I know it's been awhile. But school been crap lately. So finally here's chapter two. Enjoy and reveiw!

Chapter 2: Celia's Apartment

Celia opened her apartment door and let her friends in.

There was a TV in the middle of the room.

A couch, two chairs on each side of it, a desk next to the chair on the right.

Randall jolted awake again.

He was panting. "

You okay Randall?" she asked.

He was pale and he nodded.

"Mmmhmm." he whimpered.

She smiled and laid him on her couch.

A coffee table was in the middle of the room.

Pictures of her family and friends were hanging on the wall and on some shelves.

"Fungus, I want you to make sure that Randall doesn't fall off the couch. I have to go to the other room and get some stuff. Can you do that for me?" she asked.

Fungus nodded his head.

He crawled onto the couch and sat Randall on his lap.

Randall looked like he wanted to protest but didn't.

Celia came back with some baby items and sat them on the ground.

She spread a blanket with horse on it on the ground.

She grabbed Randall and sat him on the blanket, pillows around him.

She placed some baby toys around him.

He just looked at them.

"What are these for?" he asked.

"So you can play with them." she replied.

"Play?" he questioned. "I don't do playing."

He picked up a rattle.

It was blue with pink squiggles on it.

Mike was pointing a finger at him and laughed.

"Ha! Wizard-Boy's holding a wattle!"

Randall let out a growl and threw the rattle at him, which hit him on the forehead.

Randall started laughing.

Celia looked at Randall with a patient anger.

"Randall," she scowled, her snakes hissing lightly.

Randall stuck a finger in his mouth and cocked his head, looking innocent.

Celia rolled her eye and went over to investigate the bruise on Mike's forehead.

"I swear you two need to learn how to get along." she scowled.

She turned her focus back to Mike's forehead.

Randall rolled his eyes.

"It's nothing serious, but I advise that you try not hitting your head again." she answered.

Mike nodded.

Randall did a fake yawn.

"Okay so what do we do now?" he asked, as if he really cared.

Fungus placed the Pacifier Ray gun in front of him.

"Change back?" he questioned.

Randall looked at him then the machine.

He reached down to pick it up, but it fell apart before he could touch it.

"No work now. Broke. Need tools. Wots of things." The lizard monster replied.

He looked a little guilty.

He felt like this was all his fault.

Even though Mike was part of it.

Sulley looked at him.

Even though Randall was now a baby, he still had his sense of pride.

He walked over to him and picked up a piece of metal.

"You built this wight?" he asked.

Randall nodded.

"Uh huh, but broke. Me can't fix. No tools."

Randall leaned back on the pillows.

He placed his hands over his eyes.

"I screw up again." he muttered to himself.

Sulley gave him a confused look.

"What do you mean you screw up again?"

Randall sighed.

"Common thingy. I build then break. No tools mean no fix. Common trouble."

Suddenly a phone started going off.

Fungus went through Randall's box and pulled out a red cell phone.

"Hello?" Fungus asked.

"Hello Jakey sweetie, is Randall or your Uncle Fungus there? Can you put it on speaker phone?" A female voice asked.

Fungus put it on speaker phone.'

"Now may I speak to Randall?" The women on the phone asked.

Fungus looked at Randall.

Randall motioned his hand acrossed his neck.

A sign for no.

"U-uh Uncle Randy i-is using the potty." Fungus answered.

Randall smacked his head with the palm of his hand.

Fungus you idiot!

"Oh well I guess... That's not going to work! Jeffery Fungus how dare you lie to me? Randall put this up to you didn't he?" The women acussed.

Randall buried his head in his hands.

Fungus handed him the phone.

"Hello mom." Randall greeted.

His face was slightly red from embarrassment.

"Randall how can you let Fungus down right lie to me? You know I feel about you not answering your phone and lying to me."

"Sorry Mom."

"Sorry isn't going to cut this time young man. Are you trying to avoid our Mommy/Randall day?"

"What? Of course not Mom. I would never miss our special day together without a good reason." He lied.

He heard Mike sniggered, and threw a teething ring at him.

"Ow!" the cyclops cried.

"What was that?" his mother asked.

"A co worker of mine just dropped a scream canister on his foot. He'll be fine." Randall lied.

"Randall? Your voice sounds alot younger you didn't... Randall did your inventions turn you and your co-workers into children?"

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

How did she know?

"What? Oh no mom. You must be imagining things. I have a sight uh... cold! Ya and you know my voice changes when i get sick." To prove his point he coughed in his hand.

"I'm not buying it Randall. I'm coming over to pick you up. Where are you?"

"What? N-no you can't? I-I'm babysitting Jake!" He quickly replied.

It was another lie, but he couldn't risk to get into trouble agian.

"Randall." She warned.

He groaned.

"Fine you caught me! You were right. We did turn into children, but it wasn't my fault!"

"I'm coming to get you. Good bye sweetie."

"Bye." he muttered, hanging up.

He groaned. He was so dead.