People talking-"Naruto"

People thinking-'Naruto'


Summon or Tailed Beast Talking-"Naruto"

Summon or Tailed Beast Thinking-'Naruto'

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Chapter 1: Prologe

Konoha/October 10/4 years after Kyuubi attack

A little boy with spikey blond hair, with blue eyes, and 3 whisker like marks on each cheek, name was Narutowas running through the streets scared because a mob was chasing him.

"GET BACK HERE YOU DEMON!" yelled a villager while holding a sharp knife.

"DIE DEMON!" screamed a shinobi with a kunai. More bloodthirsty screams of anger was heard soon after.

Little Naruto ran through a small allyway only to end up at a dead end and then huddled into a corner hoping they didn't see him come down through here.

When they found him they all started laughing at what he was doing. "Look, the demon is trying to protect himself." said a shinobi. "Hehehehe, to bad that won't work demon." said another shinobi.

They al then started stabbing him, cutting him, and beating him like a bunch of wild animals.

Meanwhile, a very young jonin was passing through the gate, not to long finishing a mission. He showed the guards his lisence and let him pass through. It was Itachi who is considered a well know ninja in Konoha. (AN: Itachi left the ANBU and changed to be a jonin and also he doesn't live with his family in this fanfic.)

As he was walking towards his appartment, he heard yells of happy, bloodthirsty scream coming from an ally. He also heard a small child screaming out for help.

He walked over to investigate and he saw Naruto getting beaten and stabbed by the mob and he became angry. So he dove in to rescue the boy.

They at first wondered what was goning on, but once they noticed who was in front of the boy, they started to become scared.

"I-I-Itachi, w-what a-are y-y-you d-d-doing h-here?" said a very scared shinobi.

"M-M-Mabye h-he's here t-to h-h-help us k-k-kill the demo..." began a villager but was killed by Itachi with his sharingan activated spinning violently.

They all started screaming and running from the angry Uchiha to avoid geting killed.

Itachi started to run towards the hospital to get Naruto help. "Don't worry Naruto you'll soon get help, I promise." said a worried Itachi.

"I-I-Itac-chi-n-nii s-san." said Naruto very weakly who then passed out.

Itachi then went as fast as his legs could go. He then arrived at the hospital and quickly went in and ran up to the front desk.

A nurse looked up and saw Itachi and then saw a very beaten Naruto. "I'm sorry, we don't have any available rooms for...him." the nurse said with anger.

Itachi then flared his Sharingan at the nurse and said "You WILL help him or so help me..." also flaring his killing intent at her. It was so strong that it was felt by the Hokage who decided to investigate.

When he arrived at the hospital via shushin, he saw Itachi, who was holding a bloody and beaten Naruto, was staring a nurse with his Sharingan activated.

"Naruto-kun!" said a very worried Hokage will running up to Itachi.

"Nurse, put Naruto in a room RIGHT NOW!" yelled the Hokage. She obeyed him and ran Naruto to a room to begin treatment on him.

Itachi and the Hokage were in the room as they were begining to discuss what had happened to Naruto. "What happened." asked the Hokage. Itachi began to explain what but was interrupted by one of the doctors.

"I'm sorry, you two will have to wait outside while we do the procedure." said a doctor. Itachi and the Hokage decided not to incase that they would try and kill Naruto while they weren't in there.

'Dammit.' the doctor mentally cursed. After a while, the doctors said that he would be O.K. and they left quickly.

The Hokage called a few ANBU to keep quard of Naruto and they obeyed.

Hokage Tower

Itachi and the Hokage were discussing thing about Naruto and Itachi then came up with a solution that could help Naruto.

"Hokage-sama, I was wondering if I could adopt Naruto and he could live with me in my appartment." said a hopeful Itachi and the Hokage just stared blankly at Itachi and then smiled very happily.

"Of course you can Itachi, he sees you as brother figure and I'm sure that he would love to live with you." said an overjoyed Hokage.

"Thank you Hokage-sama." he said as he bowed and left.

'Thank kami that Naruto will finally get a better place to live.' thought the Hokage. He then pulled out a very familiar orange book and started to giggle pervertedly as blood dripped from his nose.

Hospital/The Next Day

Itachi and the Hokage were walking into the hospital to see Naruto.

They walked into Naruto's room and he yelled "Itachi-nii-san, Oji-san!" very happily.

"Hello Naruto-kun, how are you feeling after that experience." the aged Hokage said to the boy. "I feel great and thanks nee-san for helping me with that mob." said Naruto.

"No need to thank me Naruto-kun." said Itachi not wanting to be thanked right now.

"Naruto we have something that we want to ask you as it would be your choice to do it." said the Hokage.

"What is it Oji-san, is it something good." said Naruto

"Well Itachi and I were talking and Itachi asked me if he could adopt you and let you live with him." said a hopeful Hokage.

"Live..with..Itachi...of course I would love to live with you Itachi-nii-san!" yelled an overjoyed Naruto.

"Good then, now we will go to the orphanage and get the paperwork done." said the Hokage while he was smiling but that changed when Naruto said something.

"Oji-san I no longer live at the orphanage. They kicked me out yesterday on my birthday."

'THEY DID WHAT TO NARUTO-KUN. I will deal with it soon but not now.' thought a very angry Hokage.

"One, more thing Oji-san, why didn't you tell me that the Kyuubi was sealed in me?" asked Naruto.

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