Title: Timeless tale of true love

Summary: Bella is sick of Edward controlling her every mood, so she runs….home. The place that contains her best and worst memories! One (at the most two) shot. The brothers were born in Italy. There may be some WTF moments but read through and all will be explained…and if not just ask.

Set: In March, after New Moon but before the Newborn army and end of season two of vampire diaries. Mixture of both Twilight & VD universes. No set year, so just say present.


Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own the brilliance of Vampire Diaries or the creativity that is Twilight but I do own this storyline (however lame it may be)!

Song to go with Story: I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you

I know you were right believing for so long

I'm all out of love, what am I without you

I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong

All out of love-Air Supply

She was sick of it. Sick of his controlling attitude, sick of him thinking he knew best. Sick of everything to do we the asshole that is Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, stupid 109 year old virgin. All she wanted was to spend a day in La Push, but it was like he thought she was joining a convent. But no according to him the 'mutts' were dangerous, but they aren't the ones who thirsted for her blood. What sick idea of safety is that? This time she won't give a shit about what he thinks, it was her life. God, Eddie would be in for the surprise of his life. Thinking about doing the laundry she packed a duffle bag fill of her few 'nice' clothes, toiletries, money and ID, and rushed outside to her trusty steed and turned the key in the ignition. She pushed her foot onto the pedal and headed to La Push as fast as her truck will take her. As soon as she crossed the invisible treaty line she breathed a sigh of relief. As she drove into the small town she took the first left and continued down the gravel road past the outskirts of town until she came to the brightly coloured cabin nestled in the forest. She hopped out of the truck with a graceful thud and walked up to the patio to the bright yellow door. She knocked on the door and stepped back as she waited for one of the occupants to open the door. The door opened, creaking slightly, and a young native woman poked her head out.

"Hay Bella, Jakes not here sorry. Actually it's only Sam and I for a change."

"No worries Em, its actually Sam I need to see today anyway,". Emily nodded as she shouted up the stairs for her fiancée. Sam came down making a thud with each step on the hardwood stairs.

"Hay Sam, do you mind if we have a conversation somewhere private away from prying wolf ears?" Bella said as Sam came into view.

"Hello Bella," Sam mumbled as he walked with Bella outside so they could talk.

"Sorry for disrupting yours and Sam's quiet time Em, I shouldn't need him for very long," Bella shouted to Emily as she followed Sam into the edge of the forest into a spot where Sam was sure none of the boys out on patrol could hear. She sat down on a log and motioned for Sam to sit beside her.

"Sammy, I'm leaving," She began.

"What? No, you can't!" Sam said, distress in his voice.

"I'm sorry Edward is getting on my last nerve and I just need to get away from him,"

"No, you can't leave me,"

"I'm sorry Sammy, but you belong here. I'll visit, you know that," Bella told him gently.

"But mum…" Sam grumbled. He was upset, she was his mum and she was leaving cause of that stupid leech. He may have had this conversation before, but it doesn't mean he likes it.

"Don't but mum me Samuel, I helped you see if the Cullen's are breaking the treaty, which they are not, and I stayed for a while but the people closet to me are soon going to recognise that I'm not ageing." She explained.

"Fine. Do you know where you're going?"

"Mystic Falls," Bella mumbled, afraid of her sons reaction.

"Are you sure?" Sam questioned.

"Yes, I was there for two years last time. I'm fine,"

"Ok mum, just come back soon!"

"You can always visit me to Sam," She laughed, "And you Sammy, stay safe at look after your pack and make sure you tell Emily about me, she deserves to know, call me if you chicken out and need help,".

"Ok, I promise I will."

"Love you Sammy," Bella said as she hugged her son gently.

"Love you too mum,". They quickly walked back to the cabin. Bella hoped into her truck, while Sam walked inside.

"What was that about?" Emily questioned.

"She's leaving and she wanted me to tell Jacob goodbye for her," Sam lied.

"Yes,yes,YES," Elena screamed as she hanged up the phone.

"What's going on," Stefan questioned from the living room downstairs where he was reading the 'Mystic Mail'.

"My sisters coming," Elena exclaimed as she stumbled down the oak stairs.

"You have a sister?" A disbelieving Stefan asked.

"Yes, well she's adopted. She's twenty but my parents adopted her when she was sixteen. But when our parents died she couldn't handle the pressure and moved out. She would have been our legal guardian because she just turned eighteen. But anyway she called and said she was moving back to Mystic Falls,"

"When is she coming?"

"Tonight!" Elena shrieked with joy. At that moment Damon walked in, not bothering to knock like any respectful person should.

"What's up with her?" Damon question as he plonked himself on to Elena's white leather sofa.

"Her sister's coming," Stefan muttered.

"You have a sister?" Damon was shocked, neither Elena, Jeremy nor Jenna had mentioned her once and there was no photo anywhere.

"Adopted sister. Well cousin I guess now I think about it. She left two years ago, she was eighteen, she turned twenty in January." Elena replied.

"And what's her name?"

"Oh, right. Isabella," Damon had a surge of pain at the name, but he quickly covered his expression. Although it did not go unnoticed by Elena, who decided not to mention it as it was one of the first real emotions she'd seen from Damon.

"I'll go ring Jeremy and Jenna and then make sure her old rooms set up for her," Elena muttered as she grabbed the phone and trudged upstairs.

"Can you believe she has a sister? I thought she would have said something," Stefan whispered to Damon.

"It's almost like they have been compelled to not mention it until now," Damon said seriously.

"We shouldn't overthink it, maybe it was so sad when she left that they don't want to speak of her,"

"Oh brother, In Mystic Falls, there's always something 'fishy' going on," Damon whispered as Elena come back down the stairs.

"Ok well Jenna and Jeremy will both be home in the next 30 minutes. Jenna will pick Jer up from Bonnies, so he doesn't have to walk. And I'm sorry to ask this, but would it be alright if you leave and came back later for dinner. Jenna and Jeremy will both be out tonight so it will just be the four of us, come round about seven." Elena asked. She felt rude kicking them out of her house, but it was for Bella.

"Sure, we get that this is a big thing," Stefan said as he walked out the door followed by Damon.

Elena closed the door and rushed around the house cleaning up the little bits of mess. The door clicked open as Jenna and Jeremy walked in chatting. Jenna headed straight into the kitchen and put her University bag on the table and grabbed a glass of orange juice while Jeremy headed upstairs for a quick shower before Bella comes.

"Are you excited for Bella's return, Elena?" Jenna questioned her niece.

"Of course, she's my big sister and it's been nearly two years. She should be here any minute, and before I forget, I invited Stefan and Damon over for dinner as I knew you and Jeremy had places to be,"

"That's fine, it would be great for Bella to get back to socialising with the community."

After Bella's goodbye in La push she dumped the car 10kms south on a dusty dirt track only known to locals. She decided it would be a lot quicker running and since she had to be so careful with the Cullen's around she hadn't had the feeling of wind in her hair for a while. It took her nearly 4 hours to run to a town on the border of Virginia, about 100kms away. She stopped using a payphone, knowing the Cullen's could trace her cell, and called the Gilbert house. She couldn't help but smile when she heard how excited Elena was that she was coming home. She also decided she'll need a car, she liked the freedom even though she didn't need one, so she stopped at a second-hand car shop. She spotted a shiny blue Mazda and brought it. Bella was going to compel the sales assistance but he was so nice and helpful for once in her 'life' she didn't want to do it. She hopped in the car and drove the 100km at 200km an hour, twice the speed limit, while having the radio blaring. As she approached the small, tidy town of Mystic Falls she took her second left, first right and then turned down Maple Street and parked in one of the many double story Victorian houses driveways. 'This is it,' she thought as she grabbed out her duffle bag and headed towards the front door.

Elena was waiting patiently, butterflies in her stomach; after all it had been two whole years. As the doorbell rang she got up and practically sprinted to the door and yanked it open.

"Elena," Bella exclaimed as she wrapped around her sister. Elena couldn't help be jealous, Bella was still immensely beautiful. She was still a couple of inches taller than Elena and her dark brown hair, bordering black, was still soft and wavy and went perfectly with her doe eyes. Her skin was a shade lighter than olive and she had no pimples or blackheads whatsoever.

"Bells, I've missed you so much!" Elena squealed, squeezing Bella. Jeremy than rushed over to Bella, looking like he was going to tackle her, and picked her up and span her around.

"Oh wow Jer, you've gotten so tall," Bella gasped.

"What did you expect, I shrink?" Jeremy laughed.

"And your voice, it's so deep.". Bella than turned to Jenna and gave her a gentle hug. "Aunt Jenna, it's so good to see you. Sorry it's such short notice."

"That's alright Bella, it's good to have you home. Now where's all your stuff?" Jenna asked, concerned that her niece's only luggage was a duffle bag.

"I've been travelling a lot, so I've sort of been living on bare minimum." Bella swiftly lied. Jenna just nodded her head.

"Well Bella, Jeremy and I have to head out soon, but Elena's boyfriend and brother will join you two for dinner. You can set up your room honey and have a shower after all that driving."

"Matt has a brother?" Bella questioned.

"Ahh no, I've got a new boyfriend, Matt and I broke up over a year ago now," Elena said nervously, knowing Bella liked Matt. Bella nodded and headed up the stairs to her old bedroom down the end of the hall. She dropped her duffle bag onto the bed and grabbed out a blue blouse and black skinny jeans and her blue lacy underwear set. She made sure she switched ID's around in her wallet and then put the 'Isabella Swan' ID's in the secret floor board that only she knew about. She grabbed her clothes and headed to the en-suite and turned on the shower. She quickly undressed and got under the warm pressurised water and let her muscles un-tense. She washed herself with the coconut smelling soap left in there since she last lived here and shampooed and conditioned with her Strawberry Sunsilk set. When the hot water began running out she stept out into the cool air in the bathroom and began drying. She got changed enough to go out and yell goodbye to Jenna and Jeremy before walking back into her room. She brushed her wavy hair and left it out and put on her laui-lapusi earrings and bracelet, plus a few necklaces including her yin-yang charm. Since she had time to spear she unpacked her clothes into the bedside drawers and cleaned her teeth. She heard the door open downstairs and voices floated up to her, voices that sound somewhat familiar. She checked her reflection in the bathroom mirror and realised she should probably join Elena and 'co' downstairs. As she made for the stairs she realised she knew nothing about Elena's new boyfriend. Last she knew she was in a happy relationship with the 'All-American' Matt Donavan and she was sure Elena said once or twice that he was the 'one'. After the Gilbert parents death maybe she had some sort of revelation. Putting that aside Bella made her way downstairs to Elena and maybe her future brother-in-law. Bella laughed at that, with Elena's track record, the boy wasn't likely to be with queen bee Elena by summer.

Meanwhile downstairs Elena and the Salvatore's were in the kitchen cooking dinner, while waiting for the mysterious older Gilbert to join them. Stefan could see that Elena was happy her sister was back and that pleased him and put him in a cheerful mode. Damon was glad that there was a new blood bag in town, even though Elena would kill him if he touched a hair on her head. Bella walked into the living room and pulled out the black and white picture, which was worn around the edges, of Sam as a toddler playing with a wooden car out of the back pocket of her skinny jeans. She laughed and reminded herself to call him later that night after she hunted. She quickly tucked the photo back into her pocket and realised she was glad she was home. She tucked a piece of loose hair and walked into the kitchen ready to meet a late puberty, acne covered boy and his brother. Isabella was shocked as she saw who Elena's guest were but quickly regained her composure, as did Stefan and Damon. Seeing that her sister had entered she motioned her over to were here and the boys were standing so she could make introductions.

"Bells, this is my boyfriend Stefan and his older brother Damon, guys this is Isabella."

"Hello," Stefan said, while awkwardly shaking my hand. He was trying to work out if it was his best friend Isabella in front of him.

"Hello," Bella said, remembering the sweet Stefan, who she used to play games with when she was a child, even though he was two years younger. She remembered him going through puberty and being embarrassed by the pimples, playing football with Damon and falling in love with Katherine back in the mid 1800's. She then turned to Damon and shook his hand, restraining herself from pulling him into a hug.

"And you must be Damon?" She asked, even though she knew. He nodded, still not sure if she was his Isabella.

"Ok since we've gotten acquainted let's eat some dinner shall we?" Elena asked completely oblivious to the tension in the room as she set the table. "I've made pizza," .

"Yum, I love Italian," Bella muttered her double meaning. As they started eating the door slam open a blur came in. It stopped beside Damon and revealed as Katherine. The wicked witch had a smirk on her face, so it was obvious she had something devious planned.

"Elena, I didn't know you had a twin," She 'fake shock' whispered to Elena.

"Enjoying your homecoming Izzy?" Katherine asked, her voice laced with sarcasm.

"Yes, thank you….?"

"Katherine, but I believe you already know my name and I'm not someone you'll forget."

"So Elena, has your dear sister here told you about her life before you?"

"No, it's her private business," Elena slowly said, questioning it too.

"Well I'll bet you'd like to know her real name is Isabella Salvatore!" Katherine proudly smirked. Damon and Stefan gasped knowing it was Bella and Elena looked somewhere between shocked and angry.

"What?" Elena screeched. "How is that possible?." She turned to Bella, "Descendant?" She shook her head, "Sister?" Once again Bella shook her head, "Cousin?" another shake. Elena was getting angry, "Then what?" she growled.

"Elena," Damon began.

"What Damon?" Elena growled.

"She's my wife," He stated.

"What the hell? WIFE?" Elena screamed.

"Finally," Isabella muttered as she ran over to Damon kissing him passionately on the lips.

"I thought I'd never see you again," Damon muttered against Bella's lips.

"I know, I really thought you were dead,"

Isabella felt her phone vibrate in her jean pocket and she walked outside to answered it unwillingly.


"Hay Mum," Sam said from the other side of the phone.

"Hay Sammy,"

"You sound happy, that's unusual,"

"Don't sound so surprised, I'm not all doom and gloom you know?"

"Ok then Mum. I have some exciting news!"

"And what may that be darling?"

"Emily told me today that she's pregnant,"

"Oh gosh, I'm going to be a Grandma," Bella yelled a little too loudly, which got attention of the vampires in the house.

"Yes, ma you are!" Sam laughed.

"Oh wow, that makes me sound old."

"Mum your over 170 years old, you shouldn't be complaining," He chuckled. "So I thought this is the best time to tell Emily how old I really am and how your my mum and all, so I was wondering if you can come down this weekend? Please?" Sam begged.

"Sure, sure." Bella laughed. "Are the Cullen's still there?"

"Yes unfortunately,"

"Damn, can I bring a guest?"

"I guess, you technically own the house. And will you tell me who?"

"Nope, you'll just have to wait and see." Bella teased.

"Fine see you soon. Love you,"

"Love you too Sammy," Bella mumbled as she turned off the phone. She walked back into the house and saw the Salvatore's looking at her.

"I guess you heard the Grandma part didn't you?" They nodded.

"I can explain. His name is Samuel. I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks after you died. I was mourning you, but glad that I'd still have a piece of you. He was born on the 16th of June 1865 in Mystic Falls. I decided to leave because of the memories, so while I was on a journey to no-where in particular I came across a vampire in my travels. Basically they feed, gave me blood and left. Just my luck I caught pneumonia that evening and died later that night. I still looked after Sam though." Bella said, speaking mainly to Damon.

"He's mine?" Damon screeched with joy, Bella nodded, "How is he alive?"

"We'll my family, the Uley's, are from a tribe called Quileute's in a reservation in Washington State called La Push. It turns out young males of the tribe transform into werewolves during puberty if a vampire is around and don't age unless he stops phasing,"

"My sons a werewolf?" Damon gawked.

"Yes. His tribe doesn't know he's over a hundred years old and he wants me to go this weekend to help him tell his finance, so would you like to meet your son?"

Damon just nodded in joy.

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