"Hey Kurt." Dave answered, a bit hesitant since this was the first day of Kurt and his new friendship. It was his first day back from the hospital and so far Kurt was the only person to call him.

"You're going to hate me." Kurt simply stated sounding slightly annoyed, "My wonderful, albeit tactless, boyfriend decided to give Sebastian your number. He hasn't called you has he?"

Dave frowned, "No, and why would Blaine give him my number?"

He imagined Kurt sighing and massaging the bridge of his nose in irritation, "He thinks Sebastian is trying to make amends with what he said to you. I know he said that he would stop being an ass, but it's hard to trust a guy who tried to blind me with a salted slushie."

Dave felt his cheeks burn, he was a douche to Kurt, but even he wouldn't have done that.

"I don't think he'll call. No reason why he would anyway, not like we were friend or an-"

"Now, see that's where you're wrong. Where do you think I got the slushie idea from?"

Dave jumped at the sound of Sebastian's voice and saw the other man leaning against his door frame of his bedroom door, looking quite smug with himself.

"Is that Kurt?" Sebastian asked pointing at the cell phone.
Before Dave could answer Kurt was yelling out, "How the hell does that jerk do that? I swear, he's like Beetlejuice!"

Sebastian easily snatched the phone away from a still surprised Dave, "Hey Kurty, how's it hanging?"

"Sebastian, what the hell are you doing with Dave?" Kurt gritted out, he didn't want Dave to have anyone bothering him while he was recuperating.

"Oh Kurty, don't worry. I have no means on hurting your boy-toy here." Sebastian offered a quick wink to Dave before cutting Kurt off. "Give gay Cyclops all my love. He's probably not getting any from you anyway. Bye now." He tossed the phone next to Dave on the bed. "God, he's so suspicious. Don't you think?"

Dave had no energy to be pleasant. "What are you doing here Sebastian? How the hell did you know where I live?" He was ready to get up from the bed but Sebastian pushed him gently down.

"Easy there tiger." Sebastian walked over to the door where he had left his bags and pulled out a thermos, "My own concoction of hot chocolate; cures the soul. And-" He pulled out three manila envelopes and handed them to Dave.

"What are these?"

"Envelops. They hold paper inside, what do they teach you in public schools?" He asked caustically as he sat down on the foot of the bed.

"You're an ass."

"Who brings you presents, so open them."

Dave growled. He didn't feel like fighting with this douche bag any further. He opened the first envelop to find school transfer papers for Dalton Academy. He could feel his heart rate speed up.

"You want me to transfer to Dalton?"

"Actually you need to transfer to Dalton." Dave perked when he heard the other boy's voice waver a bit. "We have a zero tolerance policy, everyone is pretty much family, and you need that right now."

Dave tossed the papers aside, "I don't want or need your pity."

"But you need to finish high school right? I mean, you want to leave this shitty town just as much as the next person."

Dave bit his lower lip; he and his father both knew that school options were pretty slim. They talked about Dave getting his GED, but he really did want to finish up his high school year playing sports.

"If you're worried about tuition, Dalton offers academic and sports scholarships, not to mention school loan plans."

Dave didn't say anything. Part of him was seriously considering Dalton as an option, another part was wondering why Sebastian was even here still.

"Here's the second gift." Sebastian handed him the second envelope that was ready to be sent out to Born This Way Foundation. "It's a check for fifteen hundred dollars." he explained to a wide eyed Dave.

"It's in my name."

"Yeah," Sebastian answered awkwardly, "The Warblers, Dalton's glee team, dedicated our show to you."

Dave feebly thanked him. It was a nice and considerate gift, "Wish I could have seen it. Bet you guys were good."

"We were, but we still lost." He was a bit bitter about the lost still, but didn't want to dwell on it. "This leads me to the third gift." He watched Dave open up the envelope and couldn't help but smile a little at his reaction to the "Feel Better" card signed by Warblers. Each student had even written a small message to Dave.

"Wow." Dave sniffed; he was truly touched that the guys at Dalton, guys that he had never met and didn't seem like the type who would associate with him, would do this. "Um…thank you." He didn't realize he was crying until Sebastian handed him a tissue.

"No problem." He looked around Dave's room, he turned around and saw that the closet door was removed and noticed the beams. He shivered as he realized that's where Dave decided to hang himself. He looked up and was grateful to notice the fighter plane mobile hanging over them. "Big fan of the P-40s?"

Dave smirked, "You don't have to make small talk with me. I already know how you feel about me." He put the last two gifts on his nightstand. "Look, if you feel guilty about what you said you don't have to be. Believe me, it's not the first time someone told me that."

Sebastian could feel his ears turn red, "Doesn't matter, I shouldn't have said it anyway." He rubbed his hands on his pants, "I always forget that so many people have a hard time coming out, and the first stupid thing that comes out of my mouth is to tell you to go back in the closet and lie to yourself."

"You didn't know."

"Doesn't matter." He pulled up his bag again, "Which leads me to your final gift."

"Sebastian, enough –"

"You should know that I don't take 'no' as answer."

Dave smirked and sipped on his drink, "That explains a lot." He ignored the other guy's scowl as he was handed yet another envelope, with a smaller homemade card inside.

"I, Sebastian Smythe, promise to make David Karofsky feel important and most importantly hot and sexy." He read out and then eyed Sebastian wearily. "What the hell is this?"

"It's a promise that I will make you an out and proud member of the gay community."

"Forget it, I know your game Sebastian. You're more of the 'just screw them' type." He gave the card back to Sebastian, "I get that you feel guilty, but I know you meant what you said. So thanks, but no thanks."

Sebastian bit his lip and then clapped his hand together before he got up, "Do you remember what I said about not taking 'no' for an answer?"

Dave rolled his eyes; it was less than a minute ago! But he answered with a terse "Yeah."

"Then you should know, whether you like it or not, I'm going to make you feel better about this crap. You need a friend, so let me be one."

"I have Kurt."

"Who's so into glee meets, thinking about college, and his beloved hobbit boyfriend that I doubt he has anytime for you." He sat back down on the bed. "You know I like challenges, so you will be my little pet project."

Sebastian winced when he noticed Dave took that a little bit too heart. "Nice way to make me sound less than a freak."

"You're not a freak and I'm trying to be nice." Sebastian snapped. "Look, I know I'm not as emotionally charged as Kurt and in no way do I cry every five freaking minutes like a girl going through her cycle."
"Sebastian." Dave growled as a warning.

Sebastian lifted in his hands in mock surrender, "You know I'm joking." He patted Dave's knee absentmindedly, "Remind me to warn you when I'm being facetious." He waited a bit for Dave to see that he really meant no harm to Kurt. "My point is you're going to need somebody to trust for a while till you get some confidence and respect for yourself." He pulled out a small white and blue gift bag and held it up to Dave. "Butterscotch candy. Also good for the soul."

Dave pulled out the decorated bag of candy; he must have looked shocked because Sebastian asked him what was wrong.

"Did Kurt or Blaine tell you that I like these?"

"No, I would never associate Klaine when it comes to gift ideas anyway." Sebastian stood up again, ready to leave. "So I'll be back tomorrow to hang out and give you your first lesson."

"Let me guess: How to score a hot guy 101?" Dave asked sarcastically, a part of him really hoped that Sebastian was a flake and didn't show.

Sebastian snickered and pointed at him, "That's lesson four actually. I'll see you tomorrow at noon. Maybe we can watch a movie on Saturday if you're free."

"That's part of lesson one?" Dave asked incredulously, he eyed the butterscotch candy for a bit before popping one into his mouth.

"No, that's what friends do." Sebastian explained gently. "Seriously, what do they teach you in public schools? That's like the first thing they usually teach you in pre-k."

Dave nodded, honestly smiling at Sebastian. "Must have slept through that lesson."

"Now you're getting it." Sebastian laughed; he could see himself getting along with Dave now. "So I'll see you tomorrow and don't forget to send in those admission papers for Dalton. I already gave a heads up to the Dean." He gave Dave one final goodbye before he left Dave alone again.

Dave sighed, a bit relieved that Sebastian finally left. He looked at Sebastian's card and then picked up his cell phone. He noticed that Sebastian had turned his cell phone off, "Crap." Thirty-six missed calls and forty-seven text messages from Kurt. With the last one being, I'M COMING OVER IF YOU DON'T CALL ME BACK!

That was sent five minutes ago. He quickly called Kurt back, "Kurt?" He waited patiently for awhile as Kurt chastised him about his cell phone being off.

"What the hell did he want anyway?" Kurt asked as he finally caught his breath.

Dave just shook his head, "You wouldn't believe what just happened."

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