Duh duh da DUH!

Welcome one and all to the Madness tournament of trainers. We are looking for the zaniest, craziest, most utterly insane trainers from all over the Pokémon world. Young or old. Sane or completely insane, we will battle you until you go home crying for your mommy.

What you need to do is give a name of the character, the Pokémon you will be using. You will use six Pokémon and have two substitutes. We need age, a physical description, and a history of the person. We also need their personality. What do they like? What do they hate? And other info that might be helpful.

The winner of our lovely little scuffle will be able to receive one of two prizes. One: A cash prize of 500,000,000 Poké dollars! The other prize is a fabulous mystery prize!

NO SUES! If a Sue is spotted we will alter the character within boundaries and create a non-Sue character.

If they cannot be saved, they will not be used. They will be terminated and/or hunted down for our amusement.

We are looking for fourteen OC's.

Here's my OC:

Name- Ember Kingsley

Age- 17

Appearance- Black hair, Green eyes, Slim. Red T-shirt with a Black diamond shape on the front. Plain blue jeans. Black jacket.

Height- 5'9 ft.

Hair (style, color, other features) Black Pulled into a ponytail, bangs framing her face.

Personality- Easy going, slightly arrogant. Loves playing on a guitar. Has an OCD level of focus. A compulsive liar. Likes to show off her guitar skills, wants to make it into the big leagues.

History- A young woman from Sinnoh, she makes a living by traveling around and playing on her guitar. Nothing else known, as she lies about her past compulsively, not that she was abused or anything, she just does that.

Pokémon (X6, X2 Substitutes) MAIN TEAM: An Exploud named Mike, a Staravia, a Pachirisu, a Scizor, a Gothorita, and a Machoke. SUBS: Charizard, and a Sneazle (I think that's how it's spelled.)

Extra info- Carries a Guitar everywhere, even to a battle. During interviews with other people she will try to show off. And her own interviews.

Why they want to win- To win prize money, as she is broke, and to get recognition for her musical talents.

And here is my insane friend,Anticsaremes' OC. You may or may not know her.

Name- Angel Juarez (First name pronounced on hell)

Age- 16

Appearance- A FRICKEN DUDE! He is a Puerto Rican. He has shaggy black hair. Wears a bright and colorful poncho, shorts, and sandals.

Height- 5'5 ft.

Hair- shaggy black hair. Often gets in his eyes.

Personality- ignorant, stubborn, and easily irritated. But loves candy and has a secret My Little Ponyta obsession.

History- grew up in a winery so he had a lot of drunken relatives, strange parties and moments where he cannot remember what the hell he was doing. He yells at Ember when he has a "hangover".

Pokémon- Rapidash named Twilight, Charmeleon named Spike, a Vileplume named hangover, an Ampharos named Sparky, Vulcorona named Crona, and Ditto named Blobo.
The substitutes are Chandelure named Heartless and Riolu named Black Star.

Extra Info: Angel wears a necklace with a broken Mary Sue power ring. A Mary-Sue killed his parents

Why he wants to win- to help pay for the Kill Mary-Sue association.

Don't worry. In the sense of fairness, neither of our characters will win. One may get a little far, but we won't have them win it all.

The tournament will be held at Duran city, in Kanto. See you all there!

"When are we going to be introduced?" Ember asked Angel as they boarded the plane to Duran city.

"I don't know, Ember. I just don't know."