AN: I kinda based the whole Alpha- Beta Idea on Vaerin7's fanfics. Really. Read them. They are awesome I did change a few things etc, but well yeah.:)

Ichigo shot up in bed. He couldn't believe the dream he just had. And to top it all off, it hadn't been the first in this genre the last week.

"another dream about Grimmjow... You gotta be kidding me..."

Ichigo was 20 now, and he knows Grimmjow is alive, he's first seen him again last year, when Grimmjow came to live in the human world. He'd seen him shopping for food in town. That was also the day he learned that Urahara had made a gigai allowing Arrancar to convert their hunger for hollows to an hunger for plain normal food. Grimmjow had become nearly human actually; thought he could still call forth his weapon and go into arrancar form just by shedding the Gigai. Just like he himself did.

So they started hanging out a little bit, until Grimmjow suddenly was too busy for a month, and Ichigo kept pestering him to know why.

That's when he learned that some hollow threats remained. For example 'heat' as he had called it. He'd explained the very basics. That Visored had it too, and that thew didn't know when Ichigo would get it, because he was also part human. He hadn't told him more. He had pushed Ichigo outside and told him to not visit for a month, until the heat was over.

'well...' Ichigo thought annoyed. 'apparantly the first spring after your twentiest birthday was the perfect time to experience the first heat.

He'd already survived 1 of the 4 weeks of hell by staying inside. He didn't want to jump random people because their scent would arouse him, or be jumped by random people. Or at least that's what Grimm had told him what would happen to the Alpha. Beta's would be the ones having a distinct smell on them, telling Alpha's that they were in heat, making Alpha's all around want to mount them. Not that most Beta's didn't chase Alpha's around wanted to be mounted….

He hadn't told him any more than that. Apparently Ichigo wasn't to know until he was in his first heat, then they would be told more about their life as an Alpha or a Beta, besides the already known facts.

Ichigo growled.

He knew too little to know which he was. But damn it all if he would turn out to be a Beta, he was seriously never coming outside again.

And he hated to admit it, but he was still a virgin. Time as a substitute shinigami just took too much of his time. That and college.

Speaking about college. He already missed a lot of classes, and now he was gonna have to miss more. Thank the gods that his father was a doctor and that they thought of a way to get him to stay home sometimes. He'd also enrolled as a half-time student instead of a fulltime.

But after a week of staying inside, he decided to go and ask Grimmjow what he was supposed to do now, and if he could tell what exactly he was now. Alpha or Beta.

Half an hour later he stood panting, knocking at Grimmjow's door. "GRIMM! OPEN UP! LET ME IN!" he cursed under his breath. He'd been chased all over town, making it very probable that his worst fear was about to come true.

Namely. Being a beta. A virgin Beta on top of that.

He growled, and looked up when the door opened, revealing Grimmjow in his boxers only.

"whaddaya want Berry?" he asked sleepily, senses not working fully yet. What the hell had gotten in Ichi's head to come by this early. In the middle of the heat period as well.

"What am I… Goddamnit Grimm. I need to know. This is driving me NUTS!"

Grimmjow stepped aside and let Ichigo in. "Sit down while I make me some coffee. I'm still half asleep."

Ichigo did as he was told and sat back into the big sofa, leaning back and relaxing softly until Grimmjow walked in.

"Why do you want to know anyway. You know I can't tell you until your first heat." He gazed at Ichigo, slowly the coffee was starting to work, and his brain started prosessing things better.

First of all. Ichigo looked absolutely flustered, trying to find the words to answer. And also.

He gasped.

"OMG!" He pointed at Ichigo. "You're in heat right now aren't you! I can smell it! You shouldn't be walking on the streets Ichigo!"

"That's what I'm here for DUMBASS! I don't even know what I am, even less what the fuck I am supposed to do. Are there ways to prevent it?"

Grimmjow stared at him and then grinned.

"It ain't that hard to figure out WHAT you are Ichigo. I bet you already know, but you're just hoping for me to say you're not. Well too bad… You are"

A suffered sigh escaped Ichigo's lips. "fuck my life! Why did I have to become a fucking Beta?" he let his head fall on his hands.

"they're also other things you should probably know. As you already probably noticed, humans and shinigami are also affected by it, thought less than hollows, arrancar and Visored. You should definitely stay away from hollows, they go on pure instinct. Arrancar, Visored can be able to just ignore it for most of the time, but when they wait to long, instincts take over. Humans and Shinigami don't really notice anything but the effects. They'll find you more attractive and try to hit on you, have sex with you, etc."

A groan escaped Ichigo's lips again.

"also. Shinigami and human won't mark you permanently. They don't know how, and they can't. Visored, arrancar and hollows on the other had, they will try to mark you permanently"

"mark…? What?"

"yes. Mark. Temporary marks are attained by having sex… That's just the smell lingerin' on you. They will last fom between 3 days till a week, depending on how long and hard the sex." He saw all the blood rush to Ichigo's head making him snigger silently. The poor virgin brain.

"permanent marks are made by biting the Beta in the neck during orgasm. They can only be placed when both person's have strong positive feelings for each other, but that doesn't have to be love so try to avoid that unless you really want to spend the rest of your life together with that person. They can be undone, but the process is painful as hell, and it takes a very high toll of the body and the mind."

Ichigo nodded, meanwhile his face was as pale as a ghosts.

"there's one more thing you should know…" Grimmjow added silently. "Beta's can get pregnant. Thought, with temporary marks it may take a quite a few tries, with a permanent mark it can happen every time. And it doesn't matter you're male. You're body would adjust. You'd form a reiatsu-chamber, working as a womb."

By now there was no color left in Ichigo's face, and he felt like he was ready to puke.

"please tell me that there is at least a way to avoid THAT." He seriously felt sick. Getting pregnant? How the fuck would he explain that to the people around him. Sorry guys, can't come to school, I have morning sickness because I'm fucking pregnant. Another groan. He could already imagine their reactions, laughter and disbelief, until he'd start showing, than they'd probably be shocked and disgusted.

"Of course there is you idiot. Gimme a minute."

Ichigo watched Grimmjow walking into a room, coming back a few minutes later with an amulet in his hands.

"here. Take this. I bought a few in case I'd come across a Beta. I don't want to father any children, and to be honest, most of the time I stay inside during heat, Beta's can become pretty scary in their pursue for an Alpha. And to make it worse, Beta's are more powerful than Alpha's. They have to be or their bodies would break down during pregnancy. "

Ichigo took it and looked at it. "you're gonna have to get it reactivated after every use. Come to me for that, or Urahara, or Shinji. But don't forget to reactivate it…. Put it around your neck, and don't take it off for the rest of the month. Also, try to keep in your reiatsu, the way it's flowing right now, even I find it hard NOT to jump you as it makes your sent stronger."

Ichigo nodded and put the necklace on. It had the form of a dagger. Okay. That at least would make it less embarrassing to wear in front of people.

"and also.. Take this."

Ichigo noticed Grimmjow was blushing slightly as he gave Ichigo the scarf. "It has my scent on it, and it'll keep other Alpha's away for a few hours."

"I thought only the scent of sex kept them….. oh…. Okay.. forget it.. I don't want to know."

His own face was now bright red again. "and.. uhmm.. thanks.. I think."

Grimmjow walked Ichigo to his door and said goodbye before leaning against his door, sighing deeply.

"holy shit.. that was close."