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Katniss beams as I open the door and let her into my house. It's the first time she's been over in a while and it makes me happy to have her alone at my house and not be at her crowded house. She looks beautiful, absolutely radiant with her healthy pregnant glow. Her hair and makeup have been done specially for this occasion, making me not feel so over done being dressed up in my nicest clothes.

She goes straight into the living room where the fire is roaring in the fireplace, shrugging out of her jacket. I can see she's in a pale blue gown, it's tight on her around her midsection, but I can't help but think how perfect she looks. She looks over her shoulder at me as I shut the front door, feeling a little nervous. I watch as she rests her hands on the small bump of her stomach, almost cradling it protectively. She knows I would never hurt her or let harm come to her or the life within it, the two of them are my world.

I gesture for her to kneel down in front of the fireplace and I grab the plate from the coffee table before kneeling in front of her. I tell her I know it's not official what we're about to do to anyone else, but to me it will always be to which she agrees eagerly. I take the bread dough on the plate and place it on a roasting stick, Katniss' hand joining mine as I tremble a little bit. I look lovingly into her eyes as we vow to only love one another and be true to each other until our dying breaths.

We hold the bread dough over the fire until it is a nice golden brown. We let it cool a moment before we feed each other chunks of it. We seal the ceremony with a long kiss, my hand reaching down to join hers on her stomach where I feel a small nudge. Even such a small nudge like it was makes me grin like a fool and feel happier than ever.

" Yes, daddy loves you too sweetheart." I whispered with a small laugh as I had leaned down to lightly kiss her stomach, loving the thing within it with all my heart and soul, just like I did the beautiful woman carrying it and sacrificing her body to give it to me. " Daddy can't wait to see you and hold you in his arms, but you need to just spend the next few months getting bigger and stronger, alright?" I tell her stomach before looking up and giving her a playful grin as she laughs at me.

I blink a few times and stare up at my ceiling as I slowly wake up. I can't believe what I've just dreamt, I know it wasn't real, there's no way on God's green earth it could have been. I feel sad though and I can't shake it. I feel like I've forgotten the most important thing in my life, but I don't know what it is. I know it has nothing to do with Katniss because she isn't a girl I know much about or care anything for. I know it's not real also because I've seen Katniss and sure she's put on a few extra ponds, but not as much as she should have if she really was pregnant.

I lie there a few more minutes and let my mind go over the little bit that I do know for sure, but I still come back blank. I have no idea why I feel sad to forget something that couldn't have possibly been real. He wasn't even sure if Katniss could have a baby since she was a creation of the capitol. Katniss was in no way near motherly material anyway, she was too vicious and I was positive I could never love anything that was half of her like I had in my dream.

I throw the covers off and get changed into the ridiculous uniform of thirteen. I had thought the outfits I'd had to wear for the capitol had been bad, but these were just down right terrible! Honestly was it too much to ask for to be allowed to wear a regular pair of pants and shirt? I'm not even a soldier! I'm just the boy who was hijacked by the capitol. I wasn't vain, but I was just easily agitated and the clothes were one of my ways to take out my frustration.

When I'm dressed and my boots are laced up I go to the one pace I'm expected to be, the hospital. I've been in my own compartment for about three days now, but unlike everyone else, I'm not sharing it with someone else. I've been told that they know the truth and that I'm supposed to be sharing it with my wife, but I don't understand it since I'm not married. I know I told the people at one point that Katniss and I were married, also tacking onto that that Katniss was pregnant, but from watching her terrible reactions on TV, they're obviously false. Katniss isn't a very good actress or liar for the people on camera, but she does a hell of a job of it off screen.

I try not to think anymore of Katniss, she confuses and enrages me and I have enough trouble as it is. I go straight to where my psychologist is and he's confused at the sight of me since my appointment isn't until later. He quickly moves to hide some photographs and papers, but I think nothing of it as I take a seat on his couch. The man hasn't really helped me or made much of an impression on my life so I can't even remember his name, it just helps make everyone believe I'm ' normal' again.

" Peeta, what a surprise. Are you feeling alright?" He asked urgently as he eyed me suspiciously. He's a short, balding old man and is kind of funny looking. He's thin and has no muscle definition and he's always twitchy like a nervous rat or mouse. He's another figure in my life that confuses me because I can't understand a thing he says.

" No… I had one of those dreams again. One that feels like a lost memory. You told me to come to you when I have dreams like it, have one of my venom attacks or a flashback." I explain with a heavy sigh as I run my fingers through my hair.

He gets out his pad of paper and moves to sit across from me like usual. He looks concerned and it makes me roll my eyes. " Tell me about it." He instructs. It's more like a command rather than a request and normally I would argue to not share it, but I'm not in the mood. There's something about his tone too that lets me know he's in a rush and that I'm just annoying him more than anything.

I close my eyes and pinch the bridge of my nose, my dream already fading far too quickly from my mind. " It had to deal with the mut- sorry, Katniss." I start. I'm not really sorry that I started to call Katniss a mutt, I never am, I'm only sorry to have started to offend him since everyone seems to love Katniss except me. " Anyway, we were doing this toasting ceremony from twelve, getting married to be exact, and she was already pregnant with my baby." I shudder at the thought of every starting a family with such a vile woman as Katniss.

The doctor writes it all down, a scowl on his face to show he's displeased with something. " And you're positive this is just a dream and in no way real?" He presses, not looking up from his paper.

I'd almost kill to see what he's always writing about me, but I never ask since I just want to be done with him anyway. I feel like my hatred towards Katniss is my own and not a creation of the capitol, but no one believes me so I'm stuck seeing this little man until he clears me, something I don't see him doing for a while. " Yes I'm positive. Why would I ever marry her, let alone sleep with Katniss? I hate her and have only ever hated her. I would never start a family with her! I was so happy, excited even to be marrying her and having a baby in a short time, completely not like me at all." I tell him, feeling exasperated and at the edge of my sanity.

" Of course… I'm sorry, but I think you need to reexamine your dream. Write down the details and just read them over and over again to make absolute certain. There are things you're missing still Peeta and you need to remember them." He tells me as he closes his journal and stands up. " Today is just not a good day to be here, I have other things I need to tend to. Perhaps if you just write down your dreams and when you have attacks? If you do that then we can examine them further in a few days' time when you come back. For now though, I really need you to leave Peeta." He tells me in a rushed voice and it's then that I notice he's more jittery and on edge than he had been in the past.

I don't argue though, a sense of relief washing over me from a few days freedom from him. I'm curious why he seems to want to rush me out of the room, but I nod and get out of there quickly. I let out a large breath as the door closes behind me and I lean against the door. Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom!

I take a moment to just let the joy move through me before I start to head out of the hospital. I'm just about out when I bump into someone. I start to apologize, but stop when I register who it is I've carelessly ran into.

" Watch where you're going Mellark." Gale Hawthorne muttered as he crossed his arms and I took a step back.

" I'll keep that in mind." I tell him with a small huff. I don't like Gale, I'm not sure what it is, but I really hate him. He makes me feel irrational and jealous, I want to hit him, break his arm or jaw, just make him pay for something that I don't even know.

" Best to… You're needed in command. They need you to do a propo." He grumbles and grabs my arm, dragging me away.

I once again don't feel like fighting and just go along with him. " Alright?" I didn't know why they needed me to do a stupid propo, that was Katniss and Finnick's jobs, not mine.

Gale didn't say anything else until we got down to where they were filming and he held me back in the shadows. " Don't make a noise." He told me, his gaze locked just ahead of us where it was all lit up.

Katniss sat on a bench, her eyes down on her hands in her lap. Finnick and Annie were sitting to the side, Finnick's arms protectively wrapped around Annie as she sat in his lap. I knew Annie was pregnant, Finnick had been filled with so much joy and pride that it had erupted into a shot of ' I'm going to be a daddy!' that had made everyone laugh, even me.

I was brought out of these thoughts though when a woman knelt down across from Katniss, trying to catch her attention. " Well Annie and Finnick just told us about how the Hunger Games effected their love, what do you have for us Katniss?" She asked in a calm voice, as if she were trying to comfort Katniss.

" Annie and Finnick weren't the only ones that had a love brought forth and ripped apart by the Hunger Games." Katniss whispered and I could see tears running down her cheeks silently.

I had no idea that mutts could cry.

" What are you talking about?" The woman pressed, seeming a bit lost.

" I mean Peeta, Gale and I." Katniss clarified.

" Your cousin Gale?" The woman asked, scandalized by the idea of an incest relationship.

Katniss shook her head violently. " No, Gale's not my cousin. Gale's in no way related to me. He was my best friend, is my best friend. I've owed him and Peeta my life time and time again…" She sighed as she slowly looked up at the woman.

" Tell us about it." The woman told her, a hush falling over the room, my full attention on Katniss for once.

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