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Ichigo stared in front of him with a big smile as he watched the seven year old Kaiko chase her little sister: Ayame. She was six years old. Born on a rainy night as her name indicated only a few months after the wedding night. She had soft brown eyes and long white hair. The last probably being a trait from Ichigo's hollow.

Now Imagine Ichigo's face when Unohana-taichou told him he was pregnant again so soon after giving birth to Kaiko. He had chased Grimmjow for days, threatening to chop his dick of. He couldn't believe they had forgotten to put on the necklace! He was never taking it off again!

But after a while he had calmed down and they had started planning ahead again. Thankfully this time they didn't need to do the bonding because of the permanent mark and the fact that this child was 90 percent shinigami and 10 percent hollow made the whole pregnancy easier as well. And shorter! Much to Ichigo's great delight.

And after that things had gone so fast. Before he knew it both his daughters were already 6 years old and he and Grimmjow were talking about getting pregnant again.

A plan they soon started working on, thus resulting in the fact that he was now sitting here, once again highly pregnant.

He yelped when Grimmjow suddenly grabbed him from behind, nibbling his ear.

"Grimm! You're going to scare the boys out of me any of these days!"

"Can't wait for that to happen." The bluehaired man whispered in his husbands ear. "How are they? You had your check-up this morning right?"

"yes. Well. Hiroki (= abundant joy/strength) is still as strong as ever. But he's still taking away most of the reiatsu preserve so Kiyoshi (=pure) is still a little smaller than he should be. But our bonding has been helping. He's been getting enough reiatsu to survive and to even grow a little faster. They'll be alright."

Grimmjow smiled softly at that and hugged his lover even tighter. He was looking forward to having sons.. It wasn't that he enjoyed his daughters. They were so precious to him. He'd kill anybody that would dare to hurt them. But he was just really looking forward to training with his sons. Doing father-son things like going hunting in the woods.

And Ichigo may not completely agree with that future plan but he knew he was going to do that any way. He wanted to give his children something he had when he was just one of the smaller hollows in a clan. He'd had a fatherlike figure there, and they would go hunting together.

A small chuckle escaped his lips when he saw Kaiko finally catch her slightly faster sister. Ayame's great strength was speed, while Kaiko's great strength was the fact that she could always think clearly. She could easily outsmart her little sister.

They started tickling each other while Grimmjow pulled Ichigo back inside the house. "C'mon girls! Lunch will be served soon."

At this the girls immediately stood up, running inside quickly. Lunch! Their favorite time of the day!


Another few weeks passed and Ichigo found himself in labor again, thankful that, this being his third time going into labor, he knew what he could expect to happen. So when he started to feel the immense pressing pain in his stomach he just positioned himself on hands and knees, Grimmjow right next to him together with Unohana. The last one there just to make sure that everything went well.

He groaned as he felt the first child push his way through his stomach muscles, and after only a few minutes Grimmjow caught the first child.

"who is it?" Came Ichigo's soft panting voice.

"It's Kiyoshi." The ex-espada said with a big smile on his face. "he had the brightest blue eyes and his hair is white, just like Ayame's. He's so beautiful Ichi. We've done it again."

"Hand him over." Ichigo mumbled softly, lifting one of his arms so his husband could place his first born son under him. "And then get ready to catch Hiroki because he's ready to come out as well."

Grimmjow nodded with the widest grin on his face as he did as Ichigo asked him. And soon after his second son fell in his hands. His smile widened even more as he placed Hiroki underneath Ichigo as well.

"Bright orange hair and eyes that have multiple colors." Ichigo chuckled as he stared into his son's special eyes. They went from blue on the inside to brown to yellowy on the outside.

"Congratulations Kurosaki-kun. Jaegerjaquez-san. You have two wonderful sons. Now if you don't mind I would like to check up on them. Just to make sure they are alright."

The orange-haired teen nodded and layed himself on his side, allowing Unohana-taichou to pick up his sons.

Half an hour later she came back, smile visible on her lips. And that's all they needed to know. The two boys were fine.

She layed the boys on the bed, inbetween their parents.

"Want me to call your girls in? Or should we let them bother Byakuya, Renji, Takumi and Raiden for a little more? Ayame seems to really like Takumi."

Grimmjow groaned at that. "She really does. Those two are going to end up together someday. I am sure of it. But no. Let them bother the Kuchikis for a little longer. Ichigo is dead tired from going through labor. He needs a little rest."

And with that she left, leaving the four of them alone in the room, Ichigo already asleep, and Grimmjow watching his little boys.

They both knew that it wasn't going to stay calm like this, even thought Ichigo was already asleep. They knew that more children would come. Ichigo was just the kind of man that wanted a big family to take care of, a big family to protect.


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