Baby Pratice

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"Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans! Can you two stop bumping uglies for one minute we're having a glee club meeting in the kitchen!" Santana yelled up the stairs as she balanced Jackson on her hip; holding a bottle in the other hand. Her dark eyes looked over to Finn who in return was giving her an annoyed look. "If you say anything about me yelling in front of your precious Little Debbie so help me, Saggy Man Boobs, I will have my kid beat your kid up when they go to preschool together." That shut the other teen up as he quickly held his doll to him and walked away.

Sam was the first to come downstairs not looking too happy about all the interruptions they've been having. Yes, he was very happy him and Mercedes were back together but would it kill the others to let them have a little privacy? He shot Santana a look in which she shrugged her shoulders and smirked, not caring at all that he was being cock blocked. "Why do we even need to have a 'glee meeting'?" He muttered angrily as he stomped past the Cheerio and into the kitchen.

"Geez, Grouchy Guppy, who spit in your wheaties?" Santana asked, humor in her voice because she knew why the blonde was angry. She looked up to see Mercedes make her way down the stairs too and she was doing a much better job than Sam at hiding her annoyance. "Look you two have plenty of time to have all that angst somewhere else. Puck wants to tell us something and Tina's bitching at us all to be around when he says it...she even called up the Keebler Elf and Sugar." Mercedes frowned and watched as both Blaine and Sugar made their way into the Berry house. Blaine looked angry as he held his doll and rushed past everyone, obviously trying to get away from his partner who was yelling something about being sorry for accidentally dropping Queen.

"Please no more partner drama we just fixed Rachel's and Quinn's." Mercedes muttered to herself as she said a silent prayer before going to enter the kitchen with the rest of her friends. She spotted Sam next to Joe as he took Jacob from the other teen - she gave him a quick smile before looking over to Tina who seemed to be whispering encouragement to Puck. Since when did they become so close? Mercedes decided she was too busy with her and Sam's relationship to see that everyone else seemed to be bonding too. Santana sat on Artie's lap, Mike had an arm around Brittany, Kurt was trying to accessorize Rory, Quinn and Rachel smiled at each other, Blaine and Sugar...well Blaine refused to be near Sugar but hey not everyone could make progress so quick.

"My father is in town." Puck blurted out causing everyone to stop what they were doing and stare at him in shock. "He asked to borrow money. But I said screw him and used the money for something else."

"Drugs?" Finn asked, receiving a hit from both Rachel and Quinn. "Ouch! What? It was just a question!" He avoided the looks of his ex and girlfriend and cuddled Little Debbie thinking she'd be the only girl that would never hit him because the glee club girls were brutal.

Puck glared at his best friend, "No...but I thought about it." He chuckled before smiling over at Tina who returned the look. "I you know most of us are seniors and our time together will be ending soon. Sure this project got us to spend more time together but it's not enough. You all became my very incestual family." He looked over at the lovers and ex lovers as everyone chuckled. "But you guys are my heart. So I got these." He tossed tickets onto the table which Rachel quickly grabbed before anyone else could.

"Oh my Streisand! These are tickets to Florida!" She screeched as she looked up at Puck with excitement. "You got us all tickets to Florida!? Why!"

"Lemme see those." Kurt said as he snatched them from her grip before sniffing them and holding them up to the light to examine them, "They're real!" he whispered incredulously, his green eyes looking at Puck.

Tina rolled her eyes, "Of course they're real! Puck decided we could all spend a week in Florida for Spring Break! Isn't that nice of him?" She asked as everyone passed the tickets around to make sure they weren't being scammed. When everyone's shock settled down, Tina sighed, "You can thank him now!" Puck didn't even have time to react before he was engulfed in bodies and arms and screams of excitement.

"I'm so excited I have to start shopping now!"

"Wait...I need to find a babysitter for Little Debbie that week..."

"We won't have the babies anymore around that time, you idiot!"

"Don't remind me..."

"Whose touching my butt?"

"Do we get to pick our roommates because I am not sharing a room with the guys...!"

"Mercedes and I are dating again!"

Everyone stopped talking and were once again in stunned silence as they all stared at Sam who was hugging Mike who in return was hugging Puck. "What?" He asked as Mercedes hid her face in her hands, "Everyone else was shouting random stuff I thought that'd be a good time to tell everyone!"

"You couldn't wait until we were all sitting and calm?" His girlfriend asked as she smiled at him. "Sam Evans, you have no clue how to be subtle."

He shrugged before walking over to her and placing a not so subtle kiss on her lips in front of everyone causing the girls to melt at the scene while the guys struggled with either being uncomfortable or turned on.

"There are babies in this room!" Finn exclaimed with disgust before storming out and muttering something about being the only good parent in the group. Sam pulled away from Mercedes a little to glare at his housemate before grinning at the rest of the glee club. Well now they knew and there was no need for that 'secret relationship' crap they had before. It was now out in the open and he felt light and happy for the first time in months.

Artie tilted his head as he examined the couple before his blue eyes looked at Jacob who was nestled in Sam's arms, "Dude...your doll finally opened its eyes?" He asked as he wheeled himself over to them. He took in the greenish brown glassy eyes, looking like a rare emerald. "It's eyes look like Mako!"

"Thank you!" Sam exclaimed before giving Mercedes an 'I told you so' look. "Someone who understands me!"

"Also," Mercedes said as she wiped at the edges of her mouth since he nearly smudged all her lip gloss, "We're going to be spending the weekend together with Sam's family and Jacob." She grabbed Sam's hand and squeezed it. Everyone gave her a look like she just said she's going to run off and get married with him. "It's just a weekend guys..."

Santana snorted, "Yeah and be sure to pack lots of condoms or little Jacob will become a real boy if you get my drift."

"The blue fairy is paying Sam and Mercedes a visit?" Brittany asked with excitement as she looked at her girlfriend, "Do you think she'll turn Joy real too?"

"You better wait till we're in our thirties for that to happen, babe."

"And on that note we're getting out of here before this turns into a sex talk again." Sam replied as he grabbed Jacob's bag and Mercedes. They last thing he needed was their friends prying into their sex life again. Last time it had him looking like the bad guy when it was actually Mercedes who had seduced them the first time they ever got intimate. "See ya'll at school tomorrow."

"You know...we did this wrong." Mercedes looked up from staring down at Jacob's eyes to Sam who was laying across from her, his eyes examining her as she gave him a confused look. "We had a baby first then started dating." He explained then chuckled as she rolled her eyes. "When we get married I promise we do it the right way so that Jacob won't be born a bastard."

Mercedes gasped then placed hands over Jacob's plastic ears, "Language, Mr. Evans." She replied with a smirk. It was nearly midnight and she was sure her parents were going to kill her for having Sam over so late. But she missed nights like this when they would just lay in bed and watch TV and talk. Sure it made them seem like an old married couple but something about being alone with Sam made her feel at ease; like everything was right in the world. And now that they were together once again she guessed everything was right in the world. Yes some of their friends were still going through things and this was her last year at McKinley but none of that mattered now. Because now she had Sam and their 'son'.

"Ok no more spending time with Finn for you." Sam joked as he leaned over Jacob to place a soft kiss on her lips. He'd never get tired of doing that especially now that he could do it whenever and anytime he wanted. "Hey...have you thought of a song for us to sing yet?" He watched his girlfriend shake her head and frowned. "So much has been going on that I nearly forgot about that..."

"Everything seems to be calming down...which means a storms about to hit."

Sam's green eyes snapped to look over at her with a worried expression, "Don't say that! Knock on wood right now, Miss Jones!" He watched as she rolled her eyes but did as he said. "I got you back and my family are doing well not to mention my grades have improved...just sucks I won't be graduating this year." He let out a frustrated sigh remembering when he was told he was being held back. He couldn't catch a break! Mercedes placed a comforting hand on his shoulder causing him to look back at her with sadness.

"There's still months before graduation so don't think about me leaving yet ok? Remember what you said before you left last summer? If it's meant to be it'll be."

"Screw that even if its not meant to be I'm gonna make it work." Sam replied seriously which caused her to laugh, "You don't believe me?"

She shook her head and tried to sober her laughter, "Yes I believe you. Your crazy, Sam Evans. Knowing you you'll probably visit me every weekend at college if you could."

Sam smirked, "Don't give me any ideas." He leaned forward once again but before he could kiss her Jacob began his crying. Before he could look and see what was wrong he already smelled the problem. "Diaper change." He muttered and watched that familiar fear fill his girlfriend's brown eyes. "Mercedes, you can do's not even real poop it's artificial."

She sat up and glared at him, "That doesn't make it any better! It still looks and smells like it oh my god what did they feed him?" Mercedes asked as she placed a hand over her nose when Sam pulled off the doll's onesie. How a fake baby could use the bathroom like that would remain a mystery to her. Maybe Sue was using these things to punish the glee club. "Can't you do this one? It's dripping...ohmygodImgonnabesick."

Sam tried not to laugh as he grabbed the diapers and wipes trying to give her the serious look, "There's no way I'm gonna be doing all the baby stuff while you get to be the cool mom who plays with him and buys him stuff. We're a couple now this is more than a partnership. C'mon before it gets on your bed." She grumbled but sat up on the bed to change Jacob. This was something about motherhood she would never get use to.

It was a Friday and for some reason Finn sent out a mass message to the glee club telling them he hired a photographer for "family pictures". Even though they all believed their leader had finally lost his mind they were all pretty excited since they only had four days left with the dolls. It wasn't till they all had to meet up at the auditorium did it hit them that soon this project was coming to an end because Finn had taken the time to actually write a banner and hang it up with the words "Cherish These Last Moments" written in a bold red.

Artie stopped midway down the aisle and stared up at the sign with a frown while Brittany almost busted out in tears. "That's really messed up, Finn." He said as he looked over at his partner and her girlfriend who sent the tall teen a dark look. "Are you trying to break all our spirits?"

Finn didn't seem bothered by their displeasure because he knew exactly how they felt. Little Debbie may not have been real and the first couple of days with her was Hell but he bonded with that little plastic thing and to know that after the weekend he would no longer have her was killing him. "Guys, I know I've been pretty hard to deal with lately..."

"You don't say?" Mercedes replied sarcastically as she placed a hand on her hip and quirked a brow.

"Lately?" Quinn asked incredulously.

He held his hands up, "I deserve that...but don't think I haven't been paying attention these past couple of days. This week has been good for us. We all hung out with people we barely use to and got to know each other more...and as much as it sucks...some of us are going to be leaving soon."

A pained look flashed on Sam's face as he unconsciously reached out to grab Mercedes' hand and squeeze it. His girlfriend in return looked up at him to give him a small smile but his eyes stayed looking forward; almost like he was afraid to look at her. She sighed and placed her head on his shoulder, hoping he wasn't thinking this was the end for them once again since they just got back together.

"We need to cherish these moments. And I don't mean only because we have these dolls for a little while I mean because we only have each other for a little while." Finn continued as he looked at the saddened looks on his friends' faces. "Yes we all hurt each other once and awhile but we put that in the past...we've changed now. For the better. So I got us a photographer today because I want to remember you all like this." His gaze swept over all of them and smiled, "Happy and in love."

Everyone was silent for awhile until Tina burst into sobs and ran to hug Mike, "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...I don't wanna fight anymore! I love you!" She cried into his t-shirt as he gave her a shocked look before awkwardly consoling her. He thought he'd be use to her emotional outbursts by now but this was the first time she actually clung to him for dear life; like reality was sitting in and he'd be gone soon. "I love you, Michael Robert Chang!"

Everyone else embraced each other too and soon the auditorium was being filled with cries of the girls from the glee club while the guys tried to remain cool. It wasn't till Finn felt a hug from behind him did he realize that maybe for the first time in months he actually did and said something good because he turned to see Quinn smiling up at him; something rare she ever did.

"When did you become so smart?" She asked with a hint of curiosity. The Finn she dated; the one that dumped her and broke her heart over and over again would have never said anything like that. "You did good, Finn. And despite it all...I'm going to miss you." Quinn wiped a tear away as she watched Santana and Rachel awkwardly embrace before kissing him on the cheek.

Mercedes pulled away from Sugar's embrace to find that Sam was off sitting in one of the chairs with Jacob, an unreadable expression on his face as he held the doll. Maybe Finn's speech hit way too close to home for Sam but before she could make her way over to console her boyfriend a bright flash blinded her for a minute and caused everyone to stop and look over at none other than Sebastian Smythe and the Warblers.

"What is he doing here?" Kurt asked angrily as him and Blaine glared at their old choir mates. The Warblers in return stared at the many carriers in the glee club's hands, probably wondering who in the world dubbed them mature enough to even be in the same room as babies.

"I heard someone wanted a photographer. Oh and the Warblers are here to see the New Directions' new additions. They didn't believe me when I said you McKinley chumps lost it over dolls." Sebastian replied with his usual smirk, "By the way, Mr. Rachel Berry, that was a beautiful speech...truly touched me." Finn glared at the Warbler captain. "We should all cherish these moments together. So I convinced your idiot teacher to allow the guys and I to spend the day with you and your precious...dolls."

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