Manifesting Loneliness

Along with the gift of being an Empathic, Jasper has another "gift"! This comes in the form of a "Pixie"" which has followed him around for the last 20 years, unseen by anyone other than him. It began as a tiny blue spark that hung near him and through time morphed into a giggling infant. As time passed the "Pixie" grew up and eventually transformed into the most beautiful pale blue pixyish female he had ever seen, so much so that he couldn't help but fall in love with her.

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And he was like, "Dude, you need to cut back on the caffeine."
Christopher Moore,

My ever loving odd play list: I had to listen to a little Dr Demento to get my Emmett on…

Kill the Wabbit - Ozzy Fudd

The Drunk Scotsman - ?

Walk of Shame – Jimmy Fallon

10. The Toddler Year

"Emmett are you sure this will work?" I ask Emmett as he approaches me in the "class room" also know as the attic training room for the new born.

He has a box full of various sizes plastic bags and a crazy look on his face. Emmett is my baby sitter for the day. I have been banned from group hunting. A well fed Alice is an amorous Alice. So it is either an all girl hunt or Jasper and Alice gets it on hunt. I like those hunts the best.

Emmett really is the best baby sitter you could have. He is always fun and very creative when it comes to games. He will defiantly keep you busy.

When he has baby sitting duty our thing is to watch campy 80's movies and play his latest and grossest games. Well, I try to play his games. It's his theory that he can desensitize me from killing people if I find killing abhorrent on the video games. This is Em logic, go figure. Why would they put a game on the market where kids can decapitate some one with full life like blood splatter? The world now days is kind of screwy.

"We have kept you from all contact with people. So I thought we could start desensitizing you."

"Desensitizing me?"

"Yep," he grins like a loon. "So I went around town and stole some clothes."

"Oh My God, Emmett, are you nuts? If you get caught people are going to think your some mad peeping tom. How did you get, when, how?" I'm loosing my marbles and speech skills.

"Chill itty bitty, just work with me here. Its gonna work see we are going to set a goal. What do you want to do first when your rabid time is up?"

I'm quick to reply to that one, "Fashion Week in New York and I'm not rabid you big jerk"

"Tell that to the first human you bite. You're going to get a whiff of one of those blood bags and turn into a snarling rabid little rabbit. If you go public the big guys in Volterra is going to be like "kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit." He sings the Elmer Fudd song and runs from me.

I have to pursue, because that is like what your supposed to do when a big brother is teasing you. Good thing the attic room runs the whole length of the house so we have the room. He runs by the box he placed on the floor earlier and grabs a bag. I almost caught him but he opened the bag and wham, the smell hit me. Yum! Let's eat! The scent is amazing. My mouth waters, venom drips from my chin. I want to roll in the scent.

"See, now you know what I mean. If you had a human walk in now,"

"Emmett, Emmett, lets order a pizza guy!" I squeal and clutch my appetizing treasure to my nose.


"Well, I think Emmett has a good idea." Jasper smiles down at me. I'm still clutching the training t-shirt to my nose it has almost lost the scent. "I mean when I was in the army we used violence and fear to curtail behaviors we deemed…." I've tuned him out again. Oh he is sexy as heck and when he gets into his lecture mode I just want to molest the teacher but at the moment we are having a family gathering so it would be awkward.

"She has a goal!" This was from Emmett. Hopefully this will stop the lecture. He looks over at me and we share a smile. We are on the same wave length.

"Good, good idea. Set some goals. I like this. The clothing idea was also a good one Emmett. How you got the clothing could lead to trouble though." Carlisle smiles at us the proud papa and scientist. You can see he is itching to get his note books out and start scribbling.

Rose picks a bag out of the box with two fingers. "Looks like you have enough training material to keep you out of peoples houses and trouble for a while."

Emmett is proud of his idea and willing to share. "Well I had Alice's gift to help. I told her which house and she did a little look see in her head and no trouble. I picked up some no scent at the outfitters and sprayed the bags once I got the items in and sealed."

"Very well thought out son"


"You big burley jerk!"

Give me back my ear!"

"Skid marks; you give me a pair of dirty boxers with skid marks!"

*** / ***/***/***/***


"What the HELL were you thinking taking her to a concert?" Rose is in full rant. "A concert! With people! Blood bags on legs! She is freaking six months old!"

Emmett and I are sitting at the unused dining room table. The others including Jasper are on the other end of it with the exception of Rose who is stalking around the room ranting at the top of her lungs.

"But Rose," slap, "Rose," Emmett looks up at his wife only to dodge the next blow coming for him. "Rose, calm down! I got her out of there fast! How could I know she would run into her singer?"

"Son, I know she has made progress. But you have to agree, it was just too soon to take her out." Carlisle is giving us his disapproving father look. He has perfected it in the last six months.

"I wanted to pull his head off and suck him like a crawfish. Oh God I need help!" I am saying this all the while banging my head on the table. Bella can't control herself any longer and snorts.

"Bella, this isn't funny, it made the news." Edward and his voice of reason just has to get his two cents in. Brown noser. "There was a riot, people got hurt."

"They didn't get any pictures!" Emmett is defending us, I'm still banging away.

"Justin Bieber is her singer!" Bella can't contain herself any longer and when she does the others follow. Pretty soon the whole bunch is laughing at me.


AN: I'm sorry but I couldn't help my self. I was watching one of those entertainment shows last night hoping to get a glimpse of Rob at Cannes and here comes this thing where there was a riot at a Justin Bieber concert. I thought to my self, hmmmm maybe it was Alice who caused it all and the kid was her singer. I wanted her to get him but my girl would kill me if I killed off the boy singer…..

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