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Chapter 6: Before Chunin Days, Part 1

Hokage's Office

The Hokage was looking at all of the jonin sensei's from teams 7, 8, 9, and 10. Everyother chunin and jonin were in the back of the room. "So what are all of your decisions?" asked the Hokage.

Kakashi Hatake walked up first, "I Kakashi Hatake nominate Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Ino Yamanaka to take the Chunin Exams." he said. He stepped back and a few whispers were heard in the back of the room.

Kurenai Yuhi walked up after Kakashi stepped back, "I Kurenai Yuhi nominate Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuga to take the Chunin Exams." she said. She then stepped back and then there was louder whispering in the back of the room.

A man with black, bowl cut shaped hair wearing a green jump suit and a headband around his waist walked up, "I MIGHT GUY NOMINATE MY YOUTHFUL STUDENTS ROCK LEE, NEJI HYUGA, AND TENTEN TO TAKE THE CHUNIN EXAMS." he said. He then stepped back and after everyone in the back of the room headache's were gone, they started to talk above a whisper.

Asuma Sarutobi son of the Hokage was the last to walk up, "I Asuma Sarutobi nominate Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, and Sakura Haruno to take the Chunin Exams." he said. When he stepped back and everyone in the back of the room stood in shock that every genin of all the teams were taking the Chunin Exams.

"Hmm, so all of the Konoha Rookie 12. That is very rare to happen. And here you four go. Give these to your genin or they won't let them take the exams." he said handing them the passports.

Iruka walked up and was about to speak but Kakashi just looked at him and he spoke instead. "Don't worry Iruka, we are jonin and we know that they can handle it so don't try to stop them." he said and walked out. "You are all also dismissed and the Chunin Exams will begin in 3 days." said the Hokage loud enough for Kakashi to hear down the hall.

Kakashi then summoned three small dogs and handed them each a scroll that was to be sent to his team. The dogs then poofed out of existance and he began to walk to Training Ground 7.

Training Ground 7/One hour later

Naruto was laying against a tree trunk waiting for Kakashi to get here. Ino was of course laying right beside him holding against his arm and Naruto didn't mind at all. Sasuke was looking like his emo self like always againt another tree trunk.

Kakashi then appeared in a swirl of leaves and looked at his team. "O.K. then you three, I have some good news for you. All three of you will be taking part in the Chunin Exams. It begins in three days so get yourselves ready. Here are your passports and don't lose them or you none of you will get in." he explained and then vanished in another swirl of leaves.

Naruto grabbed Ino and they shunshined to her house. When they arrived Naruto gave Ino a peck on the cheek and vanished in a blazing fire. And meanwhile Sasuke was walking toward his now empty compound with a tick mark on his head. He was angry that the 'dobe' was better than him.

Naruto then arrived in an ally where he was in front of a hooded figure. "Naruto-sama I have some news for you that you will be very interested in." said the hooded figure.

"Before you tell me Kabuto, take off your hood and stop calling me -sama. It makes me fell old." Naruto said to the now identified Kabuto. Kabuto then took off his hood and we see his appearance. He is about 16 years of age with grey hair and he wore glasses.

"Well I found out that Orochimaru is planning on attacking Konoha during the finals of the Chunin Exams and is planning on taking Sasuke Uchiha with him. His main reason is to get Sasuke and kill the Hokage." explained Kabuto. "I have also been able to get two people to become spies for you. Their names are Kin and Tayuya but only Kin will be in the Chunin Exams. Tayuya is one of Orochimaru's personal guards. They both decided to join as women in Otogakure are always mistreated."

"Good and thanks Kabuto and keep me informed about that troublesome snake." Naruto said and Kabuto vanished. Naruto then vanished again in another blazing fire.

Hokage's Office

Naruto appeared in the Hokage's Office in a blazing fire and the Hokage looked up and quickly put his book away. "Oh, Naruto my boy. What can I do you for?" the Hokage asked puzzled.

"Oji-san, I would like to tell you a few thing in private without any ANBU around." he said and the Hokage gave a signal and in the corner of the room an ANBU appeared and they all left. Naruto then put a silence seal and a barrier seal in the room so no one would hear the conversation.

"Well I came to tell you something and ask you something that requires you full permission." Naruto said and he then took a seat. "What is it Naruto-kun?" the Hokage asked.

"Well I'm going to go ahead and tell you that Orochimaru, your former student is planning on attacking Konoha, taking Sasuke with him and killing you in the process." Naruto said. The Hokage just paled at what he was just told. "How do you know this Naruto-kun?" asked the Hokage after he snapped out of shock.

"I have a spy that actually has been able to become his right hand man. So he is able to find out to most of what he is doing." Naruto explained briefly and the Hokage just had an awe struck face. "That is great Naruto-kun. Thanks to your spy we can keep an eye on that snake." the Hokage said.

"Another thing that I wanted to tell you is what I plan on doing with Zabuza's body." Naruto said. The Hokage's ears perked up at that and he stared intently at Naruto. "I plan on using one of the Rinnegan's abilities that can bring back at most 6 souls back from the dead and they can have all of their own abilities along with one of my own. They are all fueled by my chakra but they still have their own chakra to survive off of. They only use mine to use the Rinnegans abilities." Naruto explained.

"So you plan on bringing back Zabuza's body to be used as a weapon. No wonder the Rinnegan is considered the most powerful of the origional 3 dojutsus." the Hokage said and Naruto nodded. "O.K. then what is it that you wanted to ask me?" the Hokage asked.

"Well I need to know if I can take the First, Second, and Fourth Hokages bodies and do the same thing that I'm going to do to Zabuza." Naruto said.





"What are you thinking of. Taking their bodies and doing experiments on them is wrong and unhonorable. Why do you think that I would allow this?" the Hokage asked, yelling. "First of all, they won't be apart of any experiment. And as I said they would have full control of what they do. They only come to help me when I'm in serious trouble. They could make Konoha stronger than every other country and hidden village." Naruto explained. "Besides don't you want to see your sensei's, and I want to see my dad. So please Oji-san."

The Hokage went into thinking mode and thought for a moment. 'I do want to see my old sensei's and Naruto would be really hurt if he lost his chance to see his father so why not.'

"O.K. then Naruto I give you permission to do it but on one condition." the Hokage reasoned. "What's the condition?" Naruto asked. "I have to be in the room when you do the process. Deal?" the Hokage said. "Deal."

Hokage's Grave Shrine

The Hokage and Naruto were getting the formor Hokages bodies and were loading them up. They had already got the First's and Second's bodies and were begining to load up Forth's but they noticed that it was very heavy. "Hey Oji-san, do you know why my dads coffin is very heavy?" Naruto asked

"I'm not sure why he is so heavy but we will find out when we open it." the Hokage replied. They then loaded it up and they then shunshined all of the coffins and themselves to Naruto's basement.

Naruto's House/Secret Basement

When they arrived at the basement they set the coffins on the floor and began to open them. They opened the First's and it showed his body and it still had his skin on him. "Oji-san how can he possibly still have skin on him. He should only be bones." Naruto said shocked. "Well we keep them preserved so that people can see them with skin instead of just looking at their bones." the Hokage explained. "Oh."

They put the First's body onto a table. They did they same to the second and they opened the Fourth's coffin and to their suprise, there was the Fourth's body and there was also a second body. It was a woman with read hair that went all the way down to her knees. "So thats why it was so heavy but who is she?" Naruto asked.

"She is your mother Naruto-kun. Her name is Kushina Uzumaki." the Hokage said. "So I can revive my mom as well and that will leave only one spot left to have a revived person." Naruto replied.

After the three Hokage's, Kushina's, and Zabuza's were placed on the tables, Naruto was about to begin when the Hokage spoke up. "Naruto-kun could you please explain the whole process to me?" "Sure. The process will make their apperance change but only something will be added." Naruto said as he went to a drawer. He pulls out strange looking black things in different shapes.

"These chakra rods have to be place into their faces and/or bodies like piercings in order to get the chakra from me from far distances. They all regain one power of the Rinnegan and will be given a path name. There are a total of 7 names if you including the name that is given to me." Naruto said pausing to let the Hokage soak it in.

"The Animal Path has the ability to summon many different types of summons. All of the summons will have the Rinnegan aswell. The Asura Path will take the longest to do as it has a mechanical body which it can summon. The Deva Path is the most powerful as it has the ability to repel and attract anything by using gravity but it has to wait a certain amount of time before he can use the abilities again with 5 seconds being the least amount of time. The Human Path has the ability to read the minds of other people but at the concequence of the victim to have their soul taken away. The Naraka Path has the ability to summon the King of Hell who also carries the Rinnegan and the King of Hell can be used to take information by force and can also restore a damaged body to full health but it does not revive the complete dead. The Outer Path which is me has every ability of the other paths and can use the King of Hell to use a jutsu called 'Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique' which can revive people who have recently died. The Preta Path has the ability to absorb chakra by physical contact and it can also absorb the chakra of a jutsu by holding out his hands." Naruto explained and he let out a large breath from a large explaination.

The Hokage took a couple of minutes to absorb all of that information in. He finally spoke, "Have you decided who what get what path?" the Hokage asked.

"Yes Oji-san I have. The Outer Path can only be me. My dad will be the Deva Path, my mom will be the Animal Path, the First Hokage will be the Naraka Path, the Second Hokage will be the Preta Path,Zabuza will be the Asura Path and the other one I do not have someone to be at the moment." Naruto finished and the Hokage nodded in approval.

Naruto then turned around and began the process on Kushina first. He implanted three peircings on each of her ears, two on her nose and three on each shoulder. He then made a few handsigns and then chakra started to surround both Naruto and Kushina's body. After a few minutes the chakra disappeared and there was silence. Naruto took a deep breath and Kushina's eyes opened and she began to look around.

When her eyes fell onto Naruto she turned red with anger and attacked him. "How could you do this to our son you idiot! I hate you Minato!" She yelled while trying to hit Naruto. The Hokage quickly grabbed her and she started to calm down. When she was completely calm she looked behind her to see who grabbed her. To her suprise she said, "Hogake-sama?" and the Hokage just nodded.

"You are not the Hokage. He is much younger looking than you with brown hair. Who are you?" she said glaring daggers at him. "Kushina-chan you have been dead for over 12 years so of course I would have aged over that time." the Hokage said and Kushina had a look of horror and confusion."How did I die Hokage-sama?" she asked. "Childbirth and the unsealing of the Kyuubi. You were able to hold on just to say goodbye to your son with Minato before you feel to the ground lifeless." he said and she broke down crying.

"What happend to our son?" she said when she stopped crying. "Why don't you just look behind you to find out." the Hokage replied and Kushina turned around to see the person who she attacked when she 'woke up'. When she realized that it was Naruto when she looked at his cheeks. "Naruto-kun you look like a chibi version of your father." she said and she hugged him to death which caused him to have a hard time to breath.

When she let go of him she turned to ask the Hokage, "Then where is Minato-kun at?" "Right here." said Naruto pointing at the body of Minato. She walked over to his body and started to make small muffled sounds. Naruto and the Hokage placed a hand onto her shoulder and Naruto spoke. "Don't worry Kaa-san, I'm about to do the samething that I did to you to revive him. Also you might want to look at yourself in the mirror." Kushina walked to the mirror on the wall to look at herself. She was a little shocked at all of the peircings on her face and she then felt her shoulders and noticed some more on them.

"What are these Naruto-kun?" she asked. "I'll tell you when I revive the other four that I'm going to bring back so you have to wait awile." Naruto said and she nodded. "So now I have to get back to work on them. Hey mom I'm going to need your help to bring back Zabuza because he will take awhile to bring back." Naruto said and she walked over to the body of Zabuza. And they began to work.

Naruto pulled out a scapel and cut open his body. He took out all of the organs except the heart and lungs. He started to but gears and wires throughout his entire body. When he was done, he stiched the body back up and then pulled out some more peircings. He put five in his left ear and two in his right. He put one through the brings of his nose and three on his chin. He told Kushina to step back and he performed the same hand signs. They both glowed and after a few minutes the glow stopped.

Zabuza opened his eyes and he looked around wondering where he was. 'Where am I? I thought I died on that bridge when that blonde headed kid killed me.' he thought. When his eyes fell onto Naruto he went to grab his sword but found that it wasn't there. So instead he looked at him and asked, "Where are we and I thought you killed me on that bridge?" "I revived you and you have been dead for awhile but not that long. You are now connected to me and you are kept alive by you having a little bit of my chakra. You having some of my chakra gives you one of my abilities. You are the Asura Path and your body has gone through the most change as your body is mostly a machine now. You can summon mechanical machines to put on your body or you can grow out of your body to attack." Naruto replied.

Zabuza nodded and looked in the mirror and was about to speak but Naruto said that he will tell him later and Zabuza nodded.

Naruto did the same process on the three formor Kages. The First and Second Hokage were the hardest to explain to.

When the First Hokage woke up he got up and looked at everyone in the room. When he saw his brother's body on the table lifeless, he got up to attack. He went into a defensive stance and said, "Where is Sarutobi and what have you done to my brother?"

The current Hokage walked up to him slowly while speaking. "Shodamie-sama you and your brother have been dead for a very long time. It's me Sarutobi just that I have grown old so please trust me." the Shodamie thought for a moment and nodded. The exact same thing happened but it was easier since the Shodamie was there to help explain.

Their percings were also different that the others. The Shodamie had four peircings on his left ear, one in his nose, two in his lip, one on his tounge and two through his chest. The Nidamie, the Shodamie's brother, had seven in his right ear, two in each forearm, one on each shoulder, and one though his chin. Naruto decided to tell them everything after he finished his dad.

Naruto put three in his chest, three in each ear, two through his chin, and four though his bottom lip. When he woke up he couldn't beleive that he was alive. And he nearly fainted when he saw that the two former Hokages were revived. He cried with joy when he was Kushina standing with full life and when he saw Naruto he couldn't believe his eyes. "Naruto is that you?" he asked. Naruto nodded and his dad replied, "You look just like a me only smaller." he said while laughing.

After the greeting were done Naruto then began to explaine what has happened to them. "So as you know you have all been revived by the power of the Rinnegan as you all have it yourselves. This has happened because you are all kept alive by you having a little bit of my chakra that comes from the Rinnegan I have. You also each gain a main ablility that is unique from each of you. My mom is the Animal Path with grants her the ability to have many differnt summons that can also use the Rinnegan. Zabuza here is the Asura Path which gives him the ability to summon mechanical parts out of his body to use as attacks and defences. You Shodamie-sama are the Naraka Path which gives you the ability to summon the King of Hell which you can use for interagation but at the price of the person be dead afterward and you can also bring someone who is nearly dead, not completely dead, back to full health. You Nidamie-sama are the Preta Path which gives you the ability to absorb chakra by physical touch of someone and even by absorbing chakra from any jutsu itself. No one is the Human path who can read the minds of anyone but at the cost of the victim losing his soul. My dad is the Deva Path who is the most powerful of the five of you and the Human Path. You have the ability to control gravity in different ways. You five and the Human Path are what is called the 'Six Paths of Pain'. I'm the Outer Path which has all of your abilities." Naruto said taking a few moments of a break to let them soak it in.

"The black peircings you all have is what lets you get the chakra from my body. I also have chakra rods but only one is exposed." he said and Naruto took off his shirt to reveil the chakra rod that was just barely exposed. "The rest of them are connected to it and they are spread out through my body. You all still have your own abilities aswell. That is all that I have to explain and you may ask any questions if you want." Naruto said and he put his shirt back on.

Naruto then took out a scroll and undid the seal. Out came Zabuza's sword. Naruto picked it up and handed it to Zabuza who thanked him. He noticed that it looked new and shiny so he knew that Naruto got it fixed.

"Hey old man since I'm back your probably going to have me take back the office to get away from that paperwork." Minato said. The current Hokage said, "No that won't be neccesary as I already found a way to get out of doing it thanks to Naruto here. It turns out that all I have to do is use shadow clones." and at that, all of the former Hokage just banged their head on the ground for not thinking of such a loophole. Everyone else laughed at them when they started to call themselves a baka.

They finally stopped and the Sandamie spoke. "Right now I will summon an ANBU agent to summon all of the people on the Shinobi side only to tell them all that has happend as they are more understandible than the elders and the civilan side. So we will all shunshin over to the office and tell them." They all nodded and everyone used their own form of shunshin.

Hokage's Office

They all arrived and the Sandaime told the five revived people to go into the private room until he said to come out. They all nodded and they walked into the room. He summoned an ANBU and told him to gather all of the clan heads. "Hai." the ANBU said and vanished.

Twenty minutes later, all of the clan head arrived at the same time. "Yes Hokage-sama what is it that you wanted to tell us?" asked Inoichi Yamanaka. The Hokage made several handsigns and the room glowed and they all new that he made the room soundproof and sightproof. "Well I could only tell you first as you all question me the least and don't do anything like the elders and the civilian side. So please sit down.

"Is it about Naruto Hokage-sama?" asked Choza Akimichi. "Well sort of you just have to see. You can come in now and the door to the private room opened and out came five people. Four of which they were suprised to see but they didn't know Zabuza much. "How are you four still alive?" asked Hiashi Hyuga with suprise.

"Well Naruto here used the power of the Rinnegan to revive them." the Hokage answered. Shibi Aburame being the calmest of the clan head spoke up. " Tell us everything that you are willing to tell Naruto-san."

Naruto then explained to them about the revival process and what they get from it. Like the things from the Rinnegan, the different types of Paths, and the black chakra rods. After the explaination was done they all had looks of both joy and fear. Joy for having all of the former Hokages back and fear because if they mess with Naruto, he could have them defend him as he controls them.

"Naruto-kun, just to let you know. Don't revive me when I die. O.K." the Sandamie said and Naruto nodded.

"O.K. then now we must let the rest of the village know but they can't let them know that Naruto was the one to revive them for it would cause people to believe that Naruto had stole their bodies and are under his control." the Hokage said. "Why would they think that Sandamie-sama, I thought they would not care as much since I told them that Naruto was to be reveared as a hero like Mito-sama and Kushina-hime." Minato said. But what he got was just Naruto, the Sandamie and the Clan heads to look down and having a shadow cover their eyes.

"How about tolerate him?" Minato said. "Not even close Tou-san." Naruto said when a few tears started to go down his cheeks. He was forcing back the tears as hard as he could. "Then what did they do to him?" Minato and Kushina asked.

"They made...many attempts to...kill him on his birthday which was on the same day the Kyuubi attacked. They formed mobs every October the tenth at night and they set out to kill the 'demon' as they always called him. His worst was when he was only three years old as that was the closest they came to killing him." the Sandamie paused. "They broke into his apartment which he was living in cause the orpanage kicked him out. They took kunai's and stabed his hands and feet into the wall. They gagged and blindfolded him as they made cuts into his chest, stomach and arms. They kept beating him which caused him to have very large bruises. They destroied his appartment room and left. He was left there for five days and thats when I went to find him as I haven't seen him in awhile. When I found him like that I rushed him to the hospital to get help. He didn't wake up for a whole month. I never found out who did it to him though and they got away with it. Naruto then suffered from amnesia so it made more difficult."

The Sandamie finished and tears started to cry lightly trying his hardest to not cry. Kushina dropped down and cried loudly at what she learned about Naruto's early childhood. The Shodamie and the Nidamie had looks of disgust and horror and Naruto's dad was so angry that an image of the Shinigami appeared above his head at what he learned.

"Luckily though Naruto has made many improvements after that large experiance. On his fourth mob attack he was rescued by Itachi Uchiha who adopted him. He trained Naruto for eight years without anyone seeing him during that time. He was being trained by him for his bloodline that the Kyuubi, who is female, gave to him. He is so strong that he could kill me in a matter of seconds without breaking a sweat. Because of him having a new bloodline, he was put under the CRA where he has already made fice wives and one also happens to be in this room right now. Tsume Inuzuka, the Inuzuka clan head. When he returned he went to the academy to take the genin exams where he made a completly perfect score on everything. He actually became the student of your former student, Kakashi Hatake." the Sandamie said lightening everyone's mood.

"That does make it better but that still doesn't make up for what the villagers dod to him." Minato said. "Well your going to have to wait to make them get punished as only the council knows that Naruto is your son Minato so nothing that is said in this room is to leave this room. O.K." the Sandamie said and everyone in the room nodded.

"Now that that is over to let you five know you will be living in my house. I'll have new rooms added to the estate for you five to live in as my parents rooms has already been taked by me and one of my wives." Naruto said and Minato and Kushina pouted that their son took their favorite room in the house. "So in the meantime after the village knows about you all being alive, you four will live in the a hotel until the new rooms are built and Zabuza will live in the basement of the house if it's O.K. with you Zabuza." Naruto said and Zabuza nodded. Then the Hokage summoned an ANBU and told him to have everyone gather around the Hokage Tower for an anouncement. They ANBU nodded not noticing the revived group.

20 minutes later, they noticed that mostly everyone was gathered around the Tower. They all got up to get ready but Naruto stopped Zabuza and said, "Acutually Zabuza I think that you should not let people know that you are here right now because there is no telling how Haku, Kisame, Kakashi, and Sasuke will react." Zabuza looked shocked about two of the names he said. "How will Haku find out if she is dead and Kisame is supposed to be in the Hidden Mist right now?" Zabuza asked.

"I made a deal with Haku that if she would not be your tool that she could come live a better life in Konoha. And Kisame became a missing ninja to the Hidden Mist two years before we met him." Naruto said and Zabuza nodded and sat back down. "Also to warn you clan heads about something, I have a spy named Kabuto Yakushi who is my imformant on Orochimaru." Naruto said and all of the clan heads looked at him with wonder.

"How hight up in the ranks is he in?" asked Inoichi. "He is Orochimaru's right hand man so he can get the most information about Orochimaru possible." Naruto said and all of the clan head looked shocked.

"If he is that high up then why doesn't he kill him with poison?" asked Hiashi. "Well he did try once but Orochimaru knew that it was poisoned and was about to kill Kabuto for attempting to posion him until Kabuto came up with a good excuse which was that the person who he asked to make the medicine while he had to do something else must have done it. Orochimaru looked at him to see if he was lying but didn't as Kabuto is so good at lying that only I can tell if he was lying. I put a seal on his tounge that only affects him if he lies to me only so he can lie to everyone else all he wants. And the only way to dispeal the seal is if the Kyuubi's chakra was to be put onto the seal." Naruto explained.

"Hey why don't you meet him then as he is hiding over by that bookcase overthere." Naruto said and everyone looked over at the bookcase and noticed that the area they were looking at began to distort. A couple of moment later a figure appered and it was Kabuto with his hood over his head, again. "Hello Naruto-sama." Kabuto said. "Kabuto for the last time take that hood off when you are around me in private." Naruto said impatiently. Kabuto nodded and took off his hood.

"Naruto-sama I have found out that Orochimaru is going to have Suna aid in the attack on the Chunin Exams. He will later kill the Kazekage and impersonate sometime befor the Finals of the exam. His main trump card is to have the Jinchuriki of Suna let the Shukaku out somehow. They say that he is a psychotic, bloodthirsty boy who always wants to kill people. His name is Gaara and he will be taking the Chunin Exams with his brother and sister on his team. All three of them are the children of the Kazekage. Everyone in Suna are afraid of him and stay away from him. Also everyone in Suna including the Kazekage don't know that Orochimaru is planing on killing the Kazekage." Kabuto said and everyone is shocked that Suna is going to help Orochimaru.

"The only reason that they agreed to it though is because the Wind Daimyo stopped sending missions to Suna and to Konoha instead. I have learned that he tried to get Kumo and Kiri to join in the invasion but both denied as both hate Orochimaru for the things that he has done to their villages. Suprisingly Iwagakure has also denied to join in on the invasion as they still don't want to risk there being someone who the Yondamie trained to be the second Yellow Flash of the Leaf. That is all Naruto-sama." Kabuto said. Naruto replied, "Good work Kabuto and tell Kin and Tayuya to keep up the good work aswell. Also you know what to do if someone askes for information about me and my powers, O.K." "Yes Naruto Naruto-sama." and Kabuto poofed out of existince.

Everyone looked terrified and Hiashi said, "We should get Suna first before the invasion." "No we shouldn't or Orochimaru will catch on that there is a spy in his ranks. And this information is to not leave this room either. No one not even the rest of the council is to know about it. Got that." Naruto said and everyone in the room shrunk back and nodded out of fear for Naruto. After that everyone but Zabuza left.

When they all reached the top of the tower the Hokage walked up alone to the edge of the tower. "Hello everyone I have some knews for all of you. Some people have been brought back to life by someone who is to remain unknown until he thinks that you all are ready. O.K. then the people that have been revived are the Shodamie Hokage, the Nidamie Hokage, the Yondamie Hokage, and Kushina Uzumaki who is the wife of the Yondamie." and when he finished the said four walked up to stand by the Sandamie. Everyone in the crowd started to cheer.

Naruto on the other hand was taking this moment to look through the minds of everyone in the crowd. He copied the Yamanaka's bloodline that he got from Ino. He was looking through the crowd to find any spys. He found eight spys and he placed a seal inside their heads that would cause them to forget what has happened today. He senced no one for more miles beyond Konoha so there was no other spy.

After the cheering stoped the Sandamie dismissed them back to their daily lives. He then got the four revived people into a private hotel while Naruto had Zabuza put into the basement of his house. Naruto of course told him to never leave the basement. "You will be able to come out sometime during the Chunin Exams more likely the Preliminaries that is held after the second exam so you won't have to wait long." Naruto said and Zabuza nodded.

"What will I do about food?" Zabuza asked. "You Zabuza don't have to eat as the only organs that remain is your brain, heart, and lungs. So with out a stomach you don't need to eat." Naruto explained and Zabuza knew that he was going to have a hard time dealing with him being a machine. He nodded. Naruto then left and Zabuza decided to go to sleep for awhile.

Two Days Before the Chunin Exams

Naruto was walking near the West gate when he heard a boy scream and some yelling. He decided to investigate what was happening. When he arrived, he saw Konohamaru being held by a boy that was wearing a black body suit and he had a something bandaged on his back. He also noticed that he had on what looked like makeup and that he wore a Suna headband.

"Let go of me!" Konohamaru yelled to the Suna ninja. "Why should I? You ran into me and didn't say sorry. So I think that you need to learn a lesson." the Suna ninja said. He was aiming a punch right at Konohamaru but was shocked that his punch was stopped by some mysterious person. He looked up.

Naruto grabbed Konohamaru and he shunshined several feet away from the foreign ninja. "Are you O.K. Konohamaru?" Naruto asked. "Boss." Konohamaru said joyiously. "Who are you?" the foreign ninja asked. Before Naruto could answer a girls voice was heard. "Kankuro stop it before Garra find out." said the new voice. "Shut up Temari." was Kankuro's response.

Naruto then scenced someone in a nearby tree. He read the chakra signiture and he knew exactly who it was. "Why don't you just come on out...Shukaku?" Naruto said while looking at the tree. Kankuro and Temari all had a look of horror when Naruto said that. There was then a swirl of sand that appeared in front of the the two Suna ninja. After that a boy appeared and Naruto just stared at him lazily.

The boy looked about 12 to 13 years old. About 5 feet in height. He had blood red hair and black rings around his eyes. He had the kanji for love on his head and he had a large gourd strapped onto his back. "G-Gaara." Kankuro said. "Shut up Kankuro. You are a disgrace." Gaara said and Kankuro just nodded.

"Who are you." asked Garra while looking at Naruto. "Name's Naruto Uzumaki and your Gaara, Jinchuriki of the Shukaku right." Naruto said and Gaara was slightly shocked that he knew about 'mother'. "Mother wants your blood Uzumaki." Gaara said and his brother and sister just kept looking on with horror. "I'm sure that she does." Naruto said and he walked away.

Later that day he also came across a Kumo team. Their names were Karui, Omoi, and Samui. He noticed that Karui was very easily angered. She had red hair and she wore the usual Kumo ninja gear. Omoi was very lazy like Shikamaru. He had white hair and wore the same clothing as Karui. The last girl Samui was a very serious girl. She was a white skinned girl with shoulder length blond hair. She wore the same clothing as the other two and she had a very large bust.

Naruto noted that they were all genin here to take the exams. He also noticed that Samui appeared to be the strongest of the three. Naruto confronted them and he thought that Samui was very beautiful.

Karui spoke up first when they met Naruto. "Who the hell are you blondie?" she said and Naruto just looked on. "Names Naruto Uzumaki and who are you?" Naruto said even though he already knew who they all were. Omoi spoke up and answered. "My name is Omoi. The busty girl to my left is Samui and the flat chested girl to my right is Karui." he said and Karui moved very fast to hit Omoi.

"What was that for?" Omoi said while rubbing his head. Karui didn't answer. "Sorry for my teammates but they always act like idiots." Samui said and Naruto nodded. "Yeah I noticed." Naruto replied and when Karui heard that he said that, she went to hit him. But all she got was just her hand getting caught by Naruto while he was still looking at Samui. "Now if you had hit me Karui, you could have gotten in a lot of trouble." Naruto said and Karui nodded still shocked that someone caught her attack as no one has before.

"Well I'll see you and your team in the Chunin Exams. Later Samui-chan" Naruto said and he vanished in a wind shunshin. Samui blushed at the when Naruto said her name with the 'chan' suffix at the end. Karui and Omoi noticed the blush and they mentally grinned when they found some blackmail to use on Samui. They later went on their way to the hotel that they were staying in.

Time Skip/Day of Chunin Exams

Naruto was walking towards Training Ground 7 to meet his two teammates. As he was walking down the street he was given the same murderious glares from the villagers. Some even threw things at him but he just caught everything they threw. He finally arrived at training ground and saw Ino and Sasuke waiting for him. Naruto noticed that Ino had changed the color of her clothing from purple to black. To Naruto it was an improvement. Sasuke only change his shirt color to black and that was all.

He walked up to them and Ino jumped on him while Sasuke looked at him lazily. "Hey Naruto-kun you ready to take the Exams!" Ino squealed. "Yeah." Naruto said trying to pry Ino off of him. Sasuke just said, "What took you so long dobe?" and Naruto's response was just, "I had someone to meet." and Sasuke just dismissed it.

"Well then lets get going or we won't be able to take the Chunin Exams." Naruto said and they all nodded. They then started to walk towards the academy. The paper told them that they had to be in room 301 in the academy by 9:00 and turn in their passports or they wouldn't be able to take the exams.

Before they could climb the stairs though a boy in green spandex that had black hari in a bowl cut was staring at them. "Which one of you is Sasuke Uchiha?" the boy asked. "I'm Sasuke. Who are you?" Sasuke said. "My name is Rock Lee and I want to fight you." said Lee.

Sasuke agreed to fight and they got into their stances. Naruto and Ino went to the back wall to give the two fighters more room. Naruto noticed that he felt three very familier chakra signitures near the doorway that they came in through. It was Karui, Omoi and Samui. They covered themselves in a high powered genjutsu. At first they thought that no one noticed they were there but that belief was shattered when Naruto looked in their direction and waved hello.

When Naruto looked directy at Samui he mouthed 'Hey Samui-chan'. and she was able to understand perfectly at what he said. She blushed more deeply that the last time. Naruto turned away from them and back to the fight.

Lee was beating the shit out Sasuke. Sasuke was trying to use some ninjutsu but he couldn't finish the handsigns quick enough cause Lee always hit him before he finished. Lee stopped when Naruto stopped his kick that was headed for Sasuke's head. "I think that is enough Lee besides it's almost 9:00 so we should hurry up. Lee nodded and left the room. Sasuke got up and walked out angered that he was defeated very easily. Ino walked just after him and Naruto staied behind and said, "You can come out now Samui-chan."

Samui undid the genjutsu and looked at Naruto. "Why do you keep calling me that?" she said with a blush appering on her face. "Why can't I call you that. You are very beautiful." Naruto said in a charming voice and Samui blushed even more. "By the way do you know anyone by the name of Killer B?" Naruto asked the three of them.

"Yeah he's our sensei. Why?" Omoi said. "Good tell him that Nine said hello." Naruto responded. "O.K. then." Samui said. Naruto then walked away to catch up to his team. Samui and her teammates soon followed. Naruto caught up with his team and they didn't notice that he wasn't there.

When they reached the second floor they noticed that there was a crowd of people by a door that had 301 but Naruto noticed that it was a genjutsu but even if he didn't he would have skipped it as room 301 is on the third floor on the second. Samui and her team that weren't that far behind followed Naruto and his team instead of going into the crowd of genin.

Naruto and his team were greeted by Kakashi who was standeing beside the door that led to room 301. "So you all made it and skipped that genjutsu. Good work now I need to see you passports." Kakashi said and Naruto with his team and Samui with her team handed their passports to him and entered the room.

Not long after they entered the room Naruto senced two other Youki's in the room. He saw Gaara with his siblings and then he saw a girl with blond hair with two other shinobi.

After that Naruto's spy Kabuto walked up to them without his cloak on and a Konoha headband. "Who are you?" Sasuke said. "My name is Kabuto Yakushi. I have gathered a lot of information about almost everyone in this room. The only ones that I have barely any info on is the sound teams as they are new. Do any of you want to know about anyone that are taking the exams?" Kabuto said.

Sasuke spoke up first. "Gaara of the Sand, and Rock Lee." Naruto spoke next. "Yugito Nii." Samui spoke last. "Naruto Uzumaki." and everyone in the room went silent to her the information about the people that were called.

"O.K. then you know all of their names. That makes it easier." Kabuto said and Kabuto pulled out four cards.

"Subaku no Gaara, is a ninja of Suna. Has completed 40 D-rank and 15 C-rank missions. Came back from every mission with a single scratch on him. Teammates are Subaku no Temari and Subaku no Kankuro with the sensei of Baki. All three are the children of the current Kazekage. Has the ability to control sand." Kaubto read from the first card.

"Rock Lee, is a ninja of Konoha. Has completed 25 D-rank and 7 C-rank missions. Teammates are Neji Hyuga and Tenten with the sensei of Might Guy. Only knows taijutsu and knows nothing in ninjutsu and genjutsu. Very strong Taijutsu." Kabuto read from the second card.

"Yugito Nii, is a ninja of Kumo. Has completed 45 D-rank and 20 C-rank missions. Teammates are unknown with unknown sensei. Is skilled in ninjutsu. Strongest genin in all of Kumo." Kabuto said reading from the third card.

"Naruto Uzumaki, is a ninja of Konoha. Has completed 35 D-rank missions and 1 C-rank turned A-rank missions. Teammates are Sasuke Uchiha and Ino Yamanaka with their sensei being the famous Kakashi Hatake. The thing is that I couldn't find out much about him.

Then when the clock struck nine, the door opened to reveal a man that had scars on his face. He wore a bandana on his head. "My name is Ibiki Morino and I am your first exam proctor. So in the room now you maggots." Everyone in the room hurried into the room so they wouldn't fail. Naruto and his team, Samui and her team, Gaara and his teams, and Yugito and her team were the only ones to walk into the classroom calmly. 'Looks like four teams didn't fall for it.' Ibiki thought while looking at all of the of the genin.

"O.K. now I will only explain the rules once and only once. Your teams are all spread apart throughout the room. You all start out with 100 points. Nine questions will be on the paper that you will be given and the tenth question with be given from me personaly. If you get caught cheating you will lose 20 points. Get caught 5 times, you and your team are disqualified. Do I make myself clear." Ibiki explained. Everyone nodded. Everyone was given a test facedown and Ibiki said, "Begin!"

Everyone started to answer the questions. Naruto noticed that all of the questions were not for genin. He also noticed that only a few people were answering them like they knew the answers already. Naruto read the mind of those people and found that they were actually chunin. He then read their mind to see what the answers were. After Naruto finished his test he set his pencil down and waited for time to be called.

Time went by and it was only a couple of minutes left til time was called. Out of the 45 teams that entered the exams only 30 remained. Two minutes later time was called. "Now their have been some rules added to the test. The rules are that if you decide to not take the tenth question you can have another chance in the next Chunin Exams. But if you decide to take the question and answer wrong, you will be a genin for the rest of your ninja carrer." Ibiki said and most of the people in the room went in an uproar. Naruto, Samui, Yugito, and Gaara were the only ones that weren't yelling.

"That's not right, there are people here that have taken the test before and they are still eligible to become chunin." Sakura yelled. "Well then they never had a proctor like me so sit down and shut up. Now if one person goes then your whole team has to go too. So decide now or forever hold your peace." he said. A total of ten hands went up so ten teams were out. No one else raised their hands.

"O.K. since no one else will raise thier hands the final question is..." he said pausing for a dramatic effect. " all pass." Ibiki said and everyone but of course Naruto, Samui, Gaara, and Yugito yelled at him. "What?" they all said.

"The main purpose of the test was to test how well you could all cheat. So I placed several chunin in the seats, so you could have someone to cheat off of. The final question was to see your decision making skills. Most chunin have to make hard decisions during missions to gain information." Ibiki explained.

Everyone in the room calmed down and sat back down. Then out of nowhere a purple blur crashed through the window and there was a banner following it. It read 'Anko Mitarashi your second proctor'. "Really Ibiki 20 teams that means 60 genin. I would think that you could do better." Anko said. "Must be a tough crowd." Ibiki said. "Oh well. Alright you maggots meet me at training ground 44 by 10:30 or you and your team will be disqualified." Anko said and she vanished.

Every team in the room went out quickly to get to training ground 44. All except Naruto's, Samui's, Gaara's, Yugito's teams.

So there you go we are now starting the Chunin exams.

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