Chapter 11: Dream

She was very comfy in the silk sheets; Katherine loved luxury so she always compelled a few hotel employees to let her stay. She snuggled into the red silk sheets when she felt. But the vampire felt that she was not alone in the suite, hovering above her was Stefan with a devilish smirk.

"Stefan, what the fuck are you doing here?" she gasped. Klaus could not be more than few feet away.

"Relax; Klaus is a thousand miles away. There are only you and me" he said. He leaned down and started kiss her neck, she moaned pathetically as Stefan ripped open her bra revealing her lovely naked torso. Veins wrapped around his eyes and fangs extending.

She grinned as he lunged at her neck.

Katherine sat up in bed sweating profusely, it was all a Dream

A thousand miles away, Stefan opened his eyes and grinned, now she knows what its like to be teased.