Dalton Academy May 2012…

"And now may I present the graduating class of 2012!" Dean Berret congratulated the class as the whole lawn filled with students and families stood up to applause. "And now before we leave we have a special performance from our glee team again. This time in honor of our student who transferred with us last minute and has made a very large impact on the student body here in his very short time here." he looked directly at Dave and smiled warmly. "I think I speak for all the staff and faculty when I say this Mr. Karofsky, you have the biggest heart and smile this school has ever seen and we can't wait to see where it will take you in life. So this is Dalton's way of saying "Goodbye and it has been our greatest pleasure and good luck in Boston."" He stepped away applauding as the Warblers took their spots, including the graduating seniors.

Dave blushed, of course it had to be Sebastian that had to open.

"Take me, take me outta here, it makes me Feels so, feels so. Na-na-nana-na." Marshall snuck up, wrapping an arm around him, "Baby, baby Here we are all crazy You don't have to worry Na-na-nana-na." It was sweet, of course Sebastian being Sebastian, he had to push Marshall away face first. Liam pushed between the two, singing the next part while the others sang the backup, "So follow me down (Where to?) Out of this town (With you) Girl you're moving way too slow...So follow me down (Which way? Down, down...) I'll show you around (ok) There's a place we gotta go..."

Dave knew the pause was meant to be dramatic, he didn't know it was meant to be powerful. Jeff had solemn and powerful voice, and when mixed with any emotional song. It was known to tear Dave up a bit.

"She said I think I'll go to Boston...
I think I'll start a new life, (
So follow me down)
I think I'll start it over, where no one knows my name,
(Out of this town)
I'll get out of California, I'm tired of the weather, (
Girl you're moving way too slow)
I think I'll get a lover and fly him out to Spain...
(So follow me down)
Oh yeah and I think I'll go to Boston.(
I'll show you around)
I think that I'm just tired (
There's a place we gotta go)
I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind...(
Follow me, follow me
I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of the sunset,(
Follow me, follow me
I hear it's nice in the Summer, some snow would be nice... oh yeah."

There wasn't a dry eye in the entire audience as the guys rushed over to Dave to hug him. "I'm seriously going to miss you guys." He sniffed as Marshall went in for another hug, elbowing out Thad in the process.

"Hall, get off my boyfriend." Sebastian gritted out, already pulling the taller boy away from Dave. Before Marshall could argue Sebastian waved him off, "You'll have plenty of time to bond during the senior trip." Sebastian reminded them, envy emanating through his voice.

Dave tipped his chin back and kissed him, he loved hearing Sebastian whine a bit- the feeling of Sebastian just becoming weak from a kiss was amazing to him. "I wish you were coming. It's not going to be any fun without you." Dave smiled.

Sebastian smirked, nodding his head back and forth like a bobble head. "You suck at lying Dave. I can sti-" he was pulled into another kiss that left him weak in the knees. He hated that. He hated the fact that Dave's kisses-just that, kisses.

Kisses of all things.

Left him weak and breathless.

He just felt so damn happy whenever Dave was kissing him. He felt ridiculously happy right now. If anyone had told him months ago before all this: before becoming Dave's boyfriend, Dave's friends, (Kurt's friend!), meeting Dave, Blaine, Kurt, and the New Directions that he would be weak in the knees from just a kiss from his serious boyfriend who liked PDA (Again, something that he would have never done!) he would have laughed and told them to check with reality, but now.

Things were different.

He was happy.

And he was still being kissed by Dave!

Everything just happens for a reason.

After a few minutes Dave pulled away, his arms still wrapped around Sebastian's waist. "You alright?" Dave asked smiling.

Sebastian tried to pull away, "Stop using your kisses to distract me! You know I hate that!" he sneered, still struggling to get out from Dave's grasp. He gave up and sighed, "I hate you!"

Dave pulled him closer, pressed his lips against Sebastian's temple "You love me."

Sebastian froze a shy smile on his lips as he hid away from everyone by burying into Dave's chest. "A little." He mumbled, it was a game they played. Just something for the two of them. He could feel Dave rub his back, his other hand carding through his hair.

"We still on for tonight?" Dave asked, his lips brushing dangerously close to Sebastian's ear on purpose. He knew it was hot spot, that's why he gently bit on the lobe.

Sebastian buried his face further, clutching onto Dave's gown. "Does it have to be tonight? Can't it be now?"

He could feel Dave shake, "Dad wants to celebrate. Remember dinner? And I have to meet Finn and Puck before that."

Sebastian rolled his eyes, he still was gripping onto Dave. "Okay, dinner with dad I get. I'm invited to that anyway. But can't Finn and Puck get a rain check?"

"Really bro, you're going to ditch us already?" Finn's easy going voice broke through them, he smiled at the couple. "Not that I wanted to break you two up, but Kurt said that he didn't get any proper photos for the Warblers that he would photo shop your sixth grade photos onto the Warblers website somehow." Finn warned Sebastian.

Dave could only bite back a chuckle as Sebastian gave him a dark look. "Hey, don't look at me. You're the that's affecting him!"

Finn snorted, "Sebastianitis."

Dave laughed louder as Sebastian stomped away threatening to break up.

Finn looked nervous for a moment as he pointed over to where Sebastian was standing. "Was he serious?"

"No." Dave looked over to Sebastian and smiled, earning him a small smile in return. "Not at all." He could hear Kurt already shouting at him for not being in the pictures. "Let's get this over with and then lunch?"

"Yep, now go."

3 months ago…

Dalton Academy

"You miss him, just admit that already!" Jeff yelled out, tired and worn out as he looked over a heart broken and emotionally drained Sebastian. He couldn't stand to look at his friend sitting hunched over in his chair in the choir room.

"No." Sebastian mumbled petulantly into his arms.

Jeff rolled his eyes, throwing up in arms in frustrations. "Are you at least going to stay for Warblers meet?" It was a long shot, none of the other Warblers had apologized to Sebastian yet and only if Hell would freeze over would Jeff expect Sebastian to apologize to the Warblers.

But he was Sebastian's friend first, and to be honest. Sebastian owed his apologies to Dave. Not the Warblers.

"Not a chance." Sebastian mumbled again, looking up with a bored look.

Jeff could feel his patience thin. He was missing his friend, badly. "That's it." He walked around Sebastian and went through the cabinets and rummaged through them.

"What are you doing?" Sebastian asked, his voice had finally reached some enthusiasm in it.

Jeff pulled out a old beaten electric guitar, something that had definitely seen better days. "We have a guitar?" Sebastian frowned peeking his head back at the closet, not once had he noticed that thing was big enough to hold a guitar, or two apparently!

"Yes, we have a guitar and if you had been paying attention to the room instead of Blaine or Dave you would have noticed sooner." Jeff retorted as he plugged in the guitar. He looked back at Sebastian and sighed, "Look, I can't make you talk to Dave and I can't make Dave talk to you, you two need to handle you own problems, but you need to vent."

Sebastian lolled his head to the side as he figured out Jeff's plan, "Please, we are not New Directions, we do not need to sing our emotions here."

Jeff settled him with a look, "Maybe we don't but you do."

"I'm fine." Sebastian swore, looking at the guitar with malice.

"So what, you're just gonna hold in everything your feeling?" Jeff asked, instead of answering Sebastian only sneered and got up to leave, but Jeff grabbed his arm and pulled him back, "I'm serious man, weren't you the one who taught Dave not to bottle up that crap. Now you're doing the same thing."

Sebastian shoved him hard, "Let go!" Sebastian warned as he fixed himself off, "Look whatever you think I'm feeling, I'm not. I just want Dave to have some breathing space." Sebastian lied through his teeth.

It was getting bad, so bad. Even he could tell his facade was cracking.

Jeff looked him right in the eye, lips pressed together for a moment before letting him go. "Whatever you say." The tone of disappointment was palpable.

"Thanks." Sebastian spat out sarcastically, bumping his shoulder against Jeff's hard.


Sebastian froze, remembering their conversation from weeks ago; he turned around on the spot and noticed the smug smile and rise brow on Jeff. He sighed and threw down his back bag as he walked back and grabbed another guitar from the closet. "You're a horrible person." He told Jeff while plugging in the guitar.

"I learn from the best." Jeff winked. He started to play the opening chords of a song that Sebastian knew too well.

He bit lip and followed along; he knew the song by heart since it was the song he had been listening to all week. "You're learning way too much from me."

"Oh yeah."

Sebastian smiled; at least he had his best friend. "Fine, 1, 2, 3," They both started to play while Sebastian got ready to sing.

"Yeah he's a looker, but I really think its guts that matter most. I displayed them for you, strewn out about from coast to coast .I am easily make believe, just dress me up in what you want me to be. I'll take back what I've been saying for quite some time now."

He felt Jeff bump into him as he sang along to the chorus. It made him feel grounded.

"I gotta feel you in my bones again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you. I wanna taste you one more time again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you."

"In my daydreams, in my sleep, infatuation turning into disease. You could cure me, see all you have to do now is please try. Give it your best shot and try. All I'm asking for is love, but you never seem to have enough."

One by one the Warblers had come in and stood silently as the two played and sang. Each one with a hesitant look. Their demeanor was a clear sign that they didn't want Sebastian back, but he didn't care.

It felt kind of good to get this off his chest. He could feel himself getting lighter, all that anger at Luke and even Kurt (for having Dave's heart) and Blaine (for basically telling the Warblers about what happened at the movies) was disappearing as he sang his heart out and played the guitar.

"I gotta feel you in my bones again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you.
I wanna taste you one more time again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you."
"This life is way too short to get caught up in all this stuff when I just want you to love me back,
why can't you just love me back? Why can't you just love me back?(why can't you, why can't you) Why can't you just love me back? (why can't you, why can't you) Why can't you just love me back?
(why can't you, why can't you just love)"

"I gotta feel you in my bones again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you. I wanna taste you one more time again, I'm all over you. I'm not over you."

For a moment he could have sworn he saw Dave standing there with the others and then not at all.

"This life is way too short to get caught up and all mixed up when I just want you to love me back,
why can't you just love me back? Why won't you just love me back? Why can't you just love me back? "

All the Warblers stood still as Sebastian shook his head, leaving the guitar behind and walking out. He heard the Senior Judge call him, "Sebastian."

Sebastian was getting sick of them; he turned on the heel of foot, "What?" he asked tersely.

The judge looked around at others and shrugged, "You do know that missing a week worth of Warblers meetings means disqualification for any upcoming performance? Are you not interested in being a Warbler anymore?"

Sebastian looked at the others, daring them to speak up, "I don't think they're interested in me being one." He said coolly, arms crossed as he surveyed the room. All the other Warblers, except Jeff, at least look guilty. 'Perfect.'

Thad got pushed into the center by Liam and Marshall, along with Kingsley who got shoved by Jeff. "Do I have to apologize?" Thad asked. The Warblers all shouted out unintelligible stuff together. Sebastian waved them off, he was thankful that Dave wasn't here. "Forget it, I'm leaving."

"Sebastian, wait." Jeff called out, running after him before he had a chance to step out the room. "We need to fix this. We're Warblers. Regardless of what happens outside this school, we hold onto each other. That's what this group is about." Jeff held onto his arm, "We forget that sometimes." He looked at the boys. "And sometimes we really remember that." The last statement was directed clearly at Thad and Kingsley.

Thad rubbed his arm, "We were pissed, and you can't blame us." He looked at Sebastian with a worry glance. "The way you hurt Blaine and Kurt, we didn't want the same thing to happen to Dave." Trent spoke up, stepping up front next to Thad. "You do have a reputation Sebastian."

Liam raised his hand and pointed to himself and Marshall, "Just to state the obvious, Marshall and I had nothing to do with this." He waved towards the middle of the group. "And while Sebastian does have a reputation." He looked over a Sebastian who was staring down at Thad and Trent with ice in his vision, "Sorry mate." He looked back at the three guys, "He's the one that has been building Dave's confidence, you heard Kurt when he first came here, Dave's nothing like that now and that's all Sebastian's doing." Liam pointed out.

"So why sabotage his relationship with Lucas?" Kingsley asked.

Sebastian clicked his tongue, he was sick of everyone thinking he was that type. The type to be a bad guy and break everything he touched.

Trent was right; he apparently did have a reputation, a really sucky one.

Kurt and Santana were so sure that he was going to break Dave that they made him stop talking to him on day one.

That's all he was to anyone, a bad guy.

He pursed his lips together and leaned against the door frame, "I sabotaged his relationship with Lucas because I'm in love with him." Sebastian answered honestly.

The reactions were priceless.

Trent looked sick and embarrassed, Jeff looked relieved, and Marshall and Liam let out a small "Oh!"

"I like Dave, a lot." He walked over to the three boys, "And not that it was your business to start with, but if I wanted to sabotage anything it would definitely be your lives from here on out." He warned them.

Thad looked around the room, wondering if this was all a joke, "You serious?"

Sebastian frowned, "You keep forgetting that my dad is-"

"No, no." Thad waved him off, "I mean, are you serious you actually like Dave?"

Sebastian pinched the bridge of his nose, "You have be kidding me. Yes." He repeated half-heartedly, he could feel the ridicule coming from the three.

The Warblers all looked at each other, small smiles on some and a few others trying not to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Sebastian huffed.

Jeff started to play a familiar tune on the guitar.

"Oh God." Sebastian groaned as he tried to get away only to be pulled back by Marshall, he knew this song too. The Warblers all sang along this time as Jeff and Trent played back up.

"One day when you replay the slideshow we know pictures won't show villains and heroes It's just me keeping time with you butter knife dull but it still cuts through. We never were We'll never be
Strangers kissing in the pouring rain Chasing after your leaving train But we know that's not how our song goes Oh You're a waitress in a cocktail bar and I'll save you cause I'm a big rock star but we know that's not how our song goes It goes like this. "

He wasn't anywhere near close to coming back to the group, but he felt a bit better at least.

Lighter but not whole.

The next night, Smythe's Residence…

"Hi." Dave started, he looked pale and sick, "Can we talk?"

Kurt and Santana risked a glance at each other and felt Dave staring at them as if he were intruding on a very private moment between best friends.

He looked as broken as Sebastian did right this minute.

Kurt grabbed Santana's hand and pulled her away, "We were just leaving anyway."

Once Santana was out of Dave's sight, she motioned at Sebastian not to screw this up. Which was just the icing on top as Kurt gave him an enthusiastic smile and thumbs up.

Dave turned around once he saw were Sebastian was looking at but once he turned all he saw were Kurt and Santana's retreating backs.

"Was I interrupting something?" Dave asked cautiously, still lingering at Sebastian's doorway.

Sebastian was quick to answer, "No, actually I was about to call you to see if we could talk." He moved aside and let Dave in.

"That's good. I guess." Dave said cautiously as he looked over the room, unsure of what to do next. He wasn't even sure what to say next. He nodded towards the bed, "Can I?"

Sebastian froze.

"Yeah. Go ahead." He pulled up his desk chair and set it across from Dave. It was a good four feet space between them.

Dave chose to ignore that. It was just Sebastian being Sebastian. For all Sebastian knew, Dave was here to hurt him more. "I broke up with Lucas."


To be honest it was the answer Dave was expecting. He sure as hell wasn't expecting Sebastian to come with arms wide open running to him or to just commit. Dave was patient. And Sebastian was a pain in the ass.

Dave had to make sure he didn't appear impatient, tired, or anxious. He didn't want to play games with Sebastian, but he had to play this last one in order to win.

Dave chose his words carefully."I think he would have made me happy. He would have treated me like a king." He smiled to himself, "I think I would have loved him."

He could see Sebastian turn red. "Why the hell are you telling me this?" Sebastian asked, his voice cold as his fingers clutched around the frame of his chair.

"Because he didn't make me happy. He didn't treat me like a friend." Dave answered steadily, measuring Sebastian's every reaction.

Sebastian snorted. "That's because he wasn't your friend, Dave."

"You're right. Because I only have one friend. You." Dave wiped his face, exhaustion steadily waiting for him, "Do you know what everyone called me before all this?"

Sebastian shook his head, "What?"

"Karofsky." Dave spitted out his last name as if it were dirt. "Not David, not Dave, not even Davey. Just Karofsky. It just sounded so cold and unattached, even Z wouldn't call me by my name. It was like none of them wanted anything to do with me, as stupid as that sounds. Except you. You always called me Dave. David. Even Davey. You always treated me a friend, like you wanted to be attached to a loser like me."

Sebastian flinched as he heard Dave's voice break. "You're not a loser."

Dave nodded, wiping away stray tears with his sleeves. "I know that now, but you were the only one who proved that to me. Everyone treated me like glass or with kid gloves, but you still treated me the same- like a guy who just needed a friend. You're my best friend Sebastian. "

Sebastian bit his lip as moved to sit next to Dave, he wiped away the tears that continued to fall from Dave's cheeks. "I can't just be your best friend Dave."

Dave took Sebastian's hand into his, folding the younger boy's fingers through his. "I know. I-I want to try. Just no games and no agendas-just us, alright?" Dave swallowed the lump forming in his throat. He knew Sebastian hated rules and boundaries.

Sebastian nodded, "Dave?"

"I missed you."

It was the most blatantly honest thing Dave had ever heard Sebastian say to his face in a while. Sebastian picked up their folded hands, "You said no games or agendas. I missed you." He repeated again.

Dave could feel his courage kick in tenfold. He licked his lips, "May I?" he pulled himself closer to Sebastian and kissed him. A few minutes later Sebastian realized he was kissing teeth.

"Damn it David, do I have to teach you how to kiss?"

Dave laughed hard, "I'm happy you D-bag!"

Smythe's Residence August 2012

Sebastian picked up his head from Dave's chest, it was two o'clock in the morning and they had fallen asleep watching Star Wars. It was Dave's last night before leaving for Boston.

"You okay?" he felt Dave's voice before he heard it. He was a bit groggy and didn't even register Dave's hand rubbing his bare back under his shirt.

"Mhh." Sebastian mumbled, eyes closed as he breathed in his boyfriend's scent. It was still odd to call Dave that, but it was true. And he was going to miss him.

His voice.

His smell.

His laugh.

Basically just him.

"You smell good." Sebastian mumbled, clearly he was still half-asleep. Dave bit his lip, wishing he could tape what was going on in front of him. "Like butterscotch and marshmallows."

Dave wheezed as he laughed, "What?!" he pulled his shirt to sniff it, "Are you asleep or just messing with me?"

Sebastian opened his eyes, wide and awake this time. "Both." He smiled as Dave tackled and pushed him more into the couch. They were spending the night's at Sebastian's, planning to drive to the airport together.

"You son-!" Dave didn't even finish his sentence he knew a better way to get back at Sebastian. During their time dating he had discovered Sebastian's one weak spot. He brushed his fingers against Sebastian's side and watched the younger boy squirm and wiggle.

"Shit!" Sebastian swore between fits of laughter as Dave tickled him more. "Shit! Stop!" Sebastian whispered, biting his lip to keep from laughing. He couldn't even kick Dave away since his legs were pinned under Dave.

Dave only tickled more, "You have to do me a favor then, you thin-" instead of letting him finish Sebastian kissed him. It wasn't the best idea considering it left him feeling boneless, but it was better than being tickled. He pulled Dave deeper into the kiss and let his hands travel under Dave's shirt, his fingers slowly brushing against Dave's nipple. When he heard Dave hiss, he smiled into the kiss and repeated the movement earning him the same reaction. "I guess I found your weak spot." Sebastian mused as he sucked a bruising kiss on Dave's neck, enjoying the way Dave was ghosting his fingers against his lower stomach, he could feel Dave's finger slowly pulling down his sweat pants. "Before this gets any farther." Dave groaned as Sebastian kissed his way down.

"No talking, please, I beg of you." Sebastian pleaded as Dave slowly pushed him back, earning him a disgruntled groan.

"Really?!" Sebastian pulled at Dave's shirt, "What's so important that you had to stop us?"

Dave bit his lip, looking too shy. "I wanted us to sing together." He spoke out quietly.

Sebastian blinked, "Come again?"

Dave rolled his eyes and straighten his shirt bit better, "I know it's dorky, but we never sang."

Sebastian blinked again, shaking his head as he stood on his knees on the couch, arms crossed. "We never had sex either, your point here?" Sebastian asked agitated.

Dave faltered, "Just that, we never sang together and the weirdest thing is I knew you because of your singing voice."

That got Sebastian's attention quick, "What?"

Dave's cheek began to color as Sebastian sat down finally, intrigue written all over his face. "I-I recognized you when I first met you at Scandals. I-I saw you before when you were performing with the Warblers and noticed that you got Blaine's attention real quick. I thought you could help me get Kurt." He watched Sebastian freeze a bit at that, "You had all the guys attention, so I thought you were a good person to go to." He admitted.

"You came to me so I could give you advice and to learn from?"Sebastian asked to clarity.

He saw Dave give a short nod 'yes'. Sebastian's green eyes looked glassy in the dim lighting; he rubbed his chin hard and looked at Dave. Dave came to him so he could teach him how to become a better boyfriend all those months ago.

Go figure.

"Funny how things go around, huh?"

Dave nodded; he let out short snort, "Yeah."

Sebastian looked thoughtful and smiled, "Do you remember what was playing when you talked to me?"

Dave shook his head 'no'. "Should I? Should it be our song?" Dave joked, emphasizing the 'our' part.

Sebastian laughed and shrugged, rubbing his arms awkwardly as he remembered the song, "Considering the song, I think its kismet."

Dave looked interested, "What was it?"

Sebastian smiled and took his hand into his and lead him into the piano room, he patted down on the room next to him on the bench and waited for Dave to sit down to speak. "First off, you had on red stripped polo shirt under a dark jacket." Sebastian looked up at the sky for a moment, trying to remember that horrible night, "You had it zipped up half-way and you asked me "How do you get a guy?" by the jukebox." He recalled, watching Dave who was silent and sullen now. "And I was douche." He stated in a matter-in-fact tone. Sebastian rubbed the back of Dave's neck, "I'm sorry for saying all that crap to you, all you wanted was a friend that night and I was a total dick in the end." He kissed Dave's cheek, wiping a stray tear from Dave's cheek. "I wish I could take back everything I said to you that night. If I had known-"

Dave cut him off, it had been months since anyone outside his therapist office had talked about his suicide attempt, "I know." He sniffed. "I don't blame you. Not entirely anyway." He sighed. "What was the song?"

Sebastian smirked, laughing to himself as he played the opening chords, "Keep in mind, I did not choose this song and it was a horrible coincidence." He started to play the opening notes and noticed the surprise look on Dave's face.

He knew the song as well.

"Do you want to start?" Sebastian asked a bit worried about the odd look on Dave's face.

Dave shook his head fiercely, "No, no, you can." He said almost nervously.

Sebastian only nodded slowly, "Okay."

"Hey, slow it down; what do you want from me? What do you want from me? Yeah, I'm afraid, What do you want from me? What do you want from me? There might have been a time when I would give myself away Oh, once upon a time, I didn't give a damn But now, here we are, so What do you want from me? What do you want from me?"

Dave gave an audible gulp as he sang out the next line by memory.

"Just don't give up, I am workin' it out Please don't give in, I won't let you down It messed me up, need a second to breathe Just keep coming around Hey, What do you want from me? What do you want from me? What do you want from me?" Dave's voice was beginning to crack, his hazel eyes becoming shiny with unshed tears. "This was really the song playing?" Dave asked shaking in his seat. He looked down at his hands to see them quiver on the piano keys. He swore out loud as he shook his hands out, crying still out how deep the lyric cut him and how much Sebastian's words had cut him then.

Sebastian stopped playing, he turned to face Dave and wiped away his tears again, he kissed him soundly on the lips this time and when they broke up, he didn't move away, instead he rested his forehead against Dave's. "Yeah, it's plain to see that baby you're beautiful and there's nothing wrong with you. It's me; I'm a freak, yeah but thanks for loving me 'cause you're doing it perfectly. Yeah, there might have been a time when I would let you slip away I wouldn't even try but I think you could save my life." Sebastian whispered-sang into Dave's as Dave cried into his shoulder. Sebastian had one hand wrapped around Dave's hand and his other hand carding through Dave's hair

After a few minutes Dave picked his head up, wiping away the tears with the back of his hand, "I'm sorry," he sniffed, "Guess I still have a few things to get over and learn." He coughed.

Dave was ready to take back his hand when he felt Sebastian take it back again, he finally noticed Sebastian crying. "Me too."

Boston College August 2012…

"Well that's the last of them." Paul groaned as he settled the last box to the ground.

Dave and Sebastian looked at each other. "Can you pull your back when lifting a box of…bed sheets?" Sebastian asked sarcastically.

Paul gave the boys a sharp look, "Watch it. I'm paying for dinner tonight, remember that."

Dave pouted, "You got all the easy stuff! Sebastian and I had to lift the heavy things." He pointed to Sebastian, "And I got the records and books, so don't you dare complain about a bad back!" he warned Sebastian in a deadly voice.

Paul laughed, "Deception in the ranks already." He tsked, "Dinner should interesting." The boys were known to argue and fight, and Paul was known to stay clear away from it. "Just remember, you two can't make up like you usually do. Somewhere out there Finn, Marshall, Azimio and Kurt are all breathing out a sigh of relief." Paul joked.

Dave smirked, "Cute one dad."

Sebastian sighed, "Damn it, I told Azimio I would call him before he landed in Virginia."

"Why not text him?" Dave asked.

"Z owes me money." Sebastian snapped, nearly smacking his head against the door frame as he stumble over some bags out of the room.

Paul sniggered, "Never thought those two would be friends."

Dave shook his head as he opened a box of clothes, "Ditto."

"But I'm glad you and Azimio are friends again. I think it was clear that he missed you." Paul commented as he helped unpack most of Dave's clothes.

"Yeah, I know. We're already planning to meet up on weekends when we are free. Apparently Z's dad got him a car." Dave blinked bashfully at his father.

"Yeah, and I got you a flat screen tv!" Paul waved his hands over unopened television set. "Isn't it lovely?"

"It's not a car." Dave said forlornly.

A loud knock interrupted the two from continuing.

"Dave!" Dave looked to see Lance, his roommate. Lance was a tall guy, a bit taller than him, black and built. He had a friendly face and a warm smile.

"Yep," said Dave accepting Lance's outward hand to shake. "Nice to meet you in person man."

"Same here." Lance smiled.

They had talked and texted since being assigned to each other so as to know who would bring what to the room. The cool thing was Lance was San Francisco, he explained to Dave that he didn't care that he was gay and that he had a boyfriend.

"You don't?"

"Hell no! Why would I?"

Dave could feel the guilt hit him like a ton of bricks, "It's just, in this town, we get trashed a lot for a being a couple."

"Psssh, nah, man. Anytime you and your boyfriend need to take a vacation, you two are welcome to come to my place."

Lance threw down his back bag on his already made bed, "Found Conner and Lincoln from orientation. Told them we would meet up with them for breakfast tomorrow." He gave an apologetic look to Paul. "Not to jump to any conclusion."

"No, it's alright. I figured I could sleep in tomorrow." He pulled in Lance for a hug, "You're doing me a favor."

Lance smiled in relief, "Sebastian coming along?"

Dave shrugged, "Don't see why he couldn't come."

"Come where?" Sebastian echoed from behind him.

Dave hated him when he did that, "To breakfast with me, Lance, Lincoln and Conner." He pointed over to Lance. "You remember Lance from our video chats right?

Lance was the first to approach, "Nice to meet you finally man."

Sebastian dead eyed Lance's shirt and looked at Lance with an icy glare. "Vous parlez Français?" he asked.

Lance looked at Paul and Dave for a moment, none of the two men had a answer for his silent question. "Je peux parler Français. Pourquoi demandez?" Lance asked in a perfect French accent.

Sebastian stood in awe, astound and silent for a moment. "Fucking finally!" he turned to Dave, "Here is my point, if you're going to wear a shirt with a country or another language on it, you better know it otherwise you're a poser!"

Dave pinched the bridge of his nose and held up his other hand as a form of an apology to Lance. "It's his pet peeve."

Lance raised his brow and nodded, "I get it. Like those New Yorkers who wear those Italy Pride shirts but aren't Italians and don't speak Italian. "

Sebastian pointed a finger at Dave, "You better be good to him or I swear to God I'll Kurt who really broke his Star Wars DVDS!"

Dave backed up, "Okay okay!"

Paul looked like he was stuck laughing and frowning at the two, "I think we helped Dave unpack most of his stuff, why don't we go grab dinner and then call it a night? We could all use a good night's rest. I know I need it. Lance, you're invited as well." Paul smiled at the young boy as he ushered Dave and Sebastian along.

"Sure." Lance smiled back, he laughed as Sebastian hooked his arm around his.

"Good thing, our friend Azimio is paying."

Paul coughed, "How much money did that poor boy loose to you?"

Dave looked livid as his boyfriend continued not to care one bit. "TOO MUCH!" Dave yelled when he saw the amount of Sebastian's phone.

Lance looked back at Paul, "Are they always like this?"


Two weeks later and Sebastian was already back at Dalton and back to everything normal-but without Dave- it just made everything seem so simple.

And dull.

He was halfway through sending a text message to Dave when he realized it was beyond midnight in Boston.

He changed his mind three times before writing a quick message and pressing send.

To Dave:

I miss you.

It was a lot easier to write than I love you, which he could never say to Dave through text, much less through the phone. But Dave knew what he meant. This was the longest relationship he had ever been in. Six months in, no other guys, just Dave. Just the two of them.

No games

Or agendas.

Just honesty.

It was nice.


And it was also embarrassing since he was now so quick to jump to his phone whenever a phone call or a text would pop up. It was text message along with a picture attached.

To Sebastian:

I miss you too. Sweet dreams.

The picture was of Dave, Lance, Lincoln, and Conner in their dorm, with the subtext reading: Always wishing you were here.

Sebastian smiled to himself, just nine more months and he and Dave would together in Boston.


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