of the bar stools and did not mind saying anything as the Realian at the bar walked away, only to return a minute later with the drink that he always ordered.

"Here to see Miss Clover before you head out?"

When I close my eyes at last

And the night holds me in a spell I know

Nothing can change for me and I cry

'Where is the love I long to know!'

Miss Clover, it was what people called her around the area, an area torn by war. The only salvation that anyone could find was with her in the arms of her voice.

No memoires of love,

No hearts filled with joy,

Only dreams that have dried and again I see memories

Of sand.

Jin sat there for a moment, enjoying the last of the music until the quiet applause hissed in the air and he knew that it was over

"Yeah, it may be the last I hear it."

"Now, Jin."

Jin turned to see Miss Clover standing right behind him in all hear beauty, her voice washing over him like the sweetest of perfumes, not to strong and not to intoxicating. It was a voice of innocence.

"You know that you are one of the most skilled fighters in the Special Forces, with the will to live."

"Oh, and what is my will?"

Clover sat down and thanked the Realian for her cocktail drink, "Why your family of course," she spun the liquid in her glass a few times and then turned to him, "and me…I hope."

He chuckled and took a sip of his drink before kissing her on the cheek, "You are always in my heart, Clove."

Make my wish come true

Let darkness fade to light

It was not long before Jin and Clover were out on the streets, the wings of her dress shed to allow her better movement. Jin watched as children crowded around the beautiful woman. They had been dragged into the war, homeless and starving. It was Clover that provided them with food and water, and shelter at her club when it closed at night.

Show me there's still hope

Show me it's not over

"You do know that it can be dangerous doing this, especially at night."

Battles we can win

Our struggle lies within

"Come now, Jin, who would come to the slums of Miltia? We are of no importance to the soldiers in the city. We are nothing but street urchins looking for homes to call our own, food to quiche our hunger and water to fill our broken throats."

Will we live to greet the dawn?

"But you are still people of Milita all the same" he took her arm and turned her to face him, "Why not come back Clover? You have a home waiting for you and-" he cut himself off and looked away, taking his hand off her and taking a few steps back.

She smiled and placed a hand on Jin's cheek and raised his face eye level to her own before taking it away.

Love will not leave you

Hate will not heal you

"My dear, we were thrown from Miltia the day they dubbed us a menace to society," Clover turned and waved to the children as they left with the bundles of food she had given them, "the homeless have no place in the city…but I still hope for the day when the two of us can live side by side."

Jin walked over to her and enveloped her in a passionate kiss. And for some reason he had the odd feeling that this would be the last he got to kiss those silk lips.

Promise me one day

That peace shall reign.

Clover walked the streets once again. Jin had left to prepare for another battle, and in her heart and mind she sent prayers that he would be okay. She turned a corner just as black car pulled up behind her. She barely had the time to scream as strong hand grabbed her, she only had a few seconds to struggle before intense pain hit her gut and all went black.

When she came to, barely conscious, she could faintly hear the beeping of machines and the voices of people. She was sitting in something, wires connected to her body, and something was over her eyes.

"Quite the beauty, I can see why those people find her the Goddess of Salvation."

"And she will be our salvation once she sings for us like the canary that she is."

What was going one? What did they want? She tried to speak but her voice was not working.


Pain shot through her whole being. She screamed as flashes suddenly went through her head. She suddenly heard herself singing, something compelling her to do it. The sound of her voice made Clover want to cringe at the pure sorrow in it. She saw a world so old, a planet that appeared to be a stunning blue jewel, people kneeling before a figure who glowed with such compelling light. She saw them scream as this figure was cut down, she saw tears, she saw struggle…she saw death.

"Make sure that you record it all!"

"Sir, look at this!"

"What is it?"

"…My God, what is happening to them?"

"Sir, the guards they're…!"

Screams, all she could hear were screams and wet sloshing sounds. Like someone was eating. Without warning the thing over her eyes was yanked upward. She looked around to see herself in a white room, a large glass window before her. And what was beyond that window made her shriek in horror and fear. Realians they were feasting on the flesh of humans, and some humans were destroying everything in sight.

They had obviously not noticed her and she took it that the glass was soundproof, but on her end she could still here them through the intercoms in the room. The sound of flesh ripping apart and wet sounds of the blood flinging this way and that, the screams, it nearly had her retching then and there.

With her shaking hands, she carefully removed the wires in her arms, torso and legs. She was completely nude and the little holes that the needles, on the end of each of the wires, left behind were bleeding. As she took them out she watched for the…things outside. Hoping that the glass was unbreakable as well.

When the stinging pain was over and the wires were out she got out of the chair that she was in and tried to think of a way out. She began to walk around the room and realized the only way out was out of the door to where the 'things' were at. Honestly, she did not know what else to call them.

Her heart sunk at the thought. She would be torn to shreds the moment that door opened. And just as she finished her thought the bolt lock door did exactly that. She gasped, her entire being shaking as it waited to be attacked and eaten just like those outside.

But nothing came in.

She waited a bit more until she looked at the window to see them still entertained with destroying things and eating. She fearfully took a step forward, then another, then quickened them so that she stood at the door. She could see that the lock on the door had been broken. She gasped as one of those' things' came up to her, only to pass her by and run to another machine, laughing crazily as he destroyed it.

She tried to not cry out at the sight of the dead bodies, or as she took a bloodied lab coat from a female's body, praying for the poor woman's soul just briefly. Her mind producing a saddened thought as the girl appeared to be in her early twenties. So young.

Clover put the coat on, closing all the buttons to hide her nudity, and walked towards the doors; she unlocked it and quickly walked out, careful not to make a noise. She then pressed the lock mechanism on the card scanner at the side of the door, locking it from the outside.

She rushed down the halls, noticing that no one was walking about, the building was totally empty. It was not until she reached a lobby on one of the floors that she took the time to pause and look out a window, attracted to a faint reddish gold glow that glimmered outside.

Gasping at the sight, she looked over the carnage happening outside. Everywhere her eyes looked people were running in chaotic hoards, fires broke out and the light of gun fire flared in the streets. But the one evident thing she was sure of…was that her voice was heard in the air, though muted, she still recognized it well.

Frowning, she wondered why, what purpose did her voice have, why? What had those people done?

Concluding that it was not the time to play twenty questions with herself, she looked at maps on the walls as she tried to find her way out. Nearly ten minutes later she was standing in streets that were covered in blood and the torn corpses of humans. People, crazed and laughing like maniacs, were running around destroying things and Realians armed with weapons fired on those not infected. Clover cringed, shutting her eyes as a woman and her baby were shot into Swiss cheese by a Special Forces soldier.

Special Forces?


Had the battle broken out while she was asleep?

Clover ran through the city. She had to find a communicator that was operational, she had to reach Jin and tell him, she had to get too little Shion. She just hoped that Febronia could protect her till she or Jin got there.

All survivors not infected, please report to the evacuation center near you immediately!

The message was repeated by the large screen on a building as people ran this way and that, trying to escape the bloodshed. Clover passed though them all, trying to not get stampeded on as she made her way to the slums.

Shion would go to two places to be safe. The old church, which was hidden minutes from the city, or the hospital where her parents were.

Shion would immediately go to the Church, she was sure of it. She ran down the roads, crying as she heard the screams of people she had known all her life. She wanted to help them, but Shion was the main priority on her mind.


Clover stopped and turned to see Josh, a bouncer at her bar, with a child in his arms. The child looked unharmed but Josh had a gash to his right side of his stomach and a bite in his throat, a chunk of flesh missing. He was bleeding out and looked ready to keel over.

"This is the only one I found," he said as he handed the little boy to her.

Clover looked down at the boy and saw that he was a Realian, but not like most that she had seen. Had he not been infected by…whatever it was?

"I found him trying to help some people to safety. Everyone was really surprised to see a Realian not infected like all the others. He led a lot of us to the escape pods, but got hurt by the other crazed Realians. I came back to help, seeing as I could not let him die after saving all those kids."

"So, most of everyone is safe?"

"Yeah…some of us at least. Clover where have you been, you were gone for a whole week, the battle has been going on since your disappearance. Jin kept calling when he could but we lost contact today when…all this happened."

Clover lowered her head, clutching the child close. Suddenly, she and Josh heard growls and looked to see Realians making their way over to them, their bodies jerking and twitching as they moved like newborns learning to take their first steps. They were screaming and waving

Their arms around, blood dripping from their mouths and staining their uniforms.

"Run Clover, get to safety!"

Clover gasped as Josh pushed her aside as the Realians jumped on top of him and began biting at him. She could not move as she watched him get eaten. His screams of utter torture froze her in place, her eyes dead cast on his form as the Realians chomped at his bony flesh,

Ripping it off and throwing blood about as if they were digging into a delicious cherry pie that had a prize hidden inside. And they all wanted first dibs.


That did it. She took off like a speeding bullet. 'This is not happening,' she thought. All her friends, the people she thought of as family were dying without any explanation to the cause. Just as she got to the Church she heard gun shots and gasped as Shion ran up the hill her way.


The little girl looked up with tears in her eyes, "Clover!"

Clover was practically tackled by the girl, nearly dropping the Realian child. Shion cried into clovers coat.

"Feb…Febronia she…a-and t-the ma-man…!"

Clover knew immediately what she was going to say. She had to guess that Feb gave her life for her and the shots must have been from that soldier that Feb had saved.

"Shion we have to go."

Shion nodded, "Mommy and daddy are still at the hospital."

Clover gave a silent curse before nodding and they began making they're way back to the city. On Clover's account it was reluctant.

Clover set the boy down and hid him so that he would not get attacked. She did not want to bring him in the building after all that he had done. The hospital was riddled with corpses, the walls painted with blood, like some sick idea of a horror flick. Minutes earlier, Shion ran inside without even pausing to think what she may be getting herself into, yelling for her parents. Clover ran in after she dubbed the boy well hidden. Running to where Mrs. Uzuki's room was she made it there in minutes.

However, when she got to the room it was a sight that she would rather have not seen. Mr. Uzuki leaned against the wall, his stomach and intestines half eaten and hanging out of a big gapping hole in his stomach. The bodies of Realians that had worked in the hospital lay everywhere, dysfunctional and partially destroyed. And little Shion sat by her mother's corpse that looked like someone had played dissection with it, Clover had to turn away at the sight of the now dead woman's face, completely gone as if someone had fired a shotgun point blank at her face, blowing it clean off.

"Please stop, why won't it stop?"

Shion was trying to stop the blood that was coming out, her hands reaching into her mother's body, trying to put the pieces back in, trying to save her mother, not caring that it was pointless.


Clover took a few steps toward her.

"Stop it!"

"Shion?" she asked.


Clover was blown back by a bust of light and crashed against the wall, falling unconscious.

"Clove! Clove!"

Clover woke up groggy and looked into obsidian eyes.


"Oh, thank the heavens."


"She's lying next to us, we have to go."

Jin helped her stand and then picked up Shion. The two then ran out of the room into the hall.

"The sky…its crimson!" Clover cried out in alarm as she looked out the window as she tried to keep up with the man.

Jin said nothing and just grabbed her hand and ran faster. When they got to the entrance Clover moved to where she hid the boy and smiled when she saw that nothing had noticed him. She picked him up and headed out of the building after Jin.

Frowning she looked up and saw things floating in the sky and watched in shock and puzzlement. They floated like specters in the crimson ocean sea above, and wailed like whales coming up to the surface of their sea barring home. But ominous was all she saw in them.

"What are they?"

"I…don't know. C'mon!"

Jin led them to an E.S. that he had found, Jin got in the front seat with Shion, while Clover took the seat above. The children were placed in their laps as they buckled up. The cockpit closed and the systems turned on. Jin moved the controls with ease, lifting the E.S. into the air and making for outer space. Once amongst the shimmering stars Clover and Jin watched as their home was lost to them, forever.

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